good morning guys so welcome to my seven week pregnancy update so as you will now know I am pregnant dozens very excited so I am pregnant with twins and this video is just gonna be me at seven weeks so I'm actually eight weeks tomorrow some at the end of my seven week weeks I'm just about to make some breakfast the boys of etern I've washed my hair this morning blow-dried it I'm gonna get my eyelashes sorted out today I've woken up feeling not too sick um yes I'm gonna try neat some toast so Jensen how do you feel about when we having twins you're excited you're gonna be a big brother to two babies yeah yeah it's my first morning actually try and just toast and actually it's kind of set of my stomach so I think I'm gonna carry on with the toasting do me and Jess you've just been to the post office pick up a parcel I think the front Bumble and Bumble I'm not sure that's in there the doctors I am having my blood test basically so I think I might have low iron I have like all the symptoms I've had really bizarre itchy skin which can be a symptom of low iron I've had mouth ulcers so yeah all the Centers of low iron so I'm gonna have my blood sit done so we're gonna see what's going or not we just see yeah and then where are we going after doctors as how back to our house and the parcel Jess oh no brother I go and then put it in mommy's hair if you want to so what you want to do isn't it hey are you gonna play with it in the garden you want mommy to take it okay yeah all right and iron you can make a garden so in that bubble bubble package was their new oiling leave-in cream you are Paul Chris so we just got back from the doctor surgery blood tests didn't hurt gotta wait for my results I'm just gonna do a few errands we could get a big scale from okay darlin the me and Jesse just about to head out to my sister-in-law's salon usually not being pregnant I just literally run out the door with a little backpack with a nappy and I wipe and for Jesse but I've kind of I think a bit more now I always want to have a drink with me at all times and making sure that I'm drinking enough even though I have a really funny taste in my mouth I'm just trying to drink those water and I also have a banana and a cereal bar in the back in Jesse's backpack for me of him just in case my sister-in-law had to cancel our appointment and rearrange which is fine and we come to meet my mum and my niece and what have you got Jesse we've come to the cafe you got some Jam you got some cake are you gonna block oh wow good job Jessie so Jessie what's in mommy's tummy Dave babies railroad your way society thinks my niece no my niece is not in my tummy mommy's got new babies in her tummy no do you think the babies and mummies tell me a boys or girls boys and girls how many have I got another ball five and six please ma'am let's go sir GJ so even in this much trouble the motors really but I'm making dinner we are making homemade codfish cakes and I wish Jordan is and linked it about ecstatic ecstatic but I think they're lovely and they're also really healthy so sorry happy wife wins on this occasion so I went an anniversary say yeah yeah I waited a lovely part my god Jordan bought me a plant from an anniversary before it was flowers till I got over here plant doesn't matter uh-huh doesn't matter leave that before account see ya I've added some spinach to the cart okay so yesterday's vlog went downhill pretty fast it's the next day I'm running the same outfit oh my god I'm gonna sneeze hay fever now anyone that's been pregnant in a view season and that has hay fever or know that it's not recommended you take any hay fever tablet though yes not only have I got sickness and funny taste my mouth the whole time exhausted I've also got Haiti bad yeah yeah I went I went downhill I can really blog pass like 3:00 p.m. I can take from the really bad yeah I country blog past 3 p.m. because I – just my worst time of the day that's just the way it is I'm so exhausted I'm so sick yeah so I'm not sure how I'm gonna keep filming these weekly like update vlogs I do want to obviously document these early weeks the first trimester but it's pretty hard when you feel so awful but I am gonna do it so every week I'm gonna do an update of home feeling so I hope you enjoyed my seven week update and I'll see you in my next video you

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  1. I don’t know if I made this obvious in the video but I’m not 7 weeks pregnant now but I was at the time of filming, hope that makes sense? Lucy ❤️

  2. My b/g twins are now 4. I was so nauseous in the early days. Never sick but just felt so tired. I didnt even find out there were 2 till my 12 week scan so that explained all the exaggerated symptoms. Anyway the journey is worth it. Lots of love xx

  3. local honey 100%! the bees have been pollinated from the flowers around you that are causing the hayfever, so should help a lot!

  4. See a homopath and see if they can get your a morning sickness remedy and something for hay fever all natural so can take in pregnancy xx

  5. Take it easy, look after yourself, your body is busy making another human being, which is pretty amazing, hope you feel better soon ♥

  6. I swear by eating fresh pineapple and drinking pineapple juice for hayfever, the bromelain in it helps (can also be bought in a supplement)
    Also salt water nasal rinses really help, I bought one from boots recently and was surprised by how clear my nose felt!

  7. Awww I know the feeling of being so sick in pregnancy as I had it bad with my daughter although the updates are still going to be as good even if your sick and not able to do much in them. It's all real at the end of the day so thank you for sharing! I really am loving being on this journey with you. Congratulations,best of luck and feel better soon ♥️

  8. Can you use hay max?? It’s like a vaseline consistency that you put under the nose. It’s available at Holland & Barrett & boots. 🙂 xoxo

  9. Huge congrats girl! Keep an eye on the itchy skin I had it the whole way through my pregnancy and never thought anything of it until I mentioned it at an appointment and it turned out I had cholostasis! Not threatening at all once it's monitored but if left untreated it can be and they normally like to get baby out a little earlier! Nothing to be afraid of just said I'd mention it! 🙂 xx

  10. I'm super happy for you and your little family!! You are the best mom to your two boys and you will be too these two new babies too!!😭❤❤❤

  11. Banana and peanut butter were my go to for mornings. I had awful acid reflux! Also oatmeal and chocolate protein shakes.

  12. So sweet! Wishing you well on your pregnancy mama! I am currently pregnant with baby #2 myself. First trimester is always a struggle!

  13. If I’d of known I would’ve suggested the blackmores ginger tablets for nausea, not sure if you’ll have them in the uk but I took it from 7 weeks and was a life saver, no nausea and felt great, though I’m paying for it now coz I ate so much and now I’m the heaviest I’ve been at 35 weeks 🙄 dont regret it though, being sick is the worst

  14. I’m 34 weeks and dying of hayfever!! I feel you!! Im just hibernating away from summer right now 😂 xx

  15. get a hayband! you wear them on your arm at your pressure point and it gets rid of any symptoms of hayfever! i got one because all hayfever tablets make me drowsy even if they say they wont! lifesaver! and im not even pregnant hahaha!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing the pregnancy with us all Lucy, no doubt some days it must be the last thing you feel well enough to do, lol. Big hugs xx cheers

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