60 Seconds with SPRI Fit4Mom Newly Postpartum Kettlebell

Hi I’m Farel wiith Fit4Mom now that you have that new baby home let’s talk about some exercises that you can
do that’s going to help mimic the movement patterns that you have in life now that little bundle of joy is going to
get bigger and bigger every single day and it’s usually going to be on one side of your
body or the other so let’s start doing some exercises that will
replicate that same kind of scenario what we’re going to do is take that same kettlebell I would like for you to hold on to it right
behind your hand keep your wrist locked and neutral come down into a nice squat and then push up above your head as you come
up out of that squat come on back down lower the kettlebelll push up and extend it up and again
throwing your body off just like motherhood does weight through your heels press it up over your head at the top of the
movement make sure that your wrist is locked and neutral
but your elbow isn’t slightly bend, come on down and then press it right back up and that really does throws the body off just
enough to replicate motherhood

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