6 Week Postpartum Update… 🤰

– [Woman] By the grace of God, I am mostly feeling like a
functional human being today. Kinda nice and kinda weird
to feel that way again. (upbeat music) Livvy and I just got back
from a second contact fitting. She had her first contact fitting not even a week ago, almost a week ago. Her eye pressure was still
really high on the day that her contact fitting was, and then we got her contact
towards the end of the week, went in for a new pressure check, and her contact wasn’t fitting really well and her pressure was down a lot
from where it was originally so I think, because of
her pressure changing, her contact wasn’t fitting very well, and so it’s been sliding
around a whole lot, it’s been coming out a whole lot, and so we got in, thankfully, today. We have new contacts
coming later this week. I have a sweet friend
that is letting me borrow a toy for her carseat,
so when Livia is awake and we are at her appointment,
she has something to focus on to practice using her
left eye with her contact. I went to the PO box because
I’ve been expecting a package from one of you guys, and I am so thankful that, through Instagram,
I was able to find out that we have a subscriber, Christina, that has a daughter that
has the same exact thing, the congenital cataract, unilateral, so one cataract in her
daughter’s eye when she was born. Christina has been such
a huge help for me, being able to ask her so many questions and get encouragement
and everything from her. So thank you, Christina, so much. Oh my goodness these are adorable. So babies and little kids will start to rub their contacts out, and Livia hasn’t done that yet. When she’s lost her
contact it’s just been her eye moving around and her contact getting caught on her eyelid. When they start rubbing their eyes, sometimes they can rub
their contact lens out and it’s good to have
glasses to put on top. – [Daughter] Awww! – [Woman] (laughs) Look
how cute those are! – I know and they’re pink. – I can’t wait to get those on her and see what she looks like. How teeny-tiny are those? Aren’t they so cute. – [Daughter] I know. – [Woman] And then Christina
sent a huge package, a reusable eye patch that her
daughter grew out of, awesome. – [Daughter] Chocolate! – I already ate two of
these in the car (laughs) I was like, “I’m coming
back from an appointment, “I can eat two of them.” So “sometimes you need a chocolate “after taking a contact out.” So she sent a lot of Twix. These are for Mommy. Oh, that’s cute, it says “left” on it. I didn’t notice that before,
but it’s her left eye. They do all say left on it. – [Daughter] I want one, that’s okay. – You are so sweet and
thoughtful, thank you! – [Daughter] They look so good. – [Woman and Daughter] “My
patch gives me Super Powers.” – [Woman] It’s so cute, it’s 12 months. Aw, she’s gonna be able
to wear that this year. How exciting! It also says, “praying for you, “and a few presents for the big kids.” (daughter squealing) – [Woman] Oh, those are so cute – [Daughter] It has good beady eyes, and there’s a lot of them. – [Woman] How many are in here? – [Daughter] I got them all out. – [Woman] One, two,
three, four, five, six. For all six of you big kids! (laughter) I haven’t talked to
y’all a whole lot since we found out about Livia’s cataract. I have been, I’m six weeks postpartum now So, for the most part, I’m recovered, although this has been
a really tough recovery. I haven’t wanted to talk
about it because I’m one, crazy hormonal,
recovering after having a baby. And that’s gonna be,
probably gonna be this way for probably the year, while
I’m still feeding Livia. I decided that I’m
definitely make it a goal to feed her for sure for a year, because if she has to
have any other surgeries, you know, but I feed her breast milk, it’s the most ideal,
cause then she can have it pretty close to surgery,
closer than anything else. I have, lately, just been feeling like I’m in a roller coaster of emotions. I have totally seen
God’s hand go before us, and provide for us, and
set things up that we need before we even know that we need it. One of those big things is Christina, with just having another mom
that has gone through this. She’s three years ahead
of me in the process, and it’s been very helpful
even when she’s like, “I totally know what
you’re going through.” Watching us go through this has been like a flashback for her and her husband of what they went through three years ago, and just knowing I’m
not alone in my feelings about everything that’s going on and just being nervous,
and all the unknowns and not knowing what to expect, and how things are gonna go. It feels good to be validated in that way. Another reason why I
haven’t said a whole lot yet is because my short-term
memory has been shot with how exhausted I’ve been,
emotionally and physically, from not getting a lot of sleep. I have had so many
conversations with people, especially when people
were bringing us meals, and I was trying to coordinate when they would text me and say,
“hey when’s a good time “for us to come over and
bring dinner” or whatever. And I would have these conversations and I would not remember them. That kinda stuff just kinda
scares me, makes me nervous. I don’t like not remembering. And so that’s been a lot
of, I’ve tried to not talk a whole lot about how I’m doing because I really am kinda confused about how I’ve been doing because my memory hasn’t
been all that great. It’s gonna take me a while
to fully process everything. (Sighs) I’m starting to get to a point where I can start processing stuff or just not needing
to, and just being okay with what kind of life we have now. Hey baby girl. (sneeze) Oh, bless you. Hi, are you sleepy, ready to go night? We’re gonna start our first
session of sleep for the night. I don’t see your contact,
did it get shoved around? Oh, there it is, it was down below. – [Man] Nah, she moved it off to the side. Wow, that’s not what
you’re supposed to do. – [Woman] Daddy did a good, good job. – [Man] Oh, dropped it, here it is. Here it is, see! – [Woman] Here! – [Man] That was on your eyeball. – [Woman] Now you get
to rest for the night. How does that sound? Mommy always liked taking her contacts out at the end of day. Yeah, it felt good. You did a lot of hard work today! You gonna put em on you first? They look like little Cabbage Patch, not Cabbage Patch, the
Mr. Potato Head glasses. – [Man] You’re tired and hungry. – [Woman] Sorry, we’re playing with you. – [Man] We’ll see how, it looks good. – [Woman] Oh my goodness,
look how cute you are. – [Man] (Laughs) She
just wants that pacifier. – [Woman] She says, “I’m
hungry and I’m sleepy.” – [Man] I don’t know how to
get those things to stay. – [Woman] Look, pull
them, she’s getting tired. When she’s not so tired and hungry. (laughs) You’re so hungry. Look how cute you are. Livia is so tired and sleepy, which means I need to get
ready for bed as well. And this vlog totally, I think, just shows how tired I still am. I was thinking, “yay, I’m gonna share with “how I’m doing and everything.” I just, I still need more
rest and need more sleep, so that way things can
make more sense in my head. Do feel like I’m doing better emotionally. I know pretty well how to
stay away from depression because I’ve gone through
postpartum depression after Toby was born. And that was horrible, and
that’s just not a choice. I’m not gonna go through that this time, it’s not gonna happen. I feel like I’m learning
what she’s going through and learning about this whole process, and that makes me feel more confident in taking care of her,
but honestly I feel like every single win has just been
God carrying me through this and that just makes me very grateful, that he loves us so much and
he’s taking care of Livia. And she’s doing great. She’s a champion, she wants to go to sleep so let’s stop this and go to bed. Thank you so much for all
of your all’s support, I’ve really enjoyed hanging
out with y’all on Instagram, that’s where I’ve been sharing because I can just type it up and I can read it and edit and, I don’t know, I feel like I can comprehend
that a whole lot better than I can the vlogs right now. So if you aren’t
following me on Instagram, go over there and follow
me at @DanaSchmoyer, and you’ll get live updates
on Livia over there. I think you wanna eat a little bit more and then go to sleep, so
we’ll talk to you later.

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