hey hun sees it's a girl a toy for ever back at it with another video okay so in today's video I'm gonna do a six months pregnancy update you guys I've been going through so much in this pregnancy if you guys watch my vlogs you know that I've been an emotional wreck for so many months and I just thought I would do a sit-down video to just express to you you know how I've been feeling you know my experiences so far the challenges you know I've endured so much in this journey and honestly I don't feel like doing this video but I know that it will help somebody that is going through a similar situation and you guys have been on my pregnancy journeys in the past and if you haven't welcomed so I thought it would be only right to just sit down and update you about what I've been going through so that's today's video it's not gonna be in any particular order there's no order it's just me letting you know giving you an update about everything in this pregnancy okay yeah let's do it ready do it okay okay guys so I want to talk about my water breaking experience okay I was 24 weeks pregnant six months pregnant right on the dot okay I thought my water broke that's a premature labor I don't know if you know this but your water breaking is a sign of you're about to have this baby girl you about to go into labor and you ball to deliver this baby in the next 24 to 48 hours okay that's a scary scary thing to go through at six months that's premature labor that's complications that's staying in the hospital that's your baby in an incubator it's a very scary thing to go through so anyways I was in the shower taking my nightly shower and I'm listening to R&B music you know sometimes like listening to meditation or like the chill five relaxation Channel and I just reflect on my day and just wash my body I feel good so as I'm drying myself off I noticed that drips of water started to like leak out of me yeah and I'm like what the heck okay that's weird like that has never happened before maybe water got up there somehow and it's dripping up I don't know it was like the weirdest thing so I dried it up vagina up and then more water came out of me I'm like that is so strange so I went to the bathroom and then I went to my bed and I sat down in the bed and all of a sudden an outpour of water just like gushed out of me I'm like oh my god like I start freaking out I'm like babe made like oh my god I think my water broke like I'm both cry like I'm screaming like I'm just all these emotions are going oh my god I'm about to have a premature baby oh my god I'm gonna be in the hospital right now oh my god save my baby like god forbid you know goes back to heaven oh my god don't do this to me Lord like I'm just going through so many emotions so I'm like shaking I'm freaking shaky like I'm like where's my phone where's my four and a half the call the police away run downstairs oh my god we have to go we have to go to the hospital like I'm about to have this baby my water just broke please just oh me oh my god I'm so scared and so I like I call the police and Mecca nagging woman okay oh my god I think my water just broke him only six months prime new please help me just please help me like something do something so Adam took the phone from me he was like okay officer I got it covered I'm gonna take her to the hospital I'm like Adam can you please hurry but sing to the hospital I'm like trying to figure out okay joy you're close wait to change my clothes like right now I'm half naked like oh my god what am I gonna wear I don't know what to wear or how Hospital bad what's going I don't even have coals for this baby oh my god can I take this baby home oh my god I'm ever gonna survive oh my god like I just cannot deal it I'm gonna cry now because I'm going through all these emotions I'm reliving it right and so then Adam he gets the kids out of bed oh my god I'm gonna cry okay this is another symptom of pregnancy well my pregnancy you get emotional right you cry and cry and cry I'm so emotional about it because although it wasn't my water breaking what if it was you know and me Adam and the kids are here in Atlanta and it's just us we only have us to lean on you know what I'm saying my family is in Toronto you know so it's like we don't have that support out here and what a traumatic experience to go through without your family you know I don't think I could do this video it's very like emotional and I keep crying okay I'm gonna try so anyways you know Adam got the kids ready we get into the car and praise God that the hospital is like four minutes away from where we live so I'm so grateful and thankful that the hospital was literally right there we get to the hospital and oh my gosh like it was just a breeze so I'm on the hospital bed as soon as we get there and you know the nurses are checking the baby and she said the baby is fine you know the baby is moving around do you hear your baby's heartbeat you know and I'm still like panicking I'm scared because I still have you know this fluid coming out of me and I'm like like I know to you know be in this hospital I'm gonna have this baby like I'm really thinking that my water broke like deep down inside I'm like okay oh my god I have to brace myself and prepare now so the doctor came in and his energy was so amazing you guys he just had this heavenly aura like pure aura around him like I just felt like I was in good hands and then he was like okay now I need you to bust it wide open so it was still open he didn't say that but I mean he basically said I can't I gotta spread your legs or put your feet up here so I can see what's going on down there right I love it man you guys are so amazing so anyways I'm busting it wide open on the hospital bed my kids are like why me what is he doing oh my god are you okay mommy are you but the baby cuz they don't understand they're thinking that I got to have the baby and so he's like okay that's why I know I need you to cough cough as hard as you can so I'm coughing coughing coughing coughing he's like okay I don't see any fluid but I'm gonna go ahead and test the fluid to see if it is amniotic fluid so a boniato fluid is a fluid that protects the baby you know gives a baby that you know comfort that cushion that protection so what's not like mole hitting like left and right of my damn ribs and muscles and them you know rib cage and stuff the baby is protected in the amniotic fluid right so he's okay I'm gonna test it bat test was the longest 15 minutes of my entire life it was so long the nurse I kept asking the nurse so does everything look okay like it's everything good down there she was like everything seems to be fine just you know relax wait for the doctor I'm like are you sure what it seems to be fine is it good or is it not good like does it look like amniotic fluid or does it look like a different kind of fluid like I just need to know what we're working with she's like it's gonna be okay and she reassured me that it was going to be okay and so 15 minutes later the doctor came back in he was like it's negative that was not a Miata fluid so praise God my water did not break praise God but I just felt in my spirit that I had to take it easy at least for two weeks a nine want the job that I am committed to good so I'm gonna try my best and do my best every single day to make sure that my baby is good my baby is healthy my baby does you know carried a full-term it's not about me it's about this child's life and that's all that matters right now you know and so I'm taking it easy so before my water breaking experience you guys I had this condition called placenta previa so if you guys don't know what a placenta is first of all the placenta looks like like red slime okay like just imagine red slime okay and what the placenta does is it gives oxygen and nutrients to your baby and it also removes waste from the baby's blood so it plays a significant role in your pregnancy so the placenta it grows inside so the placenta is inside of your uterus and so the placenta is supposed to be up here right okay so presenta Privia is when your placenta is covering the cervix your baby needs to go through the cervix needs to go through the birth canal to be with you okay if you have placenta previa you are approaching your due date that means most likely you have to have a c-section one but there are so many other complications with the placenta praevia like you can have bleeding which then okay now this baby has to come and then you have a premature baby and it causes a lot of pain there's so many complications that can happen with placenta previa pain with placenta previa it was excruciating for me it was unbearable pain like I remember and even sometimes it happens to me now I don't have to send to Privia anymore praise God that my placenta moved up you know what I'm saying it's not covering my cervix oh my god honestly like I have God's favor you know God he'd be testing me he really does but I know that these tests will only make me stronger especially if you learn and grow through the tests that the Lord puts you through we do go through a lot as women but that's why we go through it and not men because we're stronger and we can put up with the emotional suffering of it I don't think I'm at would be able to do that okay anyways some of the pain I've been through I can't even explain all I know is some days when I would be in the car and I would try to get out the pain would be so bad that I could not even get out of the car I had to wait and I would have Adam like rub my back or like you know wait with me it took about like four to five minutes for the pain to go away and I kid you not the contraction pain was it that bad okay it was bad but wasn't as bad as the pain that I was experiencing and my doctor told me it is my muscles my ligaments stretching out as my uterus grows and I'm like well what the hell I did not experience this with my first a second pregnancy why the hell is it happen to me now he's like yes just just calm down child if within the preview moves okay you peeing on yourself now and dad was not no damn I mean y'all have food that was Pete where I'm like well how the hell do I pee and I don't even earn myself and force myself to be I don't get it I just don't want to say it how someone could just pee what I would even be in like it what I don't like literally has this ever happened to you pee just starts flowing out does that even make any sense I think anybody would be scared if he would just okay you're just hanging out and you're on a date and all of a sudden you start pissing yourself like that don't make no damn sense that's embarrassing like that's crazy even Ana when you saw the puddle of pee years ago yeah yeah we gotta go to the hospital yeah so I wear pads to protect myself every single day all right I'm not taking a chance peeing myself adding events at a restaurant embarrassing myself not our pets so I have this condition another condition you guys are you shocked I have this condition called melasma so I have dark patches all over my body so I know this because I googled it okay I'm not sure if you're supposed to be googling throughout your pregnancy but melasma is from hormonal changes in your body and it temporarily increases the melanin in your body so my tits are black okay like I'm gonna show you just the sack give you some sad mood so look at that melasma as you can see a little dark patch right there even on this side I have melasma I have it all over my neck too so anyways obviously it's temporary it goes away and my god speaking of melasma nipples they look like two pieces of charcoal my nipples are so sensitive I can't even touch that may kill they hurt me they've been hurting me since January oh my god oh oh I can't even rub them like when I'm trying to dry myself off after the shower or put my clothes on sometimes like I can't like I can't even bear the pain I didn't even experience half of these symptoms with Samia and zinc a lot of people have been asking me if I'm going to do the epidural epidural is drugs it numbs you from the waist down so you don't feel anything I didn't have that with Samia and Zane I had them both naturally I actually had a water birth with my son Zane which was a very terrible experience but I mean it's pregnancy believed to be fine Lord what is the amount of traumatic experiences I've been through with this pregnancy I think I deserve to get the epidural although I am scared of it okay but uh I do not want to have this baby naturally I am scared of the pain I do not like the pain you know I dealt with the pain I felt the pain I was one with the baby and the pain you know what I'm saying I agreed to the pain and I'm not doing the pain no more I'm done with the pain I want the drugs I don't need the drugs okay so that was my pregnancy update and just so you know all pregnancies are not the same all of my pregnancies have not been the same some are blissful some are tragic all you know is you are strong you can do anything and God don't give you anything that you can't handle baby all right so just breathe through it know that you have a support system that has your back you've got this you are the giver of life okay nobody can talk to you anyways I'm doctor up today's video I hope you enjoyed it don't forget to hit that thumbs up button I love you guys make sure you subscribe and I'll see you next week bye


  1. Thank you so much for all of your support. It means so much especially in a time where I've been having more lows than ups. Better days are yet to come for your girl. Don't forget to subscribe :))))

  2. Thank you so much for being real and sharing your experience with us. As a mom to an 18 month old I've been through exactly what you have, I had gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy, had the dark armpits too, couldn't fit in any of my clothes, and cried all the time too! Now I'm losing the weight, my arm pits are light again and no more crazy emotions! This too shall pass Latoya! We are the givers of life, we deserve all the love and support for what we go through emotionally and physically! I've been a fan of yours since the beginning, met you when you were preggo with Sami, and you'll forever be my favorite YouTuber. Stay genuine pretty mama, we love you Hunty! ❤🥰😘🇨🇦

  3. Hi Latoya, when you was talking about the nurse and you asking if everything looked okay– nurses are not allowed to give diagnosis, which is why they always just say to wait for tbe doctor, even if they know what it is or will be. It's not in their scope of practice to say if anything looks good or bad.

    Just wanted to let you know since I'm a nursing student and having to tell people to wait for the doctor is tbe hardest part for me!

  4. Hey girl! Details on what made the water birth experience not so good for you? I was induced so that option went out the window for me with other complications going on. (PS I was SO against any meds pre-labor, but once I got the epidural, it was Heaven after 29hours of laboring without it 🤭😝☺️)

  5. Don’t worry. I had my baby at 35 weeks because of I had preeclampsia and didn’t know but now my babygirl is healthy and gaining weight. Premature labor isn’t always bad those babies always tend to be the strongest

  6. hi latoya and adam i saw u guys at the Hilton hotei when u came to Nassau Bahamas my daughters and i came to the Rev seminar. I give y'all guy friend some bahamian square fifteen cents pieces for you.I think his name was Karl( not sure) anyway long story short. I have three kids two girls and a boy they were 2lbs 1 and a quarter oz. 3 lbs and 2lbs 14 and a half ounce all premature. I was also 2lbs when i was born so doctors say i have a history. They turned out great! well my son has autism but to god be the glory.Take care now, god has your back and he's in control.

  7. You should try to have it natural again so you won’t deal with all of the side effects that women talk about from having epidurals

  8. You are looking really beautiful as a pregnant woman love you and your family love John Saxon from Geelong Australia

  9. Oh I understand your pain Toya. Because after my 3rd child I was over it.. I was having contractions for 3days before I had her and when I say I was in pain and I was crying every day..

  10. Love Toya lots. She is so real. You could feel her emotions. I find myself googling these conditions shes getting out of the blue cuz i worry. But shes a tough cookie and i respect that.

  11. Round ligament pain! It’s no joke! But Praise God for seeing you through all of this. This is a true testimony. God bless you & your family. Stay strong ❤️

  12. Broooo I’m just now started back looking at your YouTube videos and YOU GAINED WEIGHT😱you so pretty😘love you❤️

  13. My sunshine you are strong and blessed! There’s nothing you can’t overcome ❤️ god is good and your bundle of joy will be here in no time and the snap back will be real! 😂 You are beautiful inside and out 💕 sending blessings, love and health your way!

  14. Kinda interesting how your going through so much during this pregnancy but i feel like you've been slaying outfits and glowing yaaass hunty

  15. I had placenta previa & placenta accreta my placenta was invading into my uterus.. During surgery I lost 40 bags of blood I ended up in ICU and didn’t wake up till 3 days later .. thank God I made it to the other side I’m wishing you a healthy pregnancy toya ❤️

  16. I had melasma too!! It was so scary for me. My entire chest darkened. I was like oh no, I'm never going to be able show my chest again. But, to be honest, I don't even know how long after birth, it disappeared! It felt like instantly. Back to normal now. So, there is hope!! !!

  17. You look beautiful Latoya! 😍😍😍 Hang in there girl, just three more months. Yes, get that epidural. 💕 That pain is excruciating, I felt all of it with my last child. Tell them to meet you in the parking lot, lol.

  18. God does give us more than we can handle. He does it so that we lean on Him instead. We cannot handle this life alone!

  19. I'm further along than you-7 1/2 months (30 weeks) but my baby bump is smaller. It's small for how far along I am. I look more like 4 or 5 months. Sometimes I wish my baby bump was bigger like yours and other women so people just know I'm pregnant instead of them thinking I'm just bloated or just a little chubby. I'm tired of telling people how far along I am and them looking at me shocked like "woah you don't look that far along" lol

  20. Allow me to suggest you consider applying generous amounts of coco butter on your skin..  Appears this pregnancy is going to be quite different than what you experienced with Samia & Zayn.  Wishing you all the best for a favorable & healthy delivery.

  21. Ur doing great Latoya! Thank you for sharing your journey thus far . I’m 10 weeks pregnant this week and this pregnancy is so different than my other 2. Being pregnant is a gift n blessing but some of us have tougher symptoms than others . N at times it makes u want to cry . Looking forward to seeing your blessing in September and mines in January !!

  22. Omg I had placenta abruption. Worst experience of my life, I had to have an emergency c section and delivered my baby early.

  23. Latoya I had my 3rd baby boy at Northside hospital delivered by Dr. Whitmore from married to medicine last year and honey I had two epidurals and both of them didn't work, for all it was worth I should have tried without it. Oh he was 10.1 btw so he was huge. Good luck to you. It will be done soon.

  24. Sounds like baby number 3 really been putting u through it. Since u been having all this pain carrying number 3 I think u definitely deserve a pain-free delivery.

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