6 Weeks Postpartum | How am I doing?

all right so now let's move on to some time today after six weeks since giving birth and for those of you who are new to my channel I did give birth by c-section so I labored and I was induced and labored for about 36 hours before deciding after basically just a really slow progression and my body just not being able to continue deciding that a c-section was best so if you want you can watch my labor and delivery story or my labor and delivery vlog and you can see more details on that but overall mentally I am doing really good better than I expected really I don't know I just kind of thought that postpartum time would be really hard for me but it's actually been way way better than I expected emotionally I am doing really well I definitely had a few days of like the baby blues where I just like cried and I didn't know well I kind of would know why I was crying like ultimately it was because I was so happy that I would just cry because I was just so grateful everything like Ray was here and that she was healthy and all that stuff but I also cried a lot in the first couple weeks because I was just so worried about anything happening to her like her getting sick or I don't know even like thinking about her in the future getting sick or like you know when she's older and she's playing and she falls and breaks her arm or something like that I was just totally being a little worried war and thinking way ahead into the future and just being I don't know just worrying about stuff that like I can't control nor has it even happened or will it happen I don't know so I definitely have had I've been on a little bit of an emotional roller coaster but not nearly as bad I kind of expected to be for some reason I just thought just based off of like other people's experiences what they've told me I just thought it would be like a really hard time but it's been pretty smooth for me and it's funny too because sometimes I will get really emotional thinking about her growing up and I'll be all sad that she's like growing out of her newborn diapers or whatever and then I'll also be like really happy and if she wasn't growing I would be super nervous about that so it's like I might don't grow up but grow up and also like I get really excited about thinking about her being a little older and the things that we can do together so it's just like like I said just an emotional rollercoaster ride so physically I'm doing great recovery was a lot easier than I expected as well as far as physical recovery well I guess okay so after I had my c-section I talked about this in my labor and delivery story but it was rough like because I had labored for so long and then had a c-section I my body was just shot and so the first side couple days and there were some issues with like getting me the right medications anyway for the first couple days it was way rough and I was in a lot of pain and was very frustrated that I was gonna have a rough recovery but we got things sorted out and by the time I got home from the hospital my recovery was pretty speedy and pretty good the first week was hard I'm not gonna lie um and you definitely have to take it easy and just like I had to let everyone do stuff for me but after that first week I I think by like day nine I really started to feel like myself again like normal I I didn't have to be on any medications anymore any but yeah so I think by day 9 or 10 I was like oh this is what it's like to feel normal and not like sore and just like you're recovering from a major surgery so since then it's been I haven't had any issues really with like the incision or just recovery in general as far as physical recovery Goods I will say though that my incision area does feel a little bit numb or like tender and kind of sensitive sometimes but my doctor said it's totally normal so it's just like weird it doesn't it's like especially the numb feeling like I it feels numb there still it's just weird so if you're new to my channel and you didn't follow me when I was pregnant you may not know that I got very very swollen when I was pregnant and it was just out of control but I I didn't ever get preeclampsia but I kind of was on the borderline of it but anyway um so my swelling went down really fast by the time I got home from the hospital my swelling had pretty much gone down and then it took probably like two weeks for me to feel like oh I think my swelling is gone the only thing is I have the swelling is still kind of there in my fingers because I still feel a little tingly and it's been six weeks so I'm hoping that eventually will go away I also got carpal tunnel while I was pregnant and that has not gone away so especially my wrists like in some ways I feel like it's gotten worse which is so frustrating because like I'll go to like pick Rey up or I'll like be holding Rey and be trying to do something with my right hand and it's just like it'll hurt really bad like I'll get like a twitch of pain but I don't know we'll see if that goes away I'm really gonna give myself like two three months and just hope that by then everything like all the tingly numbness in my fingers and the carpal tunnel pain we'll be gone so I'm gonna give myself some time but I am very glad that overall swelling is gone because I look in the mirror now and I'm like oh I look a little bit more normal as far as my bleeding went I stopped bleeding at around four weeks postpartum and then have just been spotting since then so at my six week doctor's appointment I did decide to do earth control so he did an IUD and that cost me two spot for a few days not even a few days like a couple days and so I think I'm pretty much done with that whole situation because you know it's like super annoying to have basically a period for a month but I guess I gotta have a period for nine months and so it's fine but yeah I'm sorry if this is TMI but this is a postpartum video so there you go so speaking of birth control not that it's anyone's business but we are using birth control because I know so many people who have done IVF and then they get pregnant on their ownafter because they don't use birth control and they think oh well because I couldn't get pregnant before then I probably can't get pregnant so I'm not gonna use birth control and then they miraculously get pregnant so I am NOT ready to be pregnant again anytime soon we do want more kids yes a lot of people's asking that question but we are so content with Rey right now we are so happy with just one we do not need any more kids right now so that is that situation so as far as losing the baby weight goes I have been cleared to work out now so I'm gonna start working out I've been walking up until now just going on some light walks and that's pretty much it I'm going to start walking a little bit more like more briskly and maybe starting to work jogging back in but pretty slowly and then I am gonna start lifting weights again as well as doing yoga I started doing some postpartum yoga just this week if you follow me on Instagram I kind of talk to you guys about that and it's been really good I do Sarabeth yoga I did her prenatal yoga and I'm doing doing the postnatal stuff and it's really awesome because it really helps to slowly rebuild like the ab muscles and all that stuff so yeah I'm really excited to get back into working out but I am gonna take it easy and try to like ease my way back into it so I don't hurt myself or anything because I don't want to like deal with that and you know having to recover from going to like far into exercise too early and also like things still feel a little bit like jelly in my abs so you know like a lot of exercises you need your abs to do properly and so I'm gonna try and be as safe as possible but I would love to be like totally back to my normal exercise routine within three months that's kind of my goal but we'll just see how my body reacts so I never really talked about this because I didn't really know the numbers the exact numbers of my weight gain in my pregnancy updates because I just didn't want to bother with that so I actually gained 51 pounds I think if you talk about like pre IVF has for those of you who are new I did IVF to get permit so before IVF before I went through all the fertility treatments I was 118 and then by the time I got pregnant I think I was 125 and then when I I think my final weight was 176 my final like pregnancy weight that I saw so I gained 51 pounds which is crazy but at this point I've lost almost 40 pounds yeah that just came off pretty easily just after I had her and you know like the swelling went down so I have you know like a good 10 I'd say like 10 to 15 pound cuz it pounds cuz I think it was like 37 pounds technically that I'd lost but I'm not like way concerned about the weight I really just want to feel fit and normal because I was before pregnancy before IVF really I was way fit and just very active and I just want to get back to that and I'm feeling pretty good but I definitely don't feel as fit as I was pretty IVF I guess so I'm not too worried about the weight I'm just really trying to get active again and I know the weight will come off and I'll probably gain muscle back as well so I even though I might lose 15 pounds I might gain some weight to within that just because of muscle which is what I'm hoping for so like I said I'm just not gonna pay too much attention to the weight just I just want to be really really healthy and really fit so I'm also thinking of starting the sweat app postpartum program because it really helps to like ease you back into things so if any of you have done that it's the kala it signs beanie G thing but she doesn't teach the pro the postpartum one it's like a different girl on the app but if any of you've done that I would love to hear your feedback and you can let me know in the comments below how that worked out for you because I think I'm gonna sign up for that and yeah help use it to help get me back to where I can really start working out again and as far as diet goes I'm not on any particular diet I am eating much more similar to how I was eating before I got pregnant when I got pregnant all I wanted was junk and just yeah so I am eating more normal like normal for me which is fairly healthy I'm just craving my normal healthy diet which is great because when I was pregnant I wasn't craving Donald's and crap so it's not as fun for like Eric and my friends who want to eat fast food because I'm just not as fun and I I'm like now I'm good I don't want anything so that's just how it is but I am glad to be craving my normal diet and I'm just trying to figure out what's best for me to be eating as far as breastfeeding goes because that's all new to me and like how much to be eating sometimes I feel ravenous and then sometimes I for the most part since I've given birth I feel like my appetite has been way lower than expected so I'm trying to like make sure I eat breakfast make sure to drink a ton of water that sort of thing but I'm not really on a special diet or anything right now just basically eating what I crave I'm probably eating a little bit too much sugar so I still kind of have my pregnancy sweet tooth but um yeah for the most part just trying to eat healthy okay so now I'm gonna go ahead and just answer some questions that I got when I asked today over on my Instagram account just about postpartum recovery and all that kind of stuff so we'll jump right into that the first one is what is my nighttime routine with Rae we follow the moms on call book like I mentioned so we just follow their nighttime routine and I'm also going to be doing a nighttime routine video I think I'll film that hopefully this week but it's essentially bath and then they call it tender time and then where you like sing pray whatever read a book and then we they eat and then they go to bed so but I'll film that like I said hopefully this week the next question is what is what was the hardest part about recovery I kind of touched on this a little bit already but probably just not staying up on my medications my pain medications was the hardest part as far as physical recovery goes and then in the first two weeks it was just hard because you're tired I was just feeling tired and like I said that was just feeling like mikkel like all I did was nurse her and we were all just tired and I was sore and all that kind of stuff so I'd say ultimately because I had a c-section the hardest part was when I had a little mix-up with my pain meds and I wasn't getting the right pain meds so I was in a lot of pain that was the hardest part this next question is what do I wish somebody would have told me about recovery I wish someone would have told me to stay up on my pain meds because seriously like so if you guys I think you talked about this in my labor and delivery story but they had me just on ibuprofen after a c-section because my doctor's order for like the actual pain medication didn't go through so I was just on the ibuprofen was which was just for like the postpartum cramping that you get so that helped a little bit but I was like in pain for two days and I thought it was normal it wasn't until like the middle of the second night that I was like in a really just a lot of pain and I finally told my nurse and they realized the medication the other pain medication hadn't been sent over by my doctor well he had sent it over but they didn't receive the order or something so yeah I was in a lot of pain because I just got cut open and yeah you need to be on medication after that so anyway that's what I wish someone would have told me was it's not normal to be in that much pain so that I wouldn't have had to endure two days of a rough recovery well so these next few questions I did get asked several times the first one is did you get postpartum depression no at least not so far I haven't had it I think you can still get it within your first year of postpartum I guess but no I didn't get it I haven't gotten it yet I was kind of worried because I have battled depression a little bit in the past anxiety was what I was more worried about because I dealt with that a lot in the past few years and so I was worried about like postpartum partum anxiety but I really haven't I haven't had any any of that yet so hopefully you know I don't get it but yeah I have been on high alert for it and I you know told Eric about how he needs to be watching me and my sisters and stuff they're making making sure that you know like those symptoms don't show up or if they do that we are aware and we get help for it because I think that's really important this next question I did get asked a lot as well and it it is what what are the best and worst parts of about bringing your new baby home so like the best and worst parts of the last six weeks gosh the best parts are just honestly one of the best things is just that I know that I can make very happy and that sounds I don't know whatever but because I feed her and because I'm her mom and I'm with her most of the time like I know her cries I know what she needs and I just love that like I love knowing that when she's crying in the morning when she wakes up and she just has this really sad face because she's so hungry I know that I'm gonna feed her and it's going to make her so happy and that's just I don't know I just love that's really sweet and I just love doing stuff together as a family like when we just go on the walk all together as a family it's just I don't know it's just really sweet the worst part in the past six weeks it's bringing me home just probably the recovery and in the first couple weeks not getting enough sleep probably the worst part but even then I don't feel like it was that bad maybe I just built it up in my head to be really bad before I had her and so my expectations for sleep and all that kind of stuff were really low and so because we're getting more sleep than I expected I'm doing a lot better I don't know I wouldn't I just don't feel like anything's been really that and I'm so grateful for that because you know it's just nice to have everything be going fairly smooth and recovering well and yeah just being really happy right now and soaking in all of the Bliss somebody asked if I had any newborn purchase regrets and so far I only have one that I can think of and it's the the swaddle the love I can't remember it's like the the arms up swaddle it looks like a little flying squirrels hoot or something you know I don't know what those guys use that to jump off mountains and there and those like suits it looks like one of those and it's so they can put their arms up and in the mobs on call book they talk about how you should put the arms down so we've always done their arms put it you know in the swaddle we've always put our arms down so I have used the arms up swaddle once and I think it was in the hospital and it worked well then but yeah so that's probably my only regret that I can think of now but I could probably think of more things and just add them to my newborn essentials video if I choose to do one of those okay and this last question is what items did I use for postpartum and I didn't end up using the pad sickles I made so if you guys have been watching my channel for a little while you know I made pad sickles I made a bunch of them and I didn't and didn't end up using them because I had two c-sections but I would say probably the number one thing that I that was like a must-have for postpartum was those nightgowns I've talked about on my Instagram from Walmart because when you've had a c-section at least for me I didn't want any really wanna wear pants for like the first two weeks for sure and even now I still don't like to wear I haven't really worn jeans so those nightgowns are amazing and I still wear them and they are so comfortable and so amazing for breastfeeding too because I have the purse and you can just zip it down that's probably my number one must-have for postpartum but you definitely need pads like lots of pads so that's must-haves I did get that depends and I used them like once or twice but I just prefer using pads and just like big granny panties I did like the hospital underwear too that weird mesh underwear that they give you that was nice and I think that's pretty much it for postpartum stuff I can't really think of anything else like specific to postpartum items that I used other than those few things all right you guys that is pretty much it for this video thank you so much for watching for those of you who are new here I would love it if you join this tribe here on YouTube and subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification so that you guys can follow along and you'll be notified as soon as I upload a video I try to upload on Wednesdays and Sundays but this whole new schedule of having a baby and working and balancing everything blending it all together is trickier so I don't have as much time you know I'm just not making as much time for YouTube as I was before but I do love making videos and I plan to continue making videos and try to do the Wednesday Sunday schedule but we'll see how that how that pans out over time so yeah please be sure to give this video a thumbs up let me know of any comments you have down below let me know if you want you know the newborn essentials video and stay tuned for my nighttime routine and I will catch you guys in my next video bye

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  1. Thanks for watching my videos and supporting my channel! Follow me on Instagram for more day to day updates! https://www.instagram.com/chelshope/

  2. I had a really similar experience with expectation vs reality. The first few days was hard. I didn't have a csection but I did have a NICU baby so I was much more active than I should have been. But once we we're home (on day 5) I wasn't so bad.

  3. Hi lady, wondering how tall you are… we are finally 15 weeks! Haven’t gained any weight yet though… actually might have lost 2- 3 pounds since getting off the the Ivf meds

  4. Thanks for this postpartum update! Oh gosh I hope my tingling goes away in my hands soon. My swelling in my legs have gone down. I trying to take it easy. Those incisions are serious. You look great!

  5. I certainly don’t blame you for not wanting to be pregnant anytime soon! You’re smart to go on birth control because they say that “pregnancy cures infertility”! Especially for those who had unexplained infertility, that is a definite possibility. You look great Chelsea, and I think you’re amazing for how you’ve bounced back so soon after birth. Congratulations again on the birth of your little girl, and I look forward to watching her grow!

  6. Im super nervous over recovery from a csection (complications from a vaginal delivery last time im having a csection this time) any thing you can recommend to help with afterwards?

  7. The numbness in your scar is normal the strange thing is I have had two C-sections the last one was 15 yrs ago and my scar is still numb

  8. Chelsea, I'm so happy for you that things are going so well. Also, I want to say you are looking amazing lol. Have a great evening.💗🤶

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