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  1. Thanks for all the comments everyone!
    way2feisty- glad its been of some help thats what I had hoped to come out of these vids 🙂

  2. Ooooh am super excited for you guys! I start my 1st ivf this month and I have been well prepared thanks to you and your uploads take care of your seed and let it grow into a beautiful orange xxxxx

  3. Morning sickness is horrible!!! I had it really bad with both my girls, mine was 24/7 too. I found I was going to bed by 7 every night just to avoid the sick feeling. Fingers crossed it wont be around for to long though. Those Havaianas you have are fantastic. Im from Australia and both my girls have a pair in every size I think lol. They look so damn cute on. That charm is beautiful btw

  4. I have been following you from the beginning.Congrats!!!!.The pharmacy can compound an anti-nausea medicine if you are interested. IT WORKS!

  5. I sooooo could have made this video. Morning sickness yeah I had all day and night nausea and those sea sickness bands did nothing for me. I felt like it would be heaps better to actually throw up but I just felt like i was going to 24/7. It was reassuring at first but I was over it by the time it stopped at 13 weeks. Those nightgowns with no legs are awesome for midnight nappy changes, you will use it heaps. Good luck for Tuesday. Dont be nervous,it will be fine. Can't wait for the update. xxx

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