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  1. I am. 6 weeks and 1 day today. Yesterday I had a ultrasound but doc told me that they could not find heartbeat at moment.. Is it fine with that? .I don't feel pain cramps puke best tender but just little tired on legs. Finger cross for us after next two weeks.. Pray for me.

  2. 6 weeks today and soooo sick but no puking. Tired and sleeping all the time. Plus heartburn 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Expecting my second and last baby March 2020. I'm so excited to bring my baby girl a sibling.
    I'm six weeks and three days and my symptoms are in full swing. I'm looking forward to the second trimester so I can start working out and preparing my body for the third trimester and labor and delivery.
    Also good aversions I love garlic bread with my dinners and this baby hates garlic bread. It feels weird not to have garlic bread I try and if I do it all just comes right up. The baby said no garlic bread lol.

  4. Hi, I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant, this is my second pregnancy, I’m very tired but great otherwise and I am not having any morning sickness but I didn’t with my first either so I guess I’m lucky in that sense, although in my first pregnancy I had really bad UTI throughout the whole pregnancy and I’m really hoping none of that this time round but it seems positive so far. Ive got a feeling this pregnancy is much better than my first already 😇 but it’s early days yet.

  5. I’m six weeks and my back is killing me , no morning sickness so far (fingers crossed) but my breasst are in full effect very tender ! I’m very nervous and haven’t told anyone but I’m also very happy x

  6. I use to watch your videos with my daughter but I lost her at 22 weeks due to preeclampsia now im prego with rainbow

  7. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. Previously had 2 c sections. My upper belly is showing rather than my lower belly is this normal?

  8. This girl is just adorable. She's beeming with positive vibes. These updates are so much fun to watch.

  9. 6 weeks 2 days!🥰🥰 I definitely agree with one of those ladies; feeling rubbish is hard but confusingly reassuring! And yeah, it feels so far to go for the 12 week scan! Part of me feels strange that no medical people check you are pregnant first appointment! I had my first blood test yesterday so it does help it fee real! My app Ovia says baby is size of ladybird 😍😍

  10. I'm so glad I don't have to wait til 12w for the first scan. With our last pregnancy that ended at 14w, we had a scan at 8w and everything was perfect, well looked perfect. So this pregnancy we have a scan in exactly 1 week and I'll be around 7w2d and then I'll probably have another scan @12w since our son passed away around that time. So excited but also so terrified!

  11. I am six weeks and four days pregnant today and no sickness as yet and is my first thanks for sharing guys

  12. This is my first baby I feel so sick I can't even get any sleep and I just found out I was pregnant yesterday now my baby's trying to make me sick 🤢 it's Winnie

  13. Im soooo tired. And I can only eat stuff like plain mashed potatoes or rice. Bloated, a bit gassy, but reaallyy really tired. Its weird.

  14. Almost 6 weeks here ❤️ I’ve been sick since week 5 (I found out at 5 weeks, my period is irregular). Unfortunately it is not a morning-thing either 😞 day and night 24/7. Plus extremely tired, I really need to nap twice a day, otherwise I can’t function. Oh and the smell of a non aired-house in the morning is making me sick, so opening all windows + cleaning daily now 😆
    I don’t really crave anything yet, but I seem to navigate towards fruits and light healthy food (thankfully)

  15. Am 6 weeks 1 day pregnant today. My lower back is hurting like it's on 🔥🔥🔥🔥. My breast's dont hurt anymore but am so tired.

  16. I'm 34yo…and pretty terrified as this is the first pregnancy for myself, and husband. But saw our 6week 1day embryo on the monitor today and honestly could have sobbed…so special. Had some awful bloating and nausea upto now and knowing it'll get worst fills me with dread 😂 all part of the fun. So happy though.

  17. I’m 6 weeks and 2 days , so worried
    I had stillborn in February 18 that was my first pregnancy everything was fine till 21 weeks….. please pray for me that my rainbow baby will be fine and healthy x

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