47 Replies to “8 Weeks Pregnant: What's Happening in Week 8 of Your Pregnancy?”

  1. I lost my baby at 8 weeks 0 days as per the ultrasound. I felt no symptom, just came to know that after a regular check up.i aam feeling devastated til than, gone through d&c and after 4 days started passing some tissue and bleeding with extreme cramping. I don't know when will things go fine

  2. Am I expecting r just fat ?? I'm having all of these symptoms but my pregnancy & blood test r both negative

  3. Hi awesome video I am 8 weeks pregnant now with lots of complications I got pregnant like pics and thyroid.
    Last week I had bleeding too🙁can u pls share me the reason behind this bleeding and wat I need to do for safe pregnancy 🤰

  4. Am 8week pregnant and had ultrasound scan yesterday, but my baby growth not happened and no heart beat yet. I’m so worried😔, they asked me to come next week for one more scan

  5. Madam I don't know that my wife is pregnant in 8th week
    We took only one X-ray
    I got to know that my wife is pregnant in 9th week
    My question is if is there any problem due to X-ray in pregnancy

  6. I lost my tiny baby at 8 weeks..there was no heartbeat. The woman who was conducting the ultrasound said it matter-of-factly: "there's no heartbeat," then promptly continued with instructions on what our next steps should be: setting up an appointment for a D&C with my Gynecologist, and continued to rattle on in a clinical and most in humane way..I was too devastated for a good many years over the miscarriage..kept blaming myself and feeling guilty.

  7. I am 8 weak pregnant and I want a baby girl please please please pray for me from INDIA, Karnataka State

  8. Hello i am 8 weeks pregnnat when my journey started i feel to much nausea but today i cant feel this typ of nausea is it normal??

  9. I am 7weeks and 1day pregnant.. I feel pain in my lower back ,lower abdomen and thighs… Seems like I am gonna have my periods soon… Is it normal???

  10. I m 8 week today.. bt I hv not heavy bleeding… no cramping jst light bleeding since 15 days.. whts the meaning

  11. I’m 8 weeks & I love hot sauce I put everything on it some people say it’s bad some say it’s fine my question is .. is hot sauce bad for me ?

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