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congratulations you are seven weeks pregnant and at this rate you'll be double figures in no time so I'm guessing it doesn't feel like that the moment your little embryo is about the size of a blueberry and this was the stage from me where things started to feel really real because a sesame seed or a poppy seed they felt tiny to me but a blue broom something I could really imagine especially because they were always in our fridge if you're asked a measurement that's about one centimeter and it might still seem small but if you consider that conception around a month ago you'll baby with ten thousand times smaller and that really suits the thought I'm just glad I don't get away that quickly as well as getting bigger your baby's eyelids are starting to form and the tip of their nose is starting to show and you will never stop keeping that nose one T or she arrives it's addictive think that's the weirdest fact of the week is that by now your baby has already gone through three sets of kidneys and by week seven they are developing at their final step which will be ready for all of that lovely wait so my federal which you probably won't be looking present but your uterus has its families already believe or not now it does presently it was about the size of a closed v and now is about the size of a grapefruit which is pretty cool here's how some other moms pregnant bellies looked at just seven weeks so not much going on from foreign to parts of locust that here usually have a little bit of a bump place along here and definitely getting a bit Fabio around some of the back area and to me back all the students are consistent that little that much difference from last time don't we've talked about maybe but what about you how are you feeling and what is being seven weeks pregnant really like now here at channel moment we're comparing the textbook versus the truth of being several weeks pregnant with the help from some expectant mums just like you now if I can be honest I was really pretty moody by this point in my pregnancy they were all on an emotional roller coaster aren't we and the sickness and the tiredness doesn't help at all does it now the best thing you can do is rest as much as you can and I know that these these have been done when this isn't your first pregnancy also if you have any tips or what's been helping you with your success then leave them down below because sharing is caring after all and we would love to know and I'm sure that their moms will feel the same as well speaking of sharing we've got tons of plugs on channel one for every week of pregnancy from women who are at the same stage you are now so let's take a look at what they say about being seven weeks pregnant on now are some weeks I just really don't want anything to go wrong I started getting quite a bit spotting again I'm really suffering with sore breasts they see so big and so sore I feel like yes I feel sometimes tired or passing to eat little in Austin so like every hour I'm going to have eat a little something otherwise I get to the point where I can't physically eat anything my genes and I'm looking for becoming a rich guy tonight by the end of the evening I've got big marks with it I begin a little bit lost a moment I'm obviously really grateful that I am pregnant it was not a big miracle I am so grateful to collectively so much I'm having not to get my hopes up to too much but hopefully this baby six smell is still affecting me my sense of smell is definitely still – like around five o'clock oh my oh my god I need to eat now with this baby I am nauseous all the time up a few foods and most of the foods that I've gone off having vegetables which is not great I haven't had any more spotting or bleeding which is and just playing everything is okay I'm trying to do everything right but it's really difficult because you don't kind of know what causes miscarriage there's baby teeny tiny baby and found about the yolk sac Club so yeah baby yeah it doesn't look like anything but I did see a clear Harvey on the screen which is the most especially things I just can't wait to tell people because it just feels like this secret and I just want to tell everyone and have had the best Midwife appointment and and that was really lovely so much positive about frequency really hoping that I can have an eight week pregnancy update for you and everything went well the scan and everything so fingers crossed I'm back doing this next week I'm sure where we'll be I have a gut feeling now that everything's going to be okay so before I go in the interest of keeping things real let's get on to the channel um the good the bad and the ugly of being seven weeks pregnant the good knowing that you're carrying your little secret around with you wherever you go is bad wondering how you're going to keep that little secret a secret for so much longer si Oakley if you could sleep away the first trimester you probably would pass the pillow we hope you enjoyed our textbook versus the truth of being at seven weeks pregnant as always we'd love to know how you doing I'm really doing okay I found that mint and plenty of rabbit really well for me but leave us a comment down below and tell us how you feeling if you'd like something to watch after this why not take a look at all the other blogs from other ones who are several weeks pregnant over on Chateau Marmont right I used to go to bed early every night and watch some vlogs before I went to bed so that's all from ones here at channel month this week but we will see you and your little blue brain that week take care [Applause]

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  1. Spotting is completely normal I was told by my midwife, as long as its light pink/yellowish tinge/brown. Not dark red and doesn't bleed pass a period pad and no cramping / pain. Usually only when u wipe you will see it . I highly recommend eating those fruits called DATES 6x a day when you are 36 weeks on.. It helps tone your uterus and body for labor and it said to give you a faster labor ❤

  2. I heard ginger is great for morning sickness. Don't know how strong ginger would be so I got these with mango also! I've heard so many good reviews on these! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07DFXGCXG/ref=ox_sc_act_image_8?smid=A1K89ACX6SYJH&psc=1

    Just ordered me some so excited to try because I have been feeling so nauseous and tired. Not just morning sickness for this mama, comes and goes all day. I was reading and researching that when you feel sick during pregnancy that its really a good thing because its showing that your baby healthy and thriving! Saying hello mama I'm here ❤👣

  3. My daughter is 7 weeks along. And morning sickness has hit her hard. We are excited for her first OB appointment at week 9

  4. My wife is seven weeks pregnant after 2 miscarriages we are so worried I really want to become Dady please pray for us and for our baby tobe healthy and safe 🙏 she had miscarriage in seventh weeks last 2times

  5. We are 7 weeks and 4 day pregnant….. lemon water and watermelon have been great…. I do feel I have gain weight based on all the crabs and sugar from the fruit… but so worth it. This is are Frist. Very tired and nauseous. We are praying and keeping good vibes as we go on this journey.. it a new wave we ride every morning, some times it doesn’t even feel real until I feel that morning hangover feeling… cereal (fiber one) has been great and soothing for in the morning and watermelon for All day snack has been soft on the belly… cat naps have been a great re-charge if I can get one in.. if I can just find the energy to walk just 15-30 min I know I feel more relaxed… goal.

  6. I started my 7 week and i dont feel any symptoms.. just super sleepy ! Im also scared of saying im pregnant just because i havent heard a heart beat yet.. i just found out im pregnant !!! Praying so baby sticks 🙏

  7. I’m 7 weeks pregnant ,it’s my first pregnancy,I don’t feel constantly hungry,but I do feel cravings ,tired almost all day long and itchiness all over my body and a breath !, feels like I need to make deeper breath ,and of course light pooling sensation in my lover abdominal 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️I think I love my mum more for doing this.I can’t wait for my first scan to see this little miracle 🧚🏻‍♀️

  8. So tired, hungry all the time but if don’t eat then don’t really eat. Pee a lot. Nausea. Couldn’t even have my jeans buttoned all the because of discomfort. No morning sickness. Very sore breasts.

  9. I love this channel. Such friendly advice. This is my first pregnancy and i feel so overwhelmed and alone.. its lovely to hear its all pretty normal and feel anxious is natural! Thank u!

  10. I’m 7 weeks 5 days my boobs are sore sense of smell much stronger I get nausea I feel dizzy no motivation to do anything… but I also have a 7 month old so pregnancy back to back so I’m constantly tired I also pee frequently but I get disgusted by everything ugh

  11. First pregnancy, startet bleeding very slightly on friday,very pink that yesterday turned brownish. Went to hospital like a crazy lady today and they did the ultrasound, all well and i got to see the tiny little heart<3 Im gona have another in the morning just to be safe, but they said all looked and felt totaly normal even with the bleeding.

  12. Im also 7 week pregnent…but having bleeding…😨 some time dark or black colour matter coming …..is it serious….? am tensed…pls reply

  13. 7 week pregnancy but no symptoms. all are going weell. no vomit weakness tiredness. eating everything and properly

  14. Soooo tired and drained really off my food feeling sick all the time. Still getting bad cramping and awfulllllll back pain that spreads out to my legs. I just feel rotten. Just want to sleep.

  15. i m 7 week pregnant n i know my baby s heartbeat is start or not…i m so tense. ..tomorrow we will go for checking please pray for my baby

  16. Sleeping all the time, eating carbs and fat and sugar, veggies I hate! Boobs really sore! What I find the worst is not liking fruit and veg as normally I eat so healthy and the majority of my diet was veg, and now it’s carbs and I’m piling on the weight already! 😭😭

  17. I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow, first baby. My symptoms have been fairly mild; cramping at 4 weeks, feeling a little nauseous in the morning but haven't actually been physically sick. My main constant symptoms have been gas and bloating, sore and heavy boobs and constant runny nose which blocks up as I'm nearing bedtime! I go through balsam tissues like mad! Last few days I feel really tired, heavy and moodier than normal. I'll go for my first appt soon and just want to know my little bubba is ok and heart is beating. The thought that it may not be gives me anxiety so roll on 12 week scan!

  18. I feel so disgusting! Can't do anything but sleep and constantly want to vomit- and when I do it comes out of nowhere and I hardly have time to get to a bathroom. I can't exercise because I'm so tired and sick. I absolutely hate this.

  19. Honestly stay cold it’s the only thing that will keep me up and moving once I’m warm and standing up I only wanna lay down or faint do just stay cold hahha

  20. Omg, this is all new to me and for the first time I can say I found this video so helpful. Letting other women on the same stage as me explain their experience is awesome… thank def following your channel! ❤

  21. Im praying that this baby stays growing and heartbeating I'm so worried that things will go wrong again but I do feel good about it some days I feel like were gunna make it all the way. I have days where I don't feel pregnant then others when im so sick I've already had 2 scans because im so anxious and everything is going perfectly and I have my 8 week scan on Saturday Im just keeping everything crossed!

  22. For me the boob pain is unreal but what I'm really struggling with is fatigue and breathlessness. It's making chores and work so much harder, I'm going to have to lighten

  23. First time mommy to be currently hit 7 weeks today 😣😣 and might I say my appetite has been soo poor ! With the constant nausea and tiredness. Any tips ?? Really want to make sure I’m consuming something even if I won’t feel hungry little nugget needs to grow and stick around haha.

  24. This is my first baby and I'm very excited. I'm very moody from time to time but I get nervous a lot because this is my first pregnancy I just want everything to go smooth and for my baby to be ok and healthy. I'm not able to eat too much because I get really sick but I take Down a little every now and then so that I do put something on my stomach. On the bright side I'm happy I don't crave the unhealthy things I used to eat but I'm really excited!! 👶👣I can't believe I'm going to be a mommy 🙈

  25. I've had 9 pregnancies and given birth to 5 beautiful boys (one stillborn 😢) but this pregnancy, by far is so bad. Sickness, tiredness and weakness 🤦 x

  26. For any moms having kids this year, there’s a facebook group for expecting moms in 2019. But oh my goodness thank you so much for this video!!

  27. I think for those of us thats had a few children keep in mind you may have a bit of a bump because of previous stretching of the uterus is like a memory to itself. I am just 7 weeks tomorrow and cannot button my pants…i havent gained any weight either but its uncomfortable with them buttoned. I am horribly horribly sick all day everyday…eating, being in a car, strong smells, eating, not eating, when im very tired….its never ending i beg it to stop 🤢🤢

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