6week 4day Ultrasound/HCG Results No heart beat πŸ’” (

hi guys and welcome back to my channel I haven't posted a video in a week or two and thought I would just wait for my ultrasound and I was hoping to give you fantastic news today and unfortunately it's it's not great but I don't know what's really going to happen in the next week could possibly be having a DNC so he goes my story of this week I was scheduled for an ultrasound on Wednesday and also had my HCG levels drawn but and I went in for did my blood levels they went into the scan and before I went in I literally thought I was going to vomit oh I nearly canceled because of this fear you know I didn't want my worst nightmare coming true and it just feels like it is again so we went in and she started of course and she measured the gestational sac and that's measuring a tiny bit behind our my dates six six weeks six days it measured six weeks four days so which isn't too bad which was over seventeen between seventeen and eighteen millimeters the yolk sac was definitely visible this time which last time it wasn't like yet all the other times they weren't and that was all great and then she couldn't see the fetal pole or the heartbeat of course you don't and I just nearly cried instantly because I thought for sure by that gestation you'd be seeing it you know I've watched so many videos or googled that much and everyone says oh we've seen a heartbeat at five weeks five days or six weeks or whatever it is you know and I thought for sure by it six weeks four days even you know her measurements that we definitely will be seeing a heartbeat and there wasn't and I was just my heart broke into a billion pieces I've cried so I've had no more tears left and I just had to wait to even talk to you about it so the only thing that is that every time we've had an ultrasound throughout other miscarriages the techs have always said oh look we think this isn't a viable pregnancy and this time the tech had said don't panic with what you see on the screen straight up she was like that but how can you not panic you know when you don't see a heartbeat she said the uterus is tilted and it could just be hiding on the wall because the walls white around the wall so the the fetal pole is also you know in that it could be contrasted in to it it's just so hard I just wanted her to switch the screen I straightaway I was so disheartened and upset and I didn't know what to think and thought here we go again so she just said yeah as I said you know don't panic and just see what your HCG levels are when you see your specialist you know yada yada so we finished the ultrasound and we went just sat in the car and I had four hours until my specialist appointment and I basically bought for four hours because I just couldn't believe that you know it may be happening to us again and you know we go over what have you what have we done wrong and you know like each time that we fallen pregnant and had these ultrasounds they've got better and better like they've they've advanced more and more so I think the things that we're doing is helping but I just you know why can't it just be clear so it's like the unknown so I went to the specialist appointment and the first thing he did was he showed me my HCG results and I was like they're fantastic look at them you know thirty one thousand four hundred and I was 34 days past ovulation which is six weeks six days and you know and I was so shocked I thought you know there might be I'd be happy if they're eighteen thousand so and that was just doing that doubling of ninety-six hours you know like after six hours and you know they double between 72 to 96 so I kind of did worst case scenario but they were actually you know over 34 31,400 so he was really happy and I said well we didn't see a heartbeat or fetal pole on the ultrasounds so he left and spoke to the ultrasound tech and then came back and basically sat down and said the probability is that this is not a viable pregnancy but the possibility is what she said that you have a tilted uterus and that is hiding and that I'm to go back in a week's time and next Wednesday if there's no heartbeat then Thursday which is Valentine's Day I have another DNC which Brad won't be here because he's left for 10 days so we're doing it alone and unfortunately I don't know he said it's like 20% chance you know everything will be okay so that's not a that's not a very big chance I know it's still a cling of hope that the only thing I can go off is that you know yes the gestational sac isn't like it's not lagging behind it's not like it's measuring five and a half weeks or six weeks or whatever it's measuring nearly bang-on it's the yolk sacs good you know my HCG levels are great they are great not great they're rising appropriately they're not lagging behind you know so I can only cling on to that but I just feel that here we go again you know I just don't know how I'm gonna deal with the week and the stress thinking about it I just have to cling on to that everything is going to be okay and keep taking what I've been taking and you know I wonder that the progesterone you know isn't holding on to the pregnancy I'm not sure if anybody else has success stories out there that I didn't see their heartbeat at that time and then they seen at the second time I'm not sure but it's just hard not to think it's not gonna be good you know I don't they make you hold on to hope every time and I'm nearly sick of hot you know nobody's sick of it I'm just like stop it's it's so hot heartbreaking that I just want to go yep okay it's not viable that's it and let's deal with it for the week and then if everything is okay Wednesday go you know be really happy but it's really hard to just stay positive and I don't know how to and because I'm by myself at the moment it's really hard as well so I can only wait till next Wednesday and update you again maybe if it's bad I may not update you Wednesday but I'll try if it's good of course they and I not unable to update you I'm hoping to have a recording of heartbeat if there's a heartbeat so at the end of this clip I will just insert my the photo I've got so far of the gestational sac and the yolk sac that's all I have at the moment and we'll go from there so if you have any comments leave them down below and thank you so much for being here for me and being so supportive and subscribing and following my journey and I hope that we're still going to be keep following this journey and if not then you know we just start all over again and we try again there's it's the only thing we can do so eventually you know there's got to be a good outcome so I hope everybody has a great weekend and I'll update you soon take care you you

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  1. I hope everything is ok. I had a scan at 6 weeks some days with my twins… one had a heartbeat and one baby didn't. They told Me the other twin died… but the ultrasound tech said come back in 2 week and we will see. I went back at 8 weeks 4 days and both babies hearts were beating away… they are now 8 years old !

  2. Praying over you and this pregnancy. I just went through my second miscarriage. It has been the most difficult thing my husband and I have been through. I am praying for you to have comfort and peace and for your sweet baby to be healthy and continue growing.

  3. I had an ultrasound at 6w2d. They said I was measuring at 5w5d. No heartbeat. For some reason they immediately diagnosed it as a probable miscarriage. I had also had some wonky HCG results. I ended up getting an ultrasound at a new place exactly 1 week later. I was measuring 7w2d and heartbeat was in the 140's! I know it is not exactly the same, but I was convinced it was another miscarriage as I had one 5 months prior to conceiving. My daughter is now 15 months old. Definitely don't give up hope. I know it can go either way. I have experienced both, but just remember it can go in the positive direction as well!

  4. I had two molar pregnancies where placenta kept growing to 12 weeks and no bleeding, but no fetus'. HCG levels are very high with molar pregnancies, and bleeding was only started on these two with medication, or naturally in week 13. I hope it is not molar……but it does sound more hopeful still. I did have my one full term healthy pregnancy immediately after the second molar pregnancy. Otherwise, straightforward seven week miscarriages can be managed at home naturally without medication or D&C (which has Asherman's scarring risk), and I had two losses like that too, messy, but not severe bleeding risk. I would recommend go natural when you are offered this choice (on medical advice). Hopefully baby is just hiding until next scan.

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