60 Seconds with SPRI Fit4Mom Newly Postpartum UltraToner

Hi I’m Farel with Fit4Mom You’ve just brought that baby home and we
know what it’s like it’s chaotic, crazy and wonderful and beautiful we have some ideas of ways that you can strengthen
your body so that you feel good in this time when your healing and your trying to create
strength, strength for motherhood so this particular exercise is wonderful it’s
a wall sit with what we call abduction and it’s working your glutes but it’s working
your gluteus medius which is on the side and that helps support
the hips and support your low back so your going to get your ultra toner and
your going to place a foot in either circle then your going to come to a surface place that tubing on either side of your knee come down into your wall site get your feet about hip width apart which
you find tension in that ultra toner go ahead and open and close the knees strengthen the outside of the glutes this is a great exercise to help support the
low back and to help you feel strong in this new phase
of motherhood

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