8 Month Baby Update+Postpartum❤︎

what's up guys welcome back to my channel today we're talking about Samantha's 8 month update and my post my 8 months postpartum so let's get started ok so I believe Samantha is yes yes you're in doing best ok she lost my necklaces do I believe Samantha is 21 or 22 pounds now last time we weighed her I think was like a week ago so yes and this is a regular thing she has to climb on me in dibs on my jewelry yes okay another thing is she does not have any teeth yet but she is teething very badly as you can tell a wanting to chew on my necklace we are not quite crawling yet but we're army crawling we've been army crawling for months now I don't even know how long and she just I don't know the knee thing not working for well actually when she gets on the tile like in the kitchen or the bathroom her she goes on her knees and actually she figures it out so about the Carly she just doesn't do it on the carpet because I don't know I guess it's just easier on the carpet I don't think she wants her belly touching the coldness even though half the time she has clothes on but majority of the time she doesn't also she's eating pups No so she loves those she gets tough sex all the time and I really don't want you to and I gotta give you AI are you sharing to me she is sleeping through the night pretty well but last night was not the best because she was up all night which I think it was a combination at teething and just wanting to be with me and her dad and also she does this thing where she just wants to spin around right now it's because I have a necklace on but a lot of times she'll just want to spin and spend and spend and I get drool all over me but it's okay cuz he's part big girl I'm got perfect baby she is taking usually two naps during the day one about two hours after she wakes up which she has not taken today because our night was off and yeah and our um so I feel like our day is just a little off but um she usually takes two naps one two hours after she wakes up in the one around late afternoon depending on what type she starts to get fussy and then I'll just give her a bottle and put her down and so it's only two naps during the day she got to her Walker like she army called over to her Walker and she went to grab on it and she just somehow pulled herself up I was in the kitchen doing dishes I looked up and she was standing and I was like oh my gosh she's standing and so yeah I was home alone so nobody else before you moment but it's okay I enjoyed it but yeah and so now it's every time me or Tommy is sitting on the floor all she wants to do is climb on us and stand up and just do her little jumpy thing maybe she'll do it do it no she's gonna do it she just wants to chew on my necklace okay so her hair is growing a lot and I lost her brush so she has been Michaela's here and after the rear dark but um yeah so her hair is just growing and I'm having to brush it and in the shower I could make it even a little mohawk which is really cute she took you to think I bar if you can't tell them obsessed with my child okay okay I'm gonna put you in a growl I should just give you a good boy we'll be right back this is her bath toy that she took out of the bath hey Hank you like this yeah you do meantime I got this at Corpus when we were on our honeymoon what – Corpus Christi shout out to all the corpse people out there okay also she's doing this thing where if you set her down she'll play but if I leave the room she screams so yeah that's right oh she's drinking a lot more water she drinks that Mississippi Cup but I kinda have to help her because she's can't really she can put it in her mouth but then she throws it around water gets everywhere so I kind of help her with that unless I just want a clean up water everywhere and she makes a big mess there's some time that's okay but some time Oh is she responsive her name watch what Samantha Samantha okay I promise you she does she's just focused on this I see you have it wait she is also getting better in her car seat so she's for like ever I got me she's lying it's months old so like effort for her she's always cried when she's not put got put in her car seat in the car she's just not like dick like she'll fall asleep eventually but it's just like she doesn't beat wrapped there yeah she doesn't want to be in the back all by herself so I have the time I sit back there with her Tommy or my mom's with this and um what do you want to get down now and so here and so we'll put her in the car seat she like buses a little bit then we give her a toy or something to distract her and she gets distracted better than she did and um now she just I don't know a lot of times she just sits back there and talks and like and Tommy strike if we'll put her in there if we're going over bumps we'll be like eight months postpartum for me I'm feeling good I still don't feel like I've lost all the baby weight but I don't think it's bad I still have stretch marks um they're going to like fading away but I've been told many times that they never really go away but I don't know so we'll just see I think it just probably depends on the person but yeah so I still have mine they're not bad I'm not too worried about it um I'm kind of wish the baby weight was God but other than that the stretch marks don't really bug me I have been trying to work out I can work out to my full potential I'm just like I think yeah I can I can work out too like any extreme right now because I feel like I'm my body is good fully recovered like I knew ABS I can do running and I can do walking obviously or we can do walking but um but yeah y'all know what I mean okay okay so oh it was a good say oh yeah okay so y'all know I had a c-section y'all might know I don't know so I had a c-section and my incision it looks great it's seriously about like that long and subtly it's weird one part of it's red and the one part of its like you can't even see so it's kind of weird but it's it's a little indention right there but other than that like it's I feel like it's healed apparently it takes a year to a year and a half to completely heal but I feel pretty good like Samantha jumps on it all the time she can stand so she'll jump on it and everything and it doesn't even hurt me it just kind of scares me cuz I'm like oh my gosh what if I open but it hasn't and it's not going to so yeah it feels good also TM I um I did get my period back at five months postpartum which I was really upset about so I was she was taking she was getting my milk for the first five months of her life and then it started going down and I was like what's going on well right when I started going down I got my period back so I was like okay that's probably it and so I just like my boobs went dry dry okay I know TMI for you but it's okay for being real for real real so yeah so starting at five months five to six months five five and a half five to six whatever something like that around that time she started having to get like regular formula because you know my body just stopped but which is I'm okay with it because for five months she got my milk and that made me very happy I wanted to breastfeed it was too painful for me the first I breastfed for about two weeks and it was excruciating pain I know some people don't have any pain doing I some some people have excruciating pain that stick through it I couldn't stick through it sorry I didn't but so I just pumped so I just pumped for five months and that was horrible I hated it I wish I would have stuck with the breastfeeding like actually nursing on me but I didn't and it's okay it's really okay okay I think my emotions are good I don't think I have any postpartum depression or anything like that um I mean I've heard it's bit like you're like you go at nine months up nine months down I've heard you go nine months up one year down I've heard you go nine months up and two years down so I don't know I'm I think like again I think it's personally the the person you know I think it's your personal thing like on how your body works and everything so I really don't know but um I feel great I think my emotions are good um my body feels good I just I've been working out a lot and I've been trying to eat good sometimes you know you get cravings and they're hard to stop but I'm pretty healthy I try to and so yeah also what thing a thing that did bug me about having like going through pregnancy is my legs guy nice toned is they well they used to be and that kind of bugged me but I have been working out and since I am eight months postpartum my body I feel feel like is fine to do all the weight lifting and everything and so I have been doing that and I feel fine doing it and my incision doesn't hurt at all and so yeah she fell asleep how she was tired okay y'all thanks for watching don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up subscribe if you haven't not in the middle of the camera and yeah I will see y'all next time

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