1. I know this probably too old. Started spotting last Friday.at 5 wks 3 days, which latter turned into a full blown bleeding with clots on Saturday, went to ER, no baby sac on ultrasound HCG levels 55. Told to retest after 2 day. Retested today, HCG almost doubled to 108. Still bleeding, today I passed some kind of tissue not clot. Next appointment next wk. Did you pass any tissue?

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful children. When you was first were pregnant. Did get a lot of hiccups? Did you dream about twins or get signs that you were having twins?

  3. Omg exactly same with my experience. But my baby is still ok. I also thought gonna get twin but they can’t detect it via ultrasound

  4. Hi I tested positive in pregnancy I'm November and December having headache and tired but the doctor said I am not pregnant is just hormones and I see my period every months and know some movement like a baby moving inside me but know the test became neg my stomach is big can I still be pregnany

  5. I am all so pregnant second trimester and having heavy blooding and Gramps down at my belly bottom it is horrible would not want to lose this one to have to go through pregnancy again I am going to do ultrasound to find out more please don't lose hope and I will try not to do the same

  6. Why don’t you just call your provider? I just don’t really think it’s an emergency. Usually your gynecologist should be able to take you in on short notice!

  7. I had a miscarriage I started spotting then it got hevaier like a period so go to the doctor if you are bleeding any kind of bleeding is still concerning

  8. I was 4 weeks & 3 days pregnant and the day I was supposed to start my period I spotting, like you said with the blood mixed with discharge. And then that night/morning I bled a lot. Like I had started my period. But by the next morning it has tapered into spotting and then nothing. I just got my blood drawn to see my HCG levels if I'm pregnant I'll be 5 weeks and a day. I've had a miscarriage before & it didn't feel like that. So I'm hoping I have a success story like you

  9. thanks mam I am six weeks..of pregnant but bleeding in veginal I pray everything is OK… pls pray me a god… i need my baby…

  10. I m 9 week pregnant now with heavy bleeding from 1 weeks I went for ultrasound n dr said baby has no heartbeat they said wait for one week maybe baby is so small so v can’t find baby heartbeat I will to Saturday for my ultrasound if baby has no heartbeat yet then I will lose my baby I m so upset

  11. I tested at I believe 11DPO with a dollar store test and it was negative. I then tested again at 13DPO with an equate test and it was positive but the line was very faint. So I ran to Walmart and bought a clear blue digital and regular test. I took the digital and it said positive 1-2 weeks. We were very excited. I then decided to test again in the morning with the regular clear blue and it showed up positive but was still faint but darker than the equate test. I then went to a walk in clinic and did a urine test and it showed up negative and thats when I became confused. They did a blood test right after and Im currently still waiting for the results. Right after that I went and bought a digital and normal first response. The digital didn’t work but the regular was very faint. The same time I took the test I wiped and saw light pink blood on the paper. For the remainder of the night I was spotting. Now today, this morning, I woke up and used the restroom and there was a good amount of blood in the toilet as if it was my period. I did forget to mention yesterday (the day I started spotting) was the day my period was due. So now i’m really confused. Not sure if this is a chemical pregnancy, early miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or just heavy implantation. I’m tempted to test again but I want to when the blood is clear.

  12. Hello, I’m 9 weeks pregnant, been heavy bleeding for three days, my OB said he didn’t want to do an Ultrasound yet until I stop bleeding, he put me on folic and progesterone to “prevent miscarriage”, I’m passing blood clots but I have absolutely NO PAIN, I’m trying not to stress of freak out , but it’s hard not to. He told me he’s seen things like this in many women, and my blood work came back that I’m still pregnant but I’m still freaking the hell out and praying everyday that my baby is okay 🙁

  13. Hello everyone here…just saw this video 2 3 times already and the massages here… I just want to share with u girls…I'm married for 9 years.. trying for baby forever..then I had Uterine cancer back In 2014 but thanks God it's gone now…. now I just did and IVF and I Transfer 2 Embryos.. today is 1 Month 5 days pregnant ..this morning Suddenly I start bleeding very heavy…then I went to my Dr office..while I was in waiting room I just felt like to go restroom so then I just Misscraage 1 baby.. well my Dr wasn't their so someone else was their…he did Vaginal Ultrasound and other stuff and he saw I still have 1 baby their.but the Dr says if it's still bleeding over night I have to go ER might be Misscrage other one 😐😐 ..so I came home but Cramping too much can't tolerate the pain… he told me I can take Tylenol only…but I'm so worried don't know what to do..this is my first pregnancy..and I don't want to lose the baby I spent so much money plus I need to remove my Uterus asap..so no time 🙁 🙁 please let me know if u have anything to advice me I will take ur advice… thanks for reading my broken Eglish

  14. Just going through vids but this cycle has been wired…im always regular with EXTREMELY nad cramps when it comes on….but this time cramps up until flow…little to none!!! Not sure what could be..

  15. Hey, I went through this Jan 1…. Til now… Then at the very end… I started lightly spotting…. Went through so many drs… Because of the holidays, I couldn't see my regular dr that does all this… Thank god… He found a heart beat 😊 I was stressing and got told to have alot of bed rest

  16. My names georgina amd im 17. Just the line where u say the bleeding was lighr so u didnt worry that much.. i was pregnant about a month and i bled the tinest bit ever and went the hospital feelimg confident, after that i had loads of trips go the hospital numerous blood tests and unltra sounds.. turns out it was a Molar Pregnancy, with no pain! Not many people have heard of a molar pregnamcy as its a 1 in 6,000 ao please please seek any mesical advice no matter how big the bleed. I wouldnt want it to be waited too long and for your healrh to be at risk if it were to be a bad situation. I'm glad your better just be careful❤❤ good luck x

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