7 Week Symptoms | IVF Pregnancy | OB or Midwife?

Hey there. Welcome back to Let’s Make Lemonade
where I have learned to make lemonade out of the many lemons that I have gotten from
infertility. My name is Salina. If you are new here, my husband and I are now pregnant
via IVF. It has been a long journey. We have dealt with infertility at least for 10 years
and so we are so happy to be here. I can not tell you how grateful we are to be here. If you saw on our last video, we heard the
heartbeat of our baby for the first time. That was at six weeks and five day appointment.
I’m actually seven weeks and four days today so almost exactly a week later and things
are going great. My symptoms that I’m dealing with are I’m still out of breath when I try
to talk a lot. I used to teach full time, third grade, and I decided … actually Mondo,
my husband, and I decided for me not to go back to teaching just because doing IVF and
all that was just a lot on my body. So I have been off, but yesterday I actually went back
to go sub first grade for the day and oh my gosh, it was so hard to talk because just
like teaching or just like talking right here just nonstop and it was just hard to catch
my breath. So that’s very different. I thought that was a symptom that you get
later on by your third trimester, but it’s very shocking that you experience it so early. So symptoms, let’s just get into it. My boobs
feel really huge and heavy and they’re supper veiny. But I know that’s normal. But that’s
happened for sure. I am super bloated and I don’t know if it’s a normal thing to get
bloated. I mean, I know it’s a normal thing to get bloated, but through IVF we have to
take progesterone shots and those progesterone shots make you very bloated. I mean, it’s
basically pregnancy symptoms that you’re getting from it. I was told by some girls once they
get off of the shots that the bloating goes down a little bit. So I’m really looking forward
to that because I’m experiencing a lot of bloating and I just feel big. I just feel
swollen already. I tell you, my appetite has definitely changed.
I am not really enjoying chicken, let’s just say that. I’m all about the fruits and the
cereals and basically carbs and salt which sounds really good. And sometimes I want something
sweet, but for the most part carbs and salt. In my sixth week, I was experiencing nausea
and I get little waves of it, but it’s nothing constant so I’m so thankful that I’m not experiencing
that. But I am moody. I am moody at times, just ask Mondo. I try. I mean, I communicate
and I’m like look, I’m just in a bad mood right now. I just need to tell you that. But
yeah, I’m kind of feeling a little irritable. So and it just depends just different times
of the day. At first I thought it was just at night time, but it’s definitely like this
morning I was in a bad mood. I feel out of it. Definitely foggy brain.
I just have no motivation at all. The last couple of days I haven’t really had the need
for a nap in the middle of the day, but I just have no motivation. Anything and everything
sounds like a chore right now. So that’s just having to get through that mentally just kind
of pushing yourself even when you don’t want to. That’s kind of, yeah, a little bit of
work. You know, it’s very common that you have to
urinate a lot. The need to drink a lot more water which obviously the need to urinate,
but then also your uterus is like the size of an orange right now and so that just puts
more pressure on the bladder. So there’s that. Gosh, throughout the night I’m waking up at
least three times to go to the bathroom. That’s become a norm and apparently that’s going
to continue to happen throughout the whole pregnancy. That’ll be fun. If you’re my friend on Instagram, you’d see
that I post my bulldog a lot. Her name is Bella. And ever since we did our transfer,
she has slept … she sleeps on my belly. She sleeps on my lap. I think it’s the sweetest
thing. There are times where she just comes and she stays next to me and I can tell that
she wants me to go to the couch because she just needs to lay down and then she’ll fall
asleep on me and she just snores like crazy, but it’s the cutest thing. So I love that. I love how dogs can sense
that. I’ve heard from other women that that’s happened to them too and I just think it’s
pretty, pretty cool. That’s pretty much happening on the daily. There are a few symptoms here
and there, but those are the major ones that I feel like are happening right now. Somebody asked me if I will be continuing
to update this journey and yes, of course I will. Whenever I feel like there’s a sufficient
bump, then I will show it to you. Right now it’s a bunch of bloating that there’s just
really nothing to see. The baby’s like the size of a blueberry right now. Another app
says a raspberry. Yeah, there’s just not much to see right now so hopefully in weeks to
come whenever that happens, I will surely show you the bump. We have a lot of friends here and I want to
know, so tell me in the comments below, are you a part of this journey now to simply just
see where it takes us and to see this baby grow and develop or do you deal with infertility?
I really want to know. I started sharing my story because all my friends have babies.
I have one friend who is pregnant with her seventh child. And most of my friends are
done having kids. So I don’t really have friends who deal with infer- … now I have friends
who deal with infertility, but in the early years I felt very shameful because I was dealing
with this. I felt very dark and depressed. It was something that I didn’t want anybody
to know. So I kept it all inside which I do not encourage that for anyone because it just
harbors bitterness and resentment and anger. But I get it. Everyone’s been there. It took
many, many years for me to find healing. I decided to share this story because I wanted
other women to know that they’re not alone. That’s the whole reason why I decided to be
open. You know, I hear all the time gosh, you’re so open about your story. I could never
do that. And I get it. I was there. If you told me years ago that I would be so open
to the public, I would tell you you’re crazy. I am a naturally introverted person and being
open in public was something that I didn’t desire at all. But I really felt called to
share my story because I think we all have a story. I think we all have a message. And
it’s so bigger than you. It’s bigger than me. And if you’re dealing with something, chances
are there’s hundreds and thousands of people dealing with the same thing. So I love how
we can come together and unite and grow stronger together. I’m telling you, I have healed and
grown so much through the YouTube community and through the Instagram community. I’m so
thankful for the women who just build each other up. I think it’s so easy to bring people down.
But man, when you build people up and other women building other women up, I think it’s
so incredible. So the other thing that I want to talk about
is OB or midwife. I have always had this desire … now, let me just say this first. This
is my cart. I am walking and treading lightly because I know that people have really, really
strong beliefs on one or the other. I am not looking for your advice. I’m just telling
you what I want to do and what my heart wants to do and what my dream has always been. So
if there’s some horror story or some negative story, please refrain and be kind and don’t
tell me. I haven’t really experienced it that much. I have experienced it some, but it just
baffles me that women choose to give advice and share negative stories. It seems like
when you’re pregnant, women tend to share a lot of unsolicited advice. That’s not what
I’m looking for here. I have been so open about my story and I’m
going to continue to be open and I hope that you can be mature enough to hear that out.
Okay. For years … I’ve told you I’ve always known, I’ve known for a long time, that I
have infertility. I just had a feeling. I just had a feeling. I wasn’t diagnosed until
my mid 20’s, but I just always had a feeling that I would most likely have some issue in
that area. Even though I knew it would be some time until I got pregnant, I have always
had a passion or desire or a heart for a home birth. Specifically a water birth. I have
done a lot of research. I have looked into it for many, many years, okay? That’s just
what I want to do for various reasons. That’s just where my heart leans to. Today I exchanged emails with midwives. Actually,
a midwife from it’s called The Farm and it’s in Tennessee and it was created in 1971 by
a midwife, like the midwives of midwives, Ina May Gaskin. And The Farm is only one hour
away and you can go to the facility and birth your child there with various midwives. So
I’ve always wanted to do it with the best of the best and I think it’s so cool that
even though I grew up in Texas that now I’m in Tennessee and I’ve always wanted a midwife
to deliver my baby and that I can have that opportunity to do it at The Farm. So that’s
freaking cool. I corresponded with one of the midwives today through email and I just
thought, “Oh my gosh. This is a dream come true.” I just kept on thanking God, like,
“Thank you, God, for this gift.” Because I am corresponding with one of the midwives
from The Farm which is what I’ve wanted to do for so many years. Anyway, I want to do a midwife. I was able
to be a part of a former friend when she delivered her babies. I was there and I kind of served
as a doula. It was the most magical experience that I’ve ever, ever been a part of. That
was way after I had already decided that I wanted to do the home birth or go the home
birth route. But that solidified it. And Mondo was there too and he was like, “This is so
special.” It’s like incredible. So Lord willing, anything could happen, right?
But we brought this baby through science, well more science than usual. So that wasn’t,
of course, ideal. I hope that we have a normal pregnancy and normal delivery and we can experience
that. So yeah, that is what I want to do. That is what we’ve decided we’re going to
do. I’ll keep up on what happens with that. Guys, I am so thankful for your encouragement
and your love and I’m so thankful for this community. Thank you for your hearts. You’re
pretty awesome. Mondo and I are so grateful for you guys. I hope that you are well. If
you are still in the wait, I tell you all the time but just know that there’s hope and
if you are a believer, there’s so much to say. The Lord is faithful and He will see
it through. He will see you through to getting to that place that you’ve dreamed and that
you’ve hoped for for so long. Because the reality is that all those years I kept looking
at it like ahh, why haven’t you done this? Why haven’t you blessed me? Why aren’t I pregnant?
I did everything that I thought I was supposed to do. And I think throughout all these years
the Lord has taught me that you know what, yeah, there’s a lot of women who get to get
pregnant when they want to. But then there’s a lot of women who need to wait for the timing
that’s perfect for them. So, that’s a really hard lesson when all you
want is a baby. And when you’re in this place you don’t want anyone to tell you well, when
it’s God’s timing. You don’t want to hear that. But the reality of it is, it is when
it’s His timing. So I can only hope that you still seek Him through the waiting because
I think ultimately that’s what He wants. He wants to know that you believe and trust in
His plan ultimately. Okay guys, I am going to let you go. We are
going to do an ultrasound next week. Next week on Tuesday is our eight week ultrasound.
Oh, please pray that everything is developing correctly and that we’ll get good news. So
we will bring you in on that just like we did last time. Guys, thank you so much. I
can’t tell you enough. I’m so grateful for you guys who just pray and who stay or just
come and joined us on this journey. Until next time, see you then.

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  1. ♥️♥️♥️ I didn’t know you were in TN!!! Me too! Born and raised. Girl you deliver your baby however you want. It’s your moment. People keep giving me flack because I’m delivering in a hospital but without epidural and everyone has an opinion on it. I want to see the whole journey!

  2. Girl get you some alcohol swabs and when you feel nauseous just open one and sniff it. They work wonders in a pinch and I mean who doesn’t love the smell of rubbing alcohol!

  3. I call it!!! your having a boy! 😬 #teamboy
    I have a rainbow baby, it was really hard to get pregnant and the next option was going to be IVF but we were blessed to get pregnant that month 🙏🏽 . There’s always a rainbow after every storm💕💙💚💛🧡❤️

  4. im not sure how i came across your channel but im glad i did we have been trying for a yr and my appt with the specialist is nxt month. you have helped so much with your videos thank you

  5. Started my injections yesterday for first round of IVF! TTC for 7 years. I’m here for hope and to follow along with your journey! ❤️

  6. I am enjoying watching your journey and seeing look the blessings he has given your family. The only this is I have to read your comment and other comment because I am deaf. I can read lips a bit too. I hope one day you'll use CC's . Your looking fantastic and congratulations on 7 weeks! I always used an ob, my children are grown up now and midwives were not around where I live. So I'd just do what you feel the most strongest about, and pray upon it. He will show the way ❤️

  7. I am definitely going to follow your journey! I have raised my 2 kids now. My baby girl just went to college to become a labor and delivery nurse. I’m 42 but had to have a total hysterectomy at 34. I wanted to have 1 more and couldn’t. As an empty nester now and loving babies so much I love to watch the journey of couples dreams coming through with successful pregnancies resulting in beautiful healthy babies & Mommy’s! Still praying for your expanding family! 💗🙏

  8. I completely understand your desire for a home birth and water birth! I'm drawn to it for the same reasons. I unfortunately didnt have a chance to with my first pregnancy because I had to be induced due to PPROM, but I'm really hoping to have a water birth either at home or a birth center my next pregnancy if and when that happens. We were built for this! You got this ❤

  9. Excited to see your next ultrasound. <3 thinking of you always and hoping everything continues to go smoothly.

  10. I am so thankful that you get to stay at home already 🙂 that is awesome!! Enjoy this pregnancy 🙂 you deserve this 🙂

  11. You have the right to choose the birth plan that is right for you! You have already waited and prayed so long and hard for this that I believe God will be watching over you for a safe, beautiful birth experience!

  12. I’m just here to follow your journey! I’ll be praying for the ultrasound, and that His peace will fill you to brim! By the way, you are having the same symptoms I had. My tiredness went away at 13 weeks. Hang on! Oh, and I had a boy. 😉 That’s my vote! -Bre

  13. Today I had a 5 Day Blastocyst transfer! 😊☀️ Yayyyy!! I live in Sweden so the procedure is practically free. I only had to pay for each hospital visit and a bit for the medicines (but we do pay 33% income tax 😅). I was told to start testing in 12 days. Because it is government funded, they won’t be providing any beta HCG Blood Test unless it’s absolutely necessary. They told me to take a home pregnancy test and call them about the results. If it’s positive, then I can go in for an ultrasound at 7 weeks. No measuring of HCG levels at all. I’m a little bump that there won’t be as much monitoring done as there is in the US or anywhere else for that matter. Like they just put it in and off you go! Lol They also said I could go home straight away and no need for bed rest. I’m only taking 2 days off work but gonna try to chill as much as I can during the 12 day wait. I guess the minimal monitoring from the doctors kinda make me feel in some way more relaxed (maybe😅). Thank you for sharing your journey. You really helped me prepare for this. This is my first transfer so we’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed! Or as they say here in Sweden “I’m holding my thumbs!” 😊👍👍

  14. Am surely going on this journey with you and am also expecting after 2 miscarrages and am hoping and praying this is goin to be our rainbow babies, i love u and am your number one fun now i like the videos even before watching😘😘😘 we are in this together sis. Soo much love from Barcelona

  15. #teamgirl I have suffered with infertility for years I married late in life had miscarriages n never had funds for ivf

  16. I’m so excited that I found you! My husband and I were struggling with infertility, I was diagnosed with PCOS in May. It’s been a long journey. But I finally found out I’m pregnant on August 2nd after a timed intercourse round. I am about a week behind you and I am so excited! I just keep praying for a healthy baby and we found out on the 19th there are two babes in there and baby a we couldn’t see a heartbeat very well so we are hoping all is well when we go back on the 5th. I am praying for your little one too!! 💕

  17. Yey for midwife! You are gonna rock it girl! I haven't wanted to do a home birth but a water birth at a birth center is my wish

  18. Do you ever communicate with Phil and Alex? They are going through IVF too. They might be good people to connect with.

  19. Hi new sub here. 🎉I'm so happy for the both of you congratulations 🎉 I'm so thankful to be on this journey with you. I think it's awesome if you want a home water birth. Have a terrific evening 💗🤶

  20. I am currently 26 weeks 5 days with a baby boy from IVF. My symptoms were exactly like yours. I crave fruit, cereal & salty carbs while raw meat or the smell of meat cooking grosses me out. I bet your having a boy too!! 💙👶🏻

  21. Hi Salina, I'm enjoying your pregnancy journey. I'm currently on my TWW on my second IVF after having a miscarriage last year at 2.5months. I'm so hopeful this round. May God protect us through our journey🙏

  22. What a blessing to have a midwife there. Her book was your textbook when I was studying to become a doula, breastfeeding and childbirth educator.

  23. Good night…. I suffer with infertility for 6 years and this year we start IVF and my first transfer was in June and we are so blessed and works …. I know exactly how you fell !!! I fell in heaven and my dream come thru!!! But each appointment is scary little !!! I still dealing with PIO shots but I can take how long is necessary!!! Also I m 40 years and diabetic…. but I taking care seeing doctor almost every week 😁!!!! Well!!! I m 11weeks and 3 days today !!!! 🥰

  24. That is absolutely incredible that your that close to the farm! I read Ina’s book and she is so analyzing! I am 9dp6dt and just got my first positive Beta! I’ll def be following and cheering you on!

  25. It is very normal to be periodically bloated at first. I was that way especially with my first one. Actually that was 36 years ago but I still remember how it felt
    I have also heard that some women develop asthma during pregnancy. Maybe you could ask your doctor
    Congratulations on the baby!

  26. I’m for the Journey 🤗 I know it’s a very early question to ask but are you going to show your labor and delivery too ?

  27. I deal with infertility. My husband and I both had factors of infertility which lead us to IVF. We did medicated cycles, IUI’s (several..) one that ended miscarriage and then IVF. Got pregnant on the second transfer. Now we have a 5 1/2 month old baby boy. God bless your family! I can’t wait for you and your husband to meet your bundle of joy! ❤️

  28. I actually had a lot of problems with my cycles when I was younger and got diagnosed with cidp which caused me to be on steroid treatment for 3 years which can cause infertility but thankfully didn't in my case! I was off treatment and meds for 6 months and got pregnant with my first daughter first try, 2 &1/2 years later had a very early misscarrage and then struggled after that, then had a surprise (we weren't trying, but weren't not trying either) because I had tracked and stressed it for so long after the misscarrage that I mentally couldn't take the no every month like I had been. Then like I said we one day decided to test just because I had some from previously trying so hard and I didn't even watch the test just looked after a few minutes and it was possitive and I was in complete shock and didn't believe it so I took about 10 more and all possitive! Now fast forward 9 months later and I am currently 37 weeks today with our baby girl who had a corroid plexus cyst on her brain but it went away on its own and then she also has a single vessel umbilical cord which leads to her not getting as much nutrients as an average pregnancy! But she is healthy just a little small but that's okay! I always dreamed of a beautiful natural birth but I had severe preclamplsia with my first daughter and ended up not being able to dilate as well so I was given an emergency C-section with her to save her and myself because my blood pressure was 210 /118, so this time I will be given a scheduled C-section on September 13th! We are beyond blessed but I do worry about another C-section as my first was very traumatic mentally and physically, but with prayer I have calmed myself through this process knowing god is in control just like he was when he guided the doctors to deliver my first daughter. I am thankful for my babies ,all of them, here and in heaven. They do think I should refrain from being pregnant again though as too many C-sections cause potential risks for baby and I. We are undecided if we will ever have more, as im always open to adoption and have always dreamed of adopting as well! Regardless I am blessed and thankful and am so beyond happy for you all to be experiencing pregnancy and getting to bless your family with a beautiful baby! I look at my daughter and cry daily just because of the overwhelming love I have for her, it's something that no one could ever explain! Bless you all and continued prayers for y'all as you continue to grow that beautiful miricale!!!!! 😍😍

  29. I bet you are having a boy! I'm currently 33 weeks and 2 days as a FTM and when I was about 6 or 7 weeks the food cravings and aversions were intense for me! I was NOT a fan of any kind of chicken even the thought grossed me out, but fruits and veggies were my best friends. 💙💙 wishing you all the best throughout this journey. It's all worth it.

  30. Hi. Fairly new here. I'm also pregnant after (secondary) infertility.. We have severe male factor (chemo related, however my husband is now in remission) and DOR on my side. We went through IUI's with donor sperm, eventually we came to terms without having anymore children. Only to find out we were surprised expecting. Now 12weeks with our baby girl. 🎀❤🌈❤🎀 p.s. I'm jealous of your home water birth you will soon experience. That has been a dream of mine however I had intense medical anxiety and personally feel a little more comfortable in a hospital. I plan on having my second unmedicated birth with this baby, I just like the piece of mind knowing I'll be in a hospital also the closest hospital to our house is about an hour away and in the rare event there were an emergency it could be extra scary for me. That said, more power to you!! I hope you get the most beautiful, primal, relaxing home water birth ever!!! Congratulations!!! Prayers that your 8 week ultrasound is all textbook healthy pregnancy!! P.p.s. I love your edited sound effects in your videos, they make me laugh!! ❤

  31. I’m here to watch your journey. I know all about Ida Mae! The book Spiritual Midwifery. Beautiful book! I read it every pregnancy. I had 3 hospital births and 3 home births. Home birth is amazing. It’s beyond wonderful! Midwives are gave my so much more care than a doctor. I would highly recommend fulfilling your home birth desire. It’s a beautiful experience!

  32. I struggled with infertility for years but now have a 16 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. I always felt alone and resentful of others that got pregnant so easily. My ob was absolutely amazing with both pregnancies. PCOS made me so depressed, my ob was my lifesaver. I love watching your journey. It makes my heart smile.

  33. We are in the process of embryo adoption. We just had our 15 yr anniversary. So at my age of 37 I can hardly believe I could be pregnant in the coming months. I'm enjoying hearing how you are doing along your journey. It's good to know we aren't alone.

  34. So happy again for you both, I was just like you wanted so bad a water birth with my daughter but insurance (but this was over 20 yrs ago, maybe things changed) didn’t want to pay for it but I did have a midwife and she was the best I could ever had, she was so good I didn’t even have to have pain meds each time I would have a contraction she would rub a tennis ball at the end of my back to soothe the pain she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed it certainly made my birthing experience so worthwhile. I wish I could give vaginal birth again but with this pregnancy it has to be Cesarean. Kudos to you on picking a midwife. Glad to be going thru this experience with you. I know everyone is different but I didn’t have nausea until I was 8-10 wks where I wasn’t keeping things down I hope that’s not the same for you. I hope don’t have that. It’s sucks. Even now I’m in my 2nd trimester and whatever this Lil one don’t like it will bring it back up🤮…lol so I really hope your is as smooth as a baby skin.

  35. #TeamGirl

    I'm here to follow your journey, so excited for you and hopefully tomorrow another perfect ultrasound of little baby ❤️

    I live in The Netherlands and here, home births are quite commen and everybody goes to see a midwife, unless you have a medical issue or are pregnant with multiples and then you go to the OBGYN.

    I hope you get everything you're dreaming of, because you deserve it!!!

  36. Thank you, to be honest with us the whole journey. I'm one week behind you with IVF baby. I'm always looking forward to your updates.

  37. A little of both. Here to watch your journey but also dealing with infertility. Just saw a reproductive endocrinologist last week. Not sure what the future holds.

  38. I am a L&D nurse and watch because I love seeing the stories of how women start their families. I love, love, love working with the CNMs in my hospital, they are amazing with their patients and with us as nurses. I have heard amazing things about The Farm, all the best to you and your family <3

  39. Here to watch but yes also infertility (male factor) i have a 21 year old daughter i had as a teen. I did a round of Ivf and only got one mosaic embryo 😞 we transferred but she didn’t survive past 8 weeks. We are now moving on to transferring a donated embryo, which is unique but we are very excited and hopeful to raise a child soon ♥️

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