7.2.19 – 7.9.19 | Being Pregnant Is Getting Harder, Updating CYC + Baby Stuff

hey there and welcome to Tuesday yes I don't feel good today so I filmed all of yesterday and so today is gonna be I think just an editing day unless our today's video is gonna be awful because my brains okay so today some lunch and my like leftover curry stuff that I made I look like such a from right now no food just kind of felt like nauseous on and off today good morning and happy Wednesday I have misplaced my coffee Michael brought it downstairs unless he like dump it out and washed it which could very well be I like hold myself up today just with some moisturizer and actually did a little bit of a skincare routine in the summer my skin needs so much less attention and then I give us so much less attention so I put some oil on my like shoulders and arms money today it's just gonna be another day of editing videos honestly got my overalls on and they're actually not that comfortable I think I need a little mount one more I mean it's actually pretty late we've been it's almost 10:00 been kind of having later mornings I also didn't sleep that well last night I don't think he did either put us thinking about baby stuff is thinking about baby names I think we have our baby names and I think we're gonna get a travel crib as well I really really really want a Sulley baby wrap I keep hoping though like write me and be like we wanna send you a free room I don't think that's gonna happen and I didn't have to buy an Ergo Baby I didn't have I my ring sling I'd like they're dead him by my stroller there's so much stuff like travel stuff I didn't buy so I think I'm gonna get myself that cuz I really want it I've made the executive decision to come work on our patio and our backyard and this is the greatest thing ever so I was outside for a while but I had to come back in and it was really nice but it's getting like it's just human and I can't handle the humidity my hands is so up this time but my fingers will slow up and my cows will get feel really heavy and then it just worries me about like blood circulation we did the first run two edits on you number one I think I'm gonna just kind of go through and do the first shot edits for all of them and then go back in and add the overlays go along with everything my chest hurts let's move on to lesson two this one says 30 minutes great the other one ended up being 10 or 11 minutes and it was 25 minutes of footage is that body part was that hon bun I'm so confused anyways okay bye this room is incredibly dark and I keep changing my outfit I know so I'm eating that curry mixture thing that I made the other night I mean it would purchase because no on to and I'm just taking a little break my mother-in-law just stopped by to do or some work at our garden I love her so I was talking to her I came back in finishing up my food watching some kathleenlights these are all the handles for our dressers and for our nightstands and I am painting them gold and now I'm going to rough them up with some sandpaper we don't want to do Sophia let's leave these to dry tonight come see how I joking with Michael and it could call me DIY Jones night seems for our room hello I'm building a dresser well not dresser I'm building a mate's two nightstands what do you do maverick pacing this tank I oh dang Oh Mammon it's Monday June 8th too late I'm not feeling the best today I don't know I just don't feel very good my brains not working and just stuff I need to do you know me I want the fewest amount of items the one I was looking at that could also be a best not the Quebec crib is like 25 pounds and I'm like I'd rather just get a bassinet for now I know we can get a super compact like travel crib in a couple months old we need one I'm gonna open up the mail I was gonna like try to film again today I like last week but I there's no way that's happening so today it's just gonna be a slow kind of puck away at everything sort of day okay so coming together I'm feeling better I just made a cup of coffee might a cup of coffee for the day and I think I made it through lesson four and that's just kind of the first run-through about it it's amazing to me how some of the bassinets are like hundreds of dollars and I'm like you use this for three months and then your baby outgrows it oh I don't want to spend that much on a bassinet like I would love to just hop in their crib and I would love to just pull their crib into our room but I measured in the won't fit through the doorway and I'm not taking apart and putting it together for a third time oh I'm going to spend like 50 80 bucks to not have to do that and I want to get a nightlight just one of those like very dim ones dim ones battery operates you don't have to plug it in and you can just take it with you wherever and I've heard that's really useful for like breastfeeding and doing stuff in the little a night with your baby so you don't have to turn on the bright overhead why and like wake them up and everything and then I want to start packing a hospital bag I honestly can't find a rocking chair for the stupid nursery because I want one that's gonna be comfortable and actually like practical I'm gonna use but also not hideous and not super expensive because like those nursery gliders are hundreds of dollars and I'm like yeah no I'm gonna get confused out of it probably but I just don't I can't stomach why are so many baby things so much money like $400 here $300 there $200 here I've got a good list going it's what I'm trying to say it's hard because I'm slowing down so much like I have to slow down so much and I can't do fraction of what I'm normally able to do and it's so hard because when you're like planning everything out in your mind I'm you're like yeah I can get all this done like I still have time but then when you can only do like one task a day and that wipes you out you're like maybe I don't have as much time as I thought but it's just a good lesson in like priorities and getting stuff done Maria makes an avocado toast it will be delicious Square rat with baby so yeah I'm just making compost oh no I'm not doing a very good job of like filling and being entertaining today I'm just kind of I am on video number eight so lesson eight but once I get through the first round edits for these ten videos I'm gonna take a break and go start pulling some stuff on my hospital bag like there's a bunch of a bunch of stuff that I can't do now without worrying the surprise of anything in here let's grab some things from here right I have some nipple cream bring this cooling spray leave it I'm borrowing my sister's body pillow but I got a new cover to Rutan this one I think I'm gonna bring this little onesie what what okay and then I'll long-sleeve on in case so those are brought the newborn sighs I don't see myself having a big baby but you never know so maybe we should bring a slightly bigger onesie we'll bring this one it's probably way too hot for this woman or hat but you never know choose some PJ's these little fox jeans I know people are like oh my god don't do snaps blah blah blah I mean I can always send people home to get more outfits things go well I plan to just be in and out and then my car seat which I'm not gonna pull out and there's a lot that I'm gonna have to wait to pack because it's like toiletries or a stuff I'm using now we are doing cloth diapers but I'm not gonna bring those to the hospital I'll start that up when I get home I think I'm gonna try to put baby stuff in the smallest packing cube maybe just gonna leave this tag on look at that and then I think I'm gonna bring the medium-sized one for all of my stuff I plan to just be in my robe a lot of the time as I said your breast pump to the hospital and they'll make sure that like everything fits in his okay so I'm gonna put this stuff in my closet with the car seat joy does anniversary of my DNC last year oh no it was July night June 26 was my first Midwife appointment where I found out that it was a blighted ovum because I have a document that's like post dancey July 9th day procedure but car crash forgot about that so happy one-year anniversary of a DNC to me kind of cool that I am two weeks out from two weeks out four weeks out from birth so I just had my last two week Midwife appointment and I'm every week from here on out I borrow my mom's car so I could go get my driver's license look 28 with passport posted security card and two documents with new address no I need to go get ready and put on this shirt that frickin fit let's go get my new drivers license no if I include this in the blog yet the last time I tried to do this first place was on fire they had a small fighter they said great angle Victoria hot common license renewed like she's like eye color Bobo and she's like wait and I was like yeah but my pre-pregnancy weight she's like yeah which whatever would have been fun I think I'm at like 142 143 something like that so we're having leftover pasta and leftover salad from last night the computers as soon as I got there they're like the computers are down and they're going in and out and so blah blah and so they'd been down for like half now and I got there and then probably 11:20 when I finally got called I was like I'm just gonna hold out I had my computer so I could like do work and stuff so I was just doing like video notes getting those all ready and organized as I have already gone once and the first place my husband fire on those second place they're like you need all these documents to get the gold star let's go coming back and of course when I came back things were not happening so coach what you right now you take a little break so that's what I'm gonna do oh so it's Wednesday night and I'm all alone because Michaels golfing which is great because I was like I'm not gonna be much fun hanging out with so I'm not big one I'm like consumerism materialism buying stuff there's just stuff I need to get so I'm trying to be conscious about it so we still need to go out here for the nursery we don't need one but we want like that would be a good thing to have and if it was me I would get just some like $35 with her what rocking-chair from Craigslist but Michael is don't want that I understand why and I probably be old to have some creaky uncomfortable chair even if it was pleasing but freaking gliders are like $300 if not more so I want like a gray blue chair for that room and that's like the last thing we need for we also need a bassinet but anyway it's back to my point so consciously consuming things this coming Monday and Tuesday Amazon is having like a prime day sale and target is having deal days sale Monday and Tuesday and there I never even like think Black Friday that sort of stuff I don't do that sir stuff for like their stuff I'm gonna get anyways so and I just wait and see if some of it is on sale because it's things that I'm literally going to be buying anyways or things that I've been putting off buying and I can just wait and get it 3m Hey Baby what are you doing in there

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  1. what is the difference between the solly baby wrap and the others you got from your sister? 🙂 you glowing, Victoria!

  2. I got a free glider on Facebook from a mom who didn’t need one anymore! Also I’m using the hatch baby nightlight from amazon which you can set lighting and sounds from your phone! Figured I’d share in case you wanted to look at those options! And then I just recovered the cushions myself!

  3. You could get a packnplay for your bedroom 🤷🏼‍♀️ may not be what you want but it’ll work.

  4. 3rd trimester is so real, I felt the same way last summer leading up to my due date. You're doing great Mama!
    I intended to be minimal too, but ended up buying a lot of things towards the end of pregnancy i didnt plan on.

    We got the Babyletto Toco glider and love it! Although I wish we sprung for the Kiwi glider for those nights when you fall asleep with a congested baby on your chest.

  5. I feel you on the planning things out in your mind and thinking you can get it done because that is what you used to get done easily when you weren't pregnant.. Pregnancy brain is real and it bugged me so much because I was finishing up my studies and I constantly had to adjust my planning. Hang in there mama, a few more weeks and your precious little one will be in your arms and everything will be worht it! Also, you look fab pregnant and you have such a cute bump! Good luck with everything in the next couple of weeks ;).

  6. The new place looks so amazing and cozy! Pregnancy looks so good on you, too! Cannot believe how fast time flew and its almost baby time! Wishing you and baby a safe and healthy delivery! xx

  7. My daughter slept in a pack n play (the kind with a removable bassinet) in our room when she was a newborn, so it's possible to get away with not buying a bassinet! We also used it for traveling and it worked just fine

  8. Solly baby wrap is soooo worth it! I bought a used one and loved it so much! I sold it after my son was too heavy for it but now that I’m pregnant again, really contemplating getting one again! Lol. The dim light thing also sounds super convenient. I used a Himalayan salt lamp (which I loved, but was/is heavy and isn’t portable lmao) bc of it being such warm light and not being super disruptive of our sleep patterns for nursing and changing diapers at night! Also totally feel ya on the bassinets being so expensive. We had a crib but coslept up until recently (my son is about 2.5, and he just started sleeping in his room more full time but he still sneaks to our bed at some point every night lol) and with my son, I used the Swaddle Me (I think that was the brand??? Got it off amazon) deluxe cosleeper but it was a pain in the asssshhhh to get him in and out of for breastfeeding so I didn’t even really use it at night time. We ended up just totally cosleeping and I used the little cosleeper for just some of his naptimes throughout the day when he wasn’t in the carrier or in my arms/on the boob lol. I plan on getting a Snuggle Me lounger this time tho! They’re softer structured and seem so much better. I love the idea of the side car style bassinets but this mama just cannot afford the ones I want so I’m settling for a cosleeping lounger lmao. Also snaps in the beginning totally might not be a big deal. But once you’re home, you’re totally likely gonna want zippers! I have made it clear this time that I don’t want any buttons and only want zippers (my babe will be born in the fall tho so it’s a lil different I feel? Like you can totally get away with less clothes/less fuss over sleepers and such, where I’m prob gonna be using zip up sleepers as my kiddos uniform for a few weeks 😂) especially at night time tho, like I tried to do snaps at night and it was so frustrating and I’d end up waking up and realizing it was all jacked up and uneven lmao. It’s doable during daytime for sure, especially if the outfits cute and you HAVE TO HAVE IT (relatable) but I cannot be bothered this time around 😂 also for a nursery chair, we totally had an antique rocking chair, I thought it would be PERFECT but it actually was a bisshhhhh for nursing in lmao. It was so uncomfortable. We ended up buying a recliner instead 😂 cheaper than a glider, plus’s fluffier!!!

  9. I bought a secondhand Solly baby wrap for half the price on Facebook Marketplace! Definitely check there. I got lucky and it was the exact color I wanted and caught it quick after being posted. I'm excited to use mine in October. 😊

  10. It is so frustrating to have mental energy and motivation and your body makes you slow down! I’ve faced the reality that I am useless after noon, so I get done what I can before lunch time and pretty much rest the day away (as much as possible with a toddler!)

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only pregnant person who is just like “I don’t feel good” all the time 😂 it’s the heat! You could get a playpen with a mattress and you can use it as a bassinet too!

  12. The fact that you put like a little "just so you know…" Like so people won't judge you in the comments is just a huge reminder of how judgemental people are on EVERYTHING when you're pregnant (/vegan/alive lol, basically always!!) Feww that's what we call haters gonna hate 😉 you're glowing!!

  13. Why are you not telling us that you moved or anything about it!?
    Can we at least get a house tour soon!?
    Love you!

  14. geeeeez you are so fucking cute ! 😀 LOVE your vlogs… just love your personality so much hahah sorry if that sounds weird.

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