7th Baby Pregnancy Update Week 24

hayastan l with parsnips and parsimony in today is my 24 week pregnancy update video now today I am 24 weeks and one day pregnant and I know I've lost about a month of pregnancy updates things got super insane around here my husband's busy time at work is usually that last month of August and without fail it was insane around here I had a couple goals for myself for the month of August one was just to stay alive and to survive his busy season to keep providing good quality meals for my family and lastly I wanted to keep the house as tidy as possible so those three things without having him around much really was all-consuming of my time and filming a pregnancy update video just was not going to have him things have quieted back down and i'm hoping to get back into my regular filming schedule I've been feeling very well the last four weeks but I do have a couple of mild pregnancy symptoms or complaints if you want to call them that one of them is being my dreams at night I have the worst vivid dreams that I actually remember what they are in the morning and it makes for a very unrest phul sleep at night so I wake up in the morning and I'm just like so tired even if I go to bed early it still doesn't help the other thing is I'm now having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and that I think also contributes to not sleeping well my restful state is not what it normally is and that's made it challenging trying to keep up with just everyday life I find that I really need some sort of rest in the afternoon even if it's only for 10 or 15 minutes now I mentioned about having some Braxton Hicks there hasn't been anything with regular larity to them not like my last couple pregnancies but I'm trying very hard to stay hydrated which has been challenging this summer the other concern I have is I don't want to end up going into preterm labor like I did with grace now I was 30 weeks pregnant when I started having very regular time abul contractions with her so I'm still six weeks off from that mark but I'm trying to be very proactive about that I've stocked my cabinet with some chamomile tea because that if you watched my other pregnancy updates from grace you know that that was the one thing that my midwife highly suggested was drinking several cups of strongly brewed chamomile tea every day to keep your uterus calm the other thing I've been doing this time around that I wasn't doing when I was pregnant with grace is I've been taking magnesium at night and that also is known to relax your smooth muscles and keep everything uh-huh so I'm hoping that by doing a few of those things that I'm not going to have any problems this turnaround with with consistent Braxton Hicks one thing I have been starting to have is round ligament pain and if you haven't had ridden around ligament pain consider yourself extremely fortunate because it is very excruciating the painful and debilitating and it happens a lot now when I go for walks now I haven't been doing a lot of walking because the round ligament pain is so painful I do have a belly support that does help somewhat with that and there's not always a rhyme or reason when the pain will strike it'll just happen and I take that as a very positive sign peace is just a sign that this baby is growing and getting bigger which I am ever so thankful for it just comes with some discomforts like the round ligament pain last night I wasn't doing anything it was just came out of the blue I was getting ready to go on call and also Wow and there's not a whole lot you can do other than lay down put your feet up sometimes you can put ice or heat on the realm ligaments for a few minutes sometimes that helps sometimes it doesn't yesterday I was middle of getting ready to go so I could not lay down mmm and when I got down to the emergency squad they looked at me and they're like are you all right I'm like it'll go away don't worry about me and within 20 minutes it was gone it was not an issue anymore but it's just spasms of those muscles and it can be very very uncomfortable as for weight gain I'm up to 15 pounds at this point when i'm in a catch-22 with my eating because as i said in my previous video i was having some blood sugar issues so i've been trying to really work with what i can eat what I can't eat what is causing me problems and what's not enough food what's too much food has really been more challenging this time around I was also comparing this pregnancy with some of my other pregnancies and some of them I'm a little bit heavier than four then I was in other ones and some of them I'm actually under so I'm right in that zone for where I like I stay I've noticed some water retention in fact after my last video I was really starting to pack on 23 pounds a week it was really really strange because I was like this just going up ever so slightly for the first trimester and then right around 18 19 weeks it was shocking how much weight I put on and I said to art this is this is horrified but it has evened out and I'm hoping that will continue to just stay at a level pace and no more huge spikes like that and when I didn't mention that to my midwife she goes that is so common Janelle you know women usually have this big jump right at the start of their second trimester and it's a lot of it is just fluid so with that I am just taking it in stride and pretty well fully into maternity clothes however I do have a handful of tops that I can still fit that are more flowy but they still work as oh they're just regular clothes they just work for maternity as well and I have been still wearing my score that I purchased earlier this spring now it's not a maternity squirt but with the magic of belly bands and if you haven't seen belly bands I'll definitely put a link to some of them in Amazon they are fabulous and I just I love my belly bands so what I've done is this is just my regular score I do not button it and I do not zip it and you just slide the belly band over it and it covers your entire belly and it holds your pants up and I am far more comfortable wearing that than some of my maternity clothes again I've mentioned this in my other videos I have a love-hate relationship with maternity pants because either they're too big they're too tight or they're too low-cut and then every time you bend over the pants drop down which just annoys me so I'm really happy for my belly band solution and it's been a it's been a huge help to me for this summertime pregnancy I really can't believe that we have already made it to September it seems like just the other day I found out I was pregnant so we have part of sep tember left october november and then pretty much any time in december this baby could come if you've watched my other videos you know that most of my babies come anywhere from two and a half weeks early up until of two or three days early so I'm thinking this baby's gonna probably take the same route as all my other children and I'm my guess it's gonna be like December 22nd december twenty third maybe christmas we will say I just again this baby does not feel like it's a huge baby and with grace she was three days before her due date and it was a good thing she cooks so much longer because then some of my other kids because she was a tiny baby she was only seven pounds one ounce compared to my kids and I don't feel like this is a large baby I think it's going to be another small child and they usually the small ones seem to cook for a little bit longer so let me give you a look up my belly shot right now and here you can see the belly band I have mom that just goes over my regular skort and you can pull this down as far as you want and you can even fold this down to if you wanted your belly out if you guys have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below don't forget to subscribe to our channel where we are planning to have another home birth for our seventh baby and share this video with your pregnant friends or even your non-pregnant friends and I love having the support in the community of all you women just kind of cheering me on during these nine ten months and I'm looking forward to what could be a Christmas baby so thanks so much for watching and we'll see you for my next pregnancy update

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