6 MONTHS PREGNANT UPDATE | Anatomy scan, weight gain, belly shot

hi guys welcome back to my channel if it's your first time here my name is Amanda and I am 31 years old and currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child a baby boy he's due May 7th and I've been doing for weeks at a time pregnancy updates so this week I'm gonna do my 21 to 24 week updates so getting right into it 21 weeks I was feeling really really great in my previous update I had talked about how I started to feel the baby move and kick and everything and at 21 weeks he was so active in there and usually he would move around at night or after I'd eaten something and it's just so it's so amazing it's so cool I just love it it's it's really changed pregnancy for me to be able to feel him moving around and other than that in week 21 my boobs just kept on getting huge like I was pretty small I think I was just an a-cup before I got pregnant and I think around week 21 I went out and I bought a couple of new bras because they just weren't fitting I was wearing tons of sports bras and just like bra less and everything so I went out bought a couple of bras and literally after a week I had outgrown them so I don't know they just keep on getting bigger and I don't know what to do I'm just like whatever what do you do just wear sports bras and we're like stretchy stretchy or bras and stuff so it's I would say that that was like the main thing that was like surprising during that week and I know that like they'll probably still get even bigger especially as I get even further along into my pregnancy but it's so crazy they just like have totally transformed their super veiny I don't know if you guys have had the same thing but like so so like vanie and like you just see like the blue veins all over the place which looks like kind of weird I don't know and I was 130 pounds at week 21 and I had gained 13 pounds total so far so I think that's pretty average so moving into week 22 it was so exciting because the baby started responding to my husband's voice so my husband would come home from work and he would just come over and like put his head close to my belly and talk to the baby and you know just tell him that he loves them and everything like that and the baby would start to kick every time he would hear my husband's voice so I mean my husband had felt him kicked before which was really cool but to hear his voice like Pete would be talking and hear and the baby would hear and recognize his voice and then literally kick it's just it's so cool it's so cool to see them like interacting and it's just it's so special I still felt really really good at week 22 I didn't have any like aches and pains no lower back pain you know I was sleeping pretty regularly I was getting up of course a few times during the night because I had to go to the bathroom but that has been happening and I'm assuming it's just gonna keep on continuing the bigger and bigger he gets but the big thing that happened at week 22 is that we went for my full Anatomy scan of the baby so this is the one where you have to drink I don't even 84 ounces of water or something like that I can't remember the exact amount but you had to drink this water so that your bladder was full and hold it until you had your full Anatomy scan because I guess you can see the baby better so I went in for that and oh my gosh the baby was so cute I have my ultrasound pictures that I'll show you guys but he was chewing and like you could see his little mouth opening and closing and like I guess just I don't know chewing on the fluids and whatever it is that's in there but it was so adorable and you could see his little fingers he was making a fist in one of the pictures and he was sucking on his fingers and just moving around a ton and it was just it was really cool so I haven't actually I got my results back from the hospital but I I need to have my OB go over everything with me to make sure that you know he's measuring properly and you know everything with his organs and everything and that kind of thing is okay and I go back this this Friday so I'll find out how he's doing how he's measuring and I'll show you some of the sonogram pictures and so what's really crazy is that she the the sonographer got a picture of him like literally looking at us so I don't know if he can see this but like actually maybe this one is better that's like these are his eyes right here and that's his head and his little mouth it's just like the cutest thing ever so um and here's another one of him like looking at us it's kind of creepy looking cuz it's just a skeleton but I thought it was really cool and then here's just like a regular one and he's kind of like I don't know he's got it he's got a little fist going on and then this one over here you can see his little his little fingers which is so cute so he's getting so big I love it so yeah so that was a really exciting moment for week 22 and another thing I think I might have mentioned this in my previous pregnancy vlog but when I I have been getting so full very very fast and so I'm I'm still eating three meals a day but sometimes they're smaller and I might snack in between but that's what's going on in terms of that and during week 22 I felt like I was starting to retain water and like there were there are days where my face would just be so so puffy and blown up like my whole body just felt really big not to where like my ankles or feet are swollen or anything it was it's more like in my face and I I don't I don't know I don't know what to do about it so I just have been drinking a lot more water to try to like flush everything out but moving on to week 23 so I had gotten up to 134 pounds so like I've consistently been gaining about 2 pounds per week so a total of 17 pounds gained since I got pregnant and I felt at we 23 and that was the week for me that I felt like my belly had popped and you know how people say like literally overnight I had a belly that's what I felt like and it was funny because I remember just like looking down and seeing being able to see inside my belly button and I don't know my belly button is like like normal but because my stomach was sticking out I could actually look into it so I thought that that was funny um I was just feeling really really big in general and just pregnant like real pregnant for the first time even though I'm not that big even right now 24 out of 24 weeks but I I just felt huge in general and I was getting shortness of breath really easily and it was just we 23 was actually a really tough week for me and I was feeling really just insecure about my body because not only was my stomach feeling like it was huge my thighs just felt like tree trunks just massive my thighs my hips and my butt I just felt like I looked really short and stubby and unattractive in general and I just I kind of had a breakdown and one day I was just so upset I started crying I was like why why is this happening like why is the weight being distributed here I just I don't know I was having a real insecure moment so I actually started googling because I I was just like maybe there's an answer for this and if anybody else is feeling the same way um I found this quote online which I'll just read really quick because it kind of just made me feel a lot better after reading it just when you're like feeling insecure about your body changing during pregnancy and you know you're trying to embrace it but things like clothes just look differently on you and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you're kind of just like ooh am i gaining too much weight like I just don't look like I normally do bla bla bla so anyway I found this quote online and it says maternal fat stores tend to be on the thighs and some moms get a pad over their tailbone this thigh and bottom region fat is not only normal it has an important purpose I discussed studies above that showed that these fat deposits build in the first and second trimester they're used in the third trimester and during breastfeeding the storage is very important to your body there are stores that help you keep up with the incredible energy requirement of both growing an unborn baby and of breastfeeding an infant so I don't know I found that and I just really made me feel relieved and brought me back to earth like hello you're growing a baby inside of you and everything that's changing in your body it kind of serves a purpose so I you know it that made me smile and maybe hopefully if you guys are struggling with the same thing that I had been going through maybe that will help you too so anyway moving on to week 24 which is what I am right now I'm literally on the last day of week 24 so I am 134 pounds so actually from week 23 to week 24 changing my eating habits a little bit and cutting out you know processed food and stuff like that I didn't actually gain anything over the past week um what was really weird this week it just happened to me one day but I was brushing my teeth in the morning and my mouth just started gushing blood I literally like how to take my toothbrush out and my mouth was just like the blood was just dripping and dripping down and I hear that when you're pregnant your gums are more sensitive and I use one of the electric toothbrushes so I don't know I guess they were just very sensitive that day but that was crazy I've been trying to add more cardio into my exercise routines I've been doing a lot of strength stuff because they're a lot less hard on your joints and stuff like that than jumping around and doing a lot of cardio so I was doing a lot of like resistance training so I was trying to add a little more cardio and just got my heart rate up a little bit and that was helping a lot I had definitely been eating more during this week I think you're supposed to eat maybe like 300 more calories once you're pregnant and into your second trimester so I definitely have but mostly they've been from protein smoothies so I'm just making sure that I'm getting enough protein I I don't eat a lot of meat so especially red meat I eat hardly no red meat and I just mostly stick to like chicken and eggs so I just want to make sure that I was getting enough protein so I'm having a protein smoothie every day and if you had watched by what I eat in a day video I showed you what I put in my protein smoothie and it's really tasty so I'll link that up above for you guys to see if you haven't seen it already I so I have been going to chick-fil-a every single Friday for probably as long as I can remember being pregnant and so this past week I did not go to chick-fil-a on Friday instead I made myself a salad and I swear the baby does not like it like he responds to chick-fil-a starts moving I ate that salad and it was like radio silence for like four hours I didn't feel him moving at all so I think he's rebelling and he's saying like mom come on give me my chick-fil-a I'm I know that every Friday I get chick-fil-a I want that uh but yeah so now now after I have read you guys the quote from last week when I have my little breakdown I have started to just like embrace all the curves and everything that's changing and I'm actually starting to fill out maternity clothes a lot better and you can see visibly see that I am pregnant and I have a belly and you know like jackets and stuff like this jacket barely barely zips up and some of my other ones that like barely zip up so I'm really liking the way that maternity clothes are looking on me now I had some like random boob tenderness this past week like if some if I begged into something it would be like it would hurt and that was new I for the most part I haven't had like sensitivity and my boobs since my first trimester but it's starting to a little bit come back but nothing uncomfortable or unbearable or anything like that and other than that I'm still feeling super great babe what my husband are you going to the gym okay you want to say hi what are you doing say hi to uh all of our friends out in YouTube world just for your online dating profile yeah totally just I'm going on I'm going on a tinder date later cool all right all right actually my sweatshirt bye sorry to bomb Iran I just put lipstick all over your face by way of love you have a good workout all right sorry guys I was actually pretty much done anyway um so yeah just feeling still feeling really good I'm not having any physical symptoms no aches no pains no like swelling up my feet or ankles and just in general feeling really really great so milking my second trimester anyways that is about it I will show you my bump right now okay so this is it from the side here it is from the front and then this is the other side alright guys so that is it for my 21 to 24 week pregnancy update I hope you guys like this I hope everybody out there who is pregnant is doing great and enjoying every second of it and for everybody who is TTC sending lots of love and baby dust and prayers your away so please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and please subscribe if you haven't already and you want to join me on my pregnancy journey so I will talk to you guys and the next vlog love you bye

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  1. Hey! I’m new to your channel. I found your video on the clear blue opk’s. I’m on my 7th cycle ttc my husband and I’s 3rd baby. This is our first time actually trying. I’ve been using the amazon cheap strips and you’re so right they are confusing. So this month we’re going to try the clear blue tests. I love your out-tro’s 😌 they’re so sweet!

    Are you going to have a name reveal for your baby boy?

  2. You look great momma totally got that pregnancy glow. You should try and do weekly pregnancy updates.

  3. Im only 10 weeks but I get so full after eating just a little bit. So I eat small amounts all day instead of eating big meals. I can’t wait to get a bump! I’ve been watching your channel for awhile and it feels like you pregnancy is going by so fast!

  4. Girl! I can totally relate to the veins. I'm 34 weeks, but I remember noticing the veins earlier on and feeling so self conscious! They only increase and get more noticeable on your belly too, but you and your hubby will grow used to it, and embrace all the crazy changes to your body! 🙂 Congrats on your growing babe, mama!

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