6 Weeks Pregnant | Early Pregnancy Symptoms, Morning Sickness

Hi guys, it’s Sam here. Thanks for joining me on my 6th week of pregnancy So, this week I feel super pregnant so I thought I was having pregnancy symptoms before but no this week morning sickness has kicked in and major, major fatigue has kicked in and I’m bloated. It’s just a whole whack of hormones through my body It’s crazy. So, almost immediately on the first day of week 6 I started experiencing a lot of nausea and it’s kind of just progressed since then So, it’s not good. So as soon as I wake up, I feel sick and if I eat a little bit, I feel better and you know, they should not be calling it morning sickness because, at least for me, I felt nausea pretty much all day I do find that it does get better if I make sure that I’m eating all the time So basically every hour I have to be eating some sort of snack and I do find that that’s kind of helped me manage my nausea I have been lucky that I haven’t thrown up yet I’m hoping that I don’t But I also found that eating right before bed kind of helps with the morning sickness in the morning because I do find that the nausea is the worst in the morning so I just have to eat something right before bed as well That means like when I go to bed at like ten o’clock I have to eat something right before and that has helped quite a bit, just helping me manage it So yeah, I guess that’s what pregnancy is all about and I read that it will get better by the second trimester Although some women do experience it throughout the whole pregnancy So fingers crossed that that’s not me and that I only have to put up with this for another few weeks. So yeah, um another symptom that I’ve been having, as I said, is that I’m very, very tired So yeah, I’m still taking naps every day pretty much and the time that I take the nap kind of fluctuates, so sometimes I take it at 12:00 sometimes 2:00 sometimes 6:00. So it’s — basically, I just listen to my body. I just go to bed when I feel like I need to Oh yes, the other symptom I’ve been having is I’ve been extremely bloated. I look like I’m five months pregnant, but I’m not. and I keep reading and keep googling, “Oh, can you show at six weeks” and you can’t. It’s bloat. But it’s kind of crazy I’ve never been this bloated before, even in the morning when I get up like usually you would think your stomach wouldn’t be that bloated but I wake up bloated and I go to be bloated So, that with me — that’s me. Those are kind of my main symptoms along with the other symptoms that I’ve had since week 3 so the sore boobs, thirst, hunger, not so much just because I do feel pretty sick, but I have been able to eat whatever I want, which is nice. I haven’t had any food aversions I haven’t had any cravings either so I’ve been able to eat. I kind of eat through the nausea Because once I eat I do feel a bit better, so I just force myself. So that’s good, at least I’m able to do that. I know a lot of women aren’t able to do that Yeah, so let’s check in on how baby’s doing this week so Checking my “Bump” app first So baby is as big as a sweet pea. 6.4 millimeters which is crazy that’s almost double in size from last week and what it says on the pregnancy plus app is the little one now has a two chambered heart which basically looks like a tube and twisted back onto itself Although it’s too early to hear, the heart starts beating. The baby’s spinal cord is forming. Neural tube starting to close Baby’s shaped like a tadpole Earliest signs of arms and legs can be seen as tiny little bulges on the side of their body and baby’s growing a thin layer skin to cover everything up So super cute It’s just crazy to think how small this little baby is and that It’s gonna be a human being. It’s like — it’s just weird But yeah, so that’s what’s going on in this week of pregnancy Thank God, I haven’t had any sort of complications this week compared to the last two weeks there was always something that came up. But this week, apart from all the nausea, everything’s been pretty smooth sailing And yeah, I’m just excited to kind of get to the second trimester and start feeling better But I’m just kind of taking it one day at a time I know everyone says that pregnancy flies by and just to enjoy every moment of it I kind of feel like it’s not really flying by for me But maybe it’s just the first trimester when you’re feeling really sick that things really seem to go super slow Yeah, so that’s my update for this week Thanks so much for watching. If you’re new to the channel, please follow along, follow me on this journey Hit that subscribe button. Hit the bell button to be notified every time I post a new update and if you are in your sixth week of pregnancy or whatever week you are Let me know how things are going and let me know what symptoms you had at six weeks I just — I always love comparing with other women and seeing kind of if we’re having similar symptoms or what kind of symptoms you’re having so Other than that, thanks so much you guys and I’ll see you next week for my week 7 update. Thanks guys

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  1. Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support as we start this new chapter in our lives! Are you in your 6th week of pregnancy as well? What type of symptoms did you have?

  2. I had low placenta my last pregnancy but everything goes well i had a CaesareanุŒ and im very afraid this time hopefully I wonโ€™t get it again ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

  3. Thanks for sharing chica. I'm not sure if i'm pregnant yet but every day a new symptom appears. This would be my 2nd child. I can't wait to make an appointment after I test again. showing love!

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