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you're eight weeks pregnant yay big congratulations as always now a tweet might not seem that exciting but it actually is you are now the proud mother of your very own features yep your little baby has grown out of its embryonic stage and a fun factor this week if you're into Latin is that fetus actually means offspring you learn something new every day so as the moment that little offspring of yours is now about the size of a kidney bean or my personal favorite a raspberry so if we're looking at measurements again math about 2 centimeters long and your baby is actually growing by a millimeter now every single day your little baby fingers and cozen out fold but they will be wept for a few more weeks yet like a little froggie that little froggie of yours actually is doing some serious wiggling around now so it will be a while until you feel it but my prison when you do it is one of the most amazing I'm the most strange feelings in the world if you could see your baby right now you see that their skin is so thin that it's almost transparent but that will soon change another interesting fact is that the pigment in that eyes is starting to develop though they were finally open their supplies of theirs until there are about 26 we so we've talked about baby but what about you how are you feeling and what's it really like being eight weeks pregnant well here at China mum we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with a little help from expectant mom who knows at eight weeks you might be noticing a few more physical symptoms like how are the girls by this screen my boobs had already started to grow and we're pretty tender as well which is completely normal but we would definitely recommend checking out a maternity bride you haven't got one already because it's so much more comfortable you know that by eight weeks your womb is already twice it's normal size is crazy isn't it let's have a look at how some other mums pregnant bellies looked at just eight weeks by plaintiff still there's nothing really going on there you see like this isn't loot poking out now and opposed to do the old hair tie trick on my jeans now so what else can you expect well over N channel mum we have got tons of blogs for every week of pregnancy from other expectant monitor at the same stage as you are right now so let's see what they have to say about being eight weeks pregnant this week limit I've just been so tired if you feel oh you know a lot of aches and pains and many girls and cramps which really really worries me but and don't honestly I just need to calm myself and just head towards the table rescan and then find everything I've been so tired in unbelievable who constantly nausea that we have been since week sick every now now I'm just like overcome it sick so what's been helping me with that this week has been definitely little sips of ginger ale that's been really good which keys are my go to it mama whatever I'm feeling a bit queasy I had just eaten chosen so much which I think it's sometimes like when I have gone against by the end of the day I'm just so small and bloated beans on toast beans and cheese and coast to seems to feature quite a lot public abilities some really nice symptoms that had this week are constipation can't believe I spend on the Internet I actually ever know what it feels like to have a good pairing Rovers are absolutely massive and this already hurt which myung's are so on texercise by hammer on I had to any of my hit training in revolutions anyway I'm just works or everything for I think these like pregnancy shaky boats all time another horrible feel feeling a little bit bloated I definitely feel like I don't if it's because it's my third pregnancy but I feel like I have a little bulge already which is crazy considering this person is like 2 centimeters but obviously my uterus has doubled in size so that could explain that and obviously my body's probably just like oh I remember what we do BAM so it's time to get honest and look at the channel mum the good the bad and the ugly of being 8 weeks pregnant so good is that yeah as we spared you all now the problem of it you a little baby fetus and even if you don't know what that quite mean is some stress in the right direction I promise the bad is trying to keep a very very serious and normal face while having a very important meeting with somewhat of work or having a chat with a very suspicious friend when are not so hard I'm not trying to be sick on you honest and see Oakley you basically feel like equal to constant hangover you're sick and tired but you have absolutely no fun memories of the light before doesn't really seem fair does it so we hope you've enjoyed this textbook this is the truth of being 8 weeks pregnant and always we're in this with you and we're here to support if you need it so be sure to leave us a comment down below letting us know how you're feeling at the moment it gets better I promise and if you like something to watch after this we've got plenty of blogs for every week of person over on channel mon so we'll leave a link down below for you if you'd like to go and have a nosy but for now I will let you go and with you and that little raspberry baby of yours good luck and we will see you next week

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