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  1. Hi I'm from india n my mamma is pragnent it would be her 4th c-section I was so worried about it from last many months but today I saw ur vdo n its gave me so much positivity….. But still I'm lil worried that it can be possible in my country or not… But the docter said yes it can be possible u just should to follow my medicines… Hope my mamma will be good ….. Plz pray for my mom… ❤ my mamma is my everything I cant live without her

  2. I just found your channel I done had four c-sections I lost my fourth born #27Weeks5Days #Jan.2.2019 I wanted to try again but not right now what’s your age groups if you don’t mind me asking mine 2002.16th….2005.13….2015.4…..2019 4months in Heaven🕊 your channel give me hope thanks

  3. 8 ??? Ohhhh woooow!! I just made a test today and it says I’m pregnant if this is is it will be my 5th c section.. think im addicted to it 😂 i Hope u & your babies are doing Great greets from Germany

  4. Tho I am only on my 3rd c section this October
    Could any of you c section moms tell me if y’all have issues with your intestines and bladder?
    I keep telling my doctor I have repeat uti since my second c section and swollen intestines but she doesn’t care to listen.

    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful doctor, I wish there was more like her

  5. Hai I had two c sections I am thinking why I had second baby.. After seeing you I had some relief from stress..

  6. You are so inspiring. And I love this encouraging message to all moms going through multiple c sections. I'm due in June with my fifth and it will be my fifth c section. My doctor thankfully has been very positive about everything but I often get comments from people about the amount of c sections I've had. I myself have been at peace with it. The Lord has been so good to us. We are so excited to have this new little miracle soon:)

  7. I love your videos! I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and this will be my 6th csection. I also had 1 VBAC and Im blessed with 3 step children. So technically this is my 10th child. I feel so blessed to be a mother to many. I live in California and no doctor will touch me in my area. I have to drive 2 hours away to UCSF just for prenatal care. I trust in the lord with all my heart. You're videos are so inspiring. Thank you for giving me hope. I will be praying for you and your family.

  8. Hi Sarilyn, this is my 3rd c section coming up next month. And my last one was great recovery because I was healthier during my pregnancy, but this time around it was very unexpected to become pregnant but such a blessing, and I’ve been very inactive during this pregnancy and am not as in tip top health and I was before mostly because I’m older now. Was just wondering if you could give me some advice about how your 3Rd c section went please? On the ultrasound the doctors could barely see the baby this time for all the scar tissue and I could see the scar tissue on the screen myself. I’m very worried for this time around and scared that I won’t make it out very good during the surgery and after and scared I won’t recover or do good from it because I am not as active as I once was during my last pregnancies. I’m just very worried it’s going to be rough. And have a lot of anxiety about it. I want to have a fourth child as maybe a few more, God willing as I’m a strong Christian too. And just keeping faith in God to protect me and the baby this time, but I’m quite scared about it all and was wondering if you can give me some tips about how your recovery went for your 3rd baby? Will I be in as immense pain this time or does the pain get easier each time? Have you ever lost any blood during any of yours and needed a transfusion? I did on my last one but everything was still great and I was walking 2 hours after and constantly stayed moving when I came home and was just very active as if I hadn’t even had major abdominal surgery. My fear is that it’s been 8 years since my last c section. Does it get any rougher the longer you wait in between? My first two were only 18 months apart when I became pregnant again. This pregnancy has been great though and no complications at all, it hasn’t even felt like I’m pregnant this time minus the nausea and tiredness. I haven’t had any problems at all, not even high blood pressure or pain or bleeding- nothing and I’ve just been very blessed in that aspect. 99% of the time my body hasn’t even felt pregnant except for the constant baby kicks lol so it’s been a great pregnancy even greater than my last pregnancy was because I had some complications during that one where I was in a car wreck hit by a drunk driver that ran a redlight and it put me into labor at 24 weeks but they were able to stop it and baby was healthy and born at 37 weeks via c section. And then the blood loss after was excessive but was taken care of with a transfusion. This time the pregnancy has been great and like I said haven’t been able to tell I’m pregnant at all, I have of course felt those feelings of the uterus stretching and scar stretching and ligaments hurting and all those million sensations, but nothing else thank God. So I’m just wondering if you think I’ll have a good surgery this time or if anything I’m telling you sounds concerning to you so that I can be aware and tell my doctor ahead of time to prevent it. I’m worried of things like dying during surgery or anesthesia , I’m worried about things like bleeding out and having to get my uterus removed and being prevented from ever having any more kids and I’m worried now about my bladder being cut since I have a lot of scar tissue. It looked like it was an inch thick on the ultrasound! But I took great care of my body last time so I don’t understand. And I never eat out either except once a month when hubby is available lol he works 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. So it’s hard to find time. I’m just worried about and was hoping you’d be so kind to share all that you could with me and any hunches you may have about anything I’ve shared with you, or any experience and knowledge you may can share with me about my upcoming 3rd cesarean because I am freaking out worried about this time. I’d appreciate all your feedback and answers! Thank you so much and God bless

  9. Omg… now i feel relieve this is my 5th operation… i mean 3rd time cesarean, 1 operation to my apendix and 1 operation for my gall stone. then i havee 2 miscarriage pregnancy… we go to see the doctor and the doctor said its not safe and healthy for my to get pregnant again. i feel so worried but after i see your video i feel so relieve. sorry for my bad english becos im philippine im not so fluent to talk english… but anyway thank u so much for this informative and very helpful video.

  10. Hi. I'll be having my 8th c- section at the end of the year. This was very helpful. Thank you for posting.

  11. Having my 5th c section I’m 22 with my last one I had placenta previa the doctors told me risk could happen this video Helped me a hell of a lot ❗️❗️❗️❗️💜

  12. I already have 4 c section with no complications …My question is how long should I stay to have another baby ….because my last c section was 2015 and I'm planning to have 2 kids god willing 2022 ……please answer

  13. I am pregnant with my 7th child. This will be my 7th C Section. My doctors told me my placenta may stick to my uterus and if that happens they will take my uterus out. I’m afraid

  14. I'm having my fourth baby thanks be to God so fourth c section coming in 3 months lol I prayed today that God would give me peace beyond human understanding and tonight I found your channel, I believe that it was God sent me your way. I would love for God to bless me with a big family🙌please Jesus🙌. ive had 8nd half yrs of periods of unexplained infertility and I have had 6 misscarriages so I know that having children is truly a miracle and gift from God, all praise and glory be to our God. you give me hope of how God can bless us🤗the doctors here in northern Ireland only want women to have about 3 c sections and they tell you very scary things for if you get pregnant in the future😩please keep me in your prayers that God will take care of me and my baby and bless me with a big family. God bless you and hubby and kids x

  15. I will have my 5th c-section in August and I am nervous of course. But this video helped me so much. 1. Seeking the Lord Daily to heal me completely. 2. Heathy delivery and recovery

  16. That makes sense what you're saying about your bladder attaching to you're scar I felt the pain it feels like my stomach is pressing against my bladder

  17. 4 ceaserean is possible plz tell .me how u recover your after 8 c section i have one c section i lost my baby now i m trying to get pregnant plz tell me how i recover my self for another delivery u r inspiration for us but plz tell m repeated ceaserean is possible

  18. Thank you for your story. What was the confirmation for you to dare a 6th, 7th and 8th Caesarean? How did God confirm you in this?

  19. I am 37 and had 5 c-section and im going to have my 6 c-section in a week and im glad that your sharing your video.makes me feel good and make me alot better now.

  20. Great I love to heard your story is Miracle to have some many C – section. Glory To God for get you through.

  21. From india here…my wife had 2 c section and now 8 months after the second csection she is pregnant again so the gap for healing process is mere 8 monthz .i request you to kindly guide us on this.

  22. I have a question I am going in for my 5th C-section in about 3 weeks and I am terrified and hopefully my doctor is comfortable since he has done two C-sections on me before. My question was did your baby's birth weight decrease by the more C-sections you had?

  23. Dear Sarilyn, I know you are also listening to God as well as your great doctor. I would definitely ask for guidance that you know for sure are from God. Also, I'm a big advocate of the Billings Method of Natural Family Planning, which you may already know about. I used it faithfully for 20 years and it never failed but I followed the instructions of my R.N. Nurse instructor. But this Billings Method, the original method that all the other easily "fertility signs" methods are based off of, is very simple and easy, and easily allows you to know exactly when to avoid regular relations with your husband, and would allow you to have normal relations with your husband when you are infertile every month. Having tubes tied, if that ever becomes a consideration, or a vasectomy is often not the greatest thing one can do. You seem like a true naturalist and so if you explore the Billings Method, you will find a way to keep being totally natural without a surgical way to stop getting pregnant, and which keeps all possibilities open for the future without cutting off the fluids in your body to sterilize you or your husband. And I so admire you!!! Blessings and abundance forever and everyday! Your husband is awesome (as he seems to know already)!!!

  24. I had a C-section 2 years ago and I'm trying for another baby for a year and it's just not working how can people get pregnant so easy i want a another baby

  25. Hello! I know this is an old video but, I wanted to know why you only had c sections and not any vaginal births?

  26. Thank God that I get here, this video gives me peace, im from Texas ,I have a 18 months baby and I'm pregnant with 6 weeks and this will be my 5th C-section I was soooo scared but now I know that there is hope I believe in God and I'm leaving all my fears on him… thanks for sharing this video because as me there's many that are looking for a hope….

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