(7) Punching in a pregnant woman in the face

alex jones while well i don’t know where the him on
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they think they ought to do you know doing romeo love it skill you if you break it down you know uh…
allowed to track that video clips she did in the mantle talking about the vaccines tells us to rule filled right there you
know arranged i’d like to say that what they want to well one thing that i think bottom line
the other day that you know that meant that there was off
on the day and chemical weapons container capital with the tools needed
to take it apart just presidio baked you know if he needs to be addresses to carry it here’s the stuff
that we have it break it down here is just sort of charlie sheen holy shit spyware no kidding are waiting wealth you’ve got every angle of that means charlie sheen
judge i haven’t seen by winning we’re winning unit look it up uh… shimano you know about love them llamas lagi mural on the island in jumbo jet we christ that song killer in this
interview this humorous things you know might be offended whatevers sorry for his wife gave me laughing whatever uh… i need to the comic relief from watching without
skills clips mirrors you know i love the power out
was that you got what she tells credit men familiar defense forces back to the day you know it’s yellow seminar called bama you know i’m always
person in my region this thinks that way i think it’s saying you know trying to get some help into
orbit message out to the masses but here i
didn’t get no help feels that camera you know so zero five is what is is it’s all good now argumentative apparently fallen on radio shows myself i’ve never met to yours don’t know what i could add to it to be
honest nato recover everything under the sun
all you’d be here for me it dept it illegal library of congress the researchers you
know that’s bottle you know that for government that they can sharing with us so held out don’t you know yet yai yai
needs passionate about what he says that he’s
like stamp repair you know understood shake the masses in get their on their chosen mary got do it’s got to do you know that
that’s this type of fire when the it takes to get those cute little baby no more power to more power to the
movement he helped other for wars plants going in is a blast planets was a home with the different story of
the or whatever that was uh… prison planet we have got eleven got sick from maui
odessa pincher you know farms spot on that of love t_v_ approach you know photos mainstream you know
about trying to get in made to thousands of farmers written by
the show warnings joe call them on the descriptors yet right now things and the feedback was the whole areas of what i would say you
know that heroes saying they did yeah by both the crazy that’s fine that israel in this equation
aren’t it left left his job and i was writing they’re wrong yeah i guess uh… out still that a lot it’s really hard you don’t think in the way you think if they got a given credit for everything’s done and the person
who’s been up against the other email stands in front of the buildings in preaches on the microphone you know i love that and scanner darkly where one of fucking cameo that was you know that’s life are for the first
thing for me for is a inundated uses only factors you know money money money but for all i know you know he’s but no money to do it you know obviously
there’s word out in obviously that takes funding uh… would have liked to do harm you know been hired by a portland in that’s i don’t think there are any you know and i think it’s gonna role disease
profiting off uh… i wouldn’t really be looking to profit dot if you look into
it yep there you can answer the sudbury all on the you know working the circuit talking to people approaching people mess nothing you know you want to be anonymous to agree with none of this european loans to support them was involved in kills all the people let them know that beats sits daily at
six one eight billion people on this planet gain more come in and everyday word of mouth you know do some butler steelscape off line and solution was involved random axes taneous anonymous actions i mean that’s school i liked personally know our still
people yeah there are not an issue of take-out
operation children you know that that’s gotta be we are my favorite
operation bob barr uh… just this morning for the bios
biscuits naked at wal-mart and then there’s an online long line like five people privately uh… in the background is years
linkages just back there and you need to the
stress and anger in this matter faces alike you know style what may have somebody who’s you know gidon didn’t tell will set up you know
obama does it puts them in their place wilson is man that moment there at mather but you
have ho delivering the folks may have jumped up
on that way that they’re both so close to them lacking a pregnant woman space in my
life map goes out by straight out here that
you did that you know that’s abrupt and abuse you know it can be doing that you learn from your actions yes she she got my face you know as you
protect herself the bradley and others at my place about it and back down there are what custom well
that island but now i’m sorry for my cousin who was in your somewhere in the morning but now the off mcardle ball and uh…
this wasn’t quite awake enough by republican to begin but luckly awake enough not to break ur
face which was the fought whenever she told me that pat will have a right to
tell no money for the was there but i have
every right to tell you an apparent sweep your legs up more than
a few until they get the hell out the store you know develop distort the earned the
right there but the problem and and and uh… kid and i got a battery of thinking and
andrew about them anyway actor and sue wal-mart standing around lookin at me and you know at the mo qualities but what i hear and uh… now dot thank you so much we
couldn’t do that we would have gone who advise aired pretty serious the uh… company c_e_o_ order of of
multi billion dollar industry like wal-mart howell buyers dil act if you don’t say something else are you what you’re doing you’re perpetuating you know your edna
betty if you don’t do somethin it’s your fault
too you know i mean that’s that’s not enough
money you because if i’m definitely interested in all my
brain not doing nothing it’s my fault welfare amy my fault memorial and hang in there billable i will be coming to the best i
can and i think the institute biggest thing to do you make a great video
milton right on the wall you think the bathroom stonewall you
know i mean any you know spread the word we’ll get the word out you know time for peacetime unity yep gentleman’s once again just drop on sidetrack as
generals of the topic demilitarize women so you know that’s not going to have me you
know you never know what to come out you know my title doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s
what i’m talking about apparently kick the cameras come in uh… saw uh… war on drugs yet that’s a pretty hardcore topic give women are now on unige jabbed dread be prepared to what i said
because are down there by mister stern demeanor
where abouts are you some of the war of eighteen must do drugs and that’s not
the case of or make sure that welcome dot clear per share it and answers appreciate the work you do so evident in the name tomcat the we mean grounds rollout on details to bat his cool period below they said yes

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  1. Thank you for your comment and dislike. It is the first dislike I have received, thank you. Did you get a chance to watch my other videos with secret messages in the closed caption? Ya I have strapped bombs to my chest, every year I go down town and suicide bomb the damn pigions. Thank god we vampires never die right? Xavior274 Google 7yo porn and look on the back of the 3rd photo. That's where the reader
    Secrets are kept. Who am I talking too? Your then one who told me that, my bad.

  2. Totally agree. I like where alex jones' heart is but he is a bit kooky at times… (Piers Morgan interview) ***cough cough***

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