1. Also I’m so jealous of your maternity leave. I was forced back to work when River was 8 weeks old(I only got 12 weeks off, and my pregnancy had me on bedrest for 4 weeks before she was born)

  2. Hey, River is 7 months old on the 6th. So, we feed her a bottle just before bed, and if she starts getting sleepy we pull it out of her mouth for a second to keep her awake and eating. Then we put it back if she starts rooting or wanting it. We keep doing that til the bottle is done or til she can’t stay awake. (Change her diaper before the feed) then as soon as she is done or the bottle is done we stand up and take her straight to her crib. We put her in and walk right away and turn the lights off. If she starts to fuss, we only try to settle her by patting her and talking in a soothing voice or singing without taking her out of the cot. It’s really hard for the first three or four days but eventually she just knew that she couldn’t sleep with her bottle in her mouth downstairs- and that right after that bottle it was bedtime. (We also use Johnson and Johnson lavender lotion on her chest when when change her diaper before the meal) — also, do you give her a warm bath at night? A routine helps so so much) we don’t bathe her every night but sometimes just being in that warm water helps(sometimes we will just let her soak and play without soap if she’s recently had a bath with soap)

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