47 Replies to “8 Korean couples who got married after surprising pregnancy”

  1. I do wish they have long and prosperous marriage. But get married just because you are getting pregnant is totally UNCOOL. No need to say that those guys didnt have marriage plan in mind while dating their gf. They just got married because their gf was pregnant. And refusal to marry their pregnant gf is considerably immoral. celebs cant run from that problem unless they want to get retired ASAP.

  2. They gotta make sure the women can conceive before marriage. Y’all know how strict Koreans people are.

  3. premarital intercourse is like normal today but I am just asking myself is it important to have such action taken to keep your relationship? I happened to have sister who suffers because of this kind situation.. the sad thing is any of those guys married her.. gosh I felt sorry for her. that's why I am one of those choosy hahaha they called.. nah not really siguro being careful lang..

  4. Put kang gary on that list …cuz he left running man and shorty after got married and became a father to …..

  5. Confusing me, are they happy married or not? Seem like they force to marry after got pregnancy. Sadly to see some famous celebrities hid their partners even  their big day. Are their partner shy or embarrassed of their appearance in the public?

  6. They are all adult, so i think they ddnt play safe. Theres no regrets and such, they are ready to get married..

  7. 现今社会,人的道德观念都变很大。以前的旧年代,如果未婚先孕,早就捉去浸猪笼(溺死),认为未婚先孕是伤风败俗有辱门风的事。哪像现今社会,很多年轻人没有道德观念的底线,未婚前就已经先上车后补票。有些连后补票(结婚)都没有,就退票了(堕胎)。造成很多社会/家庭问题等等。一个无辜的小生命被抹杀掉,不管男女老少都该为自己的行为负责任。

  8. Thanks God bout Kim woo bin that he is allright and hoping to see him very soon …waiting for his coming back do another drama with Kim yoo jung and God bless you kim woo bin ..

  9. Dongun was dating jiyeon at the time. And he got another girl pregnant dumped jiyeon and just got married. Just think how jiyeon must've felt when her bf dumped her because he got another girl pregnant

  10. What if the hot member paid her for sex and then he got her prego on purpose becasue he loved her so much he trapped her into getting married the Kpop idol way lol if i was a man and famous id do that to my bias

  11. I think the case might be just a tad different with Park Han Byul she almost 12 years on Seven to get his act together. I might be wrong but I could see her being fed up with Idol life and kept it moving.She is not here to play games with idol boys she wants a man and family. She got a new man, got married and got her baby. I'm sure she might have wanted to be pregnant right away but she knew what she wanted.

  12. los coreanos muestran una imagen que en realidad no tienen,dejaron de ser orientales para ser occidentalesy perdieron su esencia que era tan hermosa

  13. The weddings are different to ours they actually register their marriage first at anytime its just signing paper work, they can have the actual wedding and take the photos later, check it out

  14. I love lee si young i knew her in playfull kiss drama but i was shocked when I found her here !! The last song it's my phone ringtone i thought my phone ringing 😂😂😄😅

  15. Decides to get married only when the girlfriend is pregnant?? We should get married not because she is pregnant but because we love each other.

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