9-12 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE & GENDER REVEAL | 10 week ultrasound, exhaustion, bump progression

hi guys welcome back to my channel if it's your first time being here my name is Amanda and I'm currently pregnant with our first child so today I'm going to give you my 9 through 12 week pregnancy update if you have seen my previous vlog I talked about how I was feeling from weeks 5 to 8 and these four weeks have been so much better compared to that amount of time that one was just like oh my gosh I had never felt worse my life still have some symptom so let's get right in so nine weeks I didn't feel any more cramping I think I had mentioned that I felt a little bit crampy in my eighth week and I don't have any aches or any pains still kind of felt like I had like a day long hangover but not so so bad as before I kind of felt dizzy and lightheaded when I would wake up in the morning I think that's pretty normal for people who are pregnant and I hadn't been sleeping well at all I was getting up like every few hours to go to the bathroom and just kind of get comfortable in terms of like cravings or not or anything I I had a little bit during my name week but it wasn't super bad still had no interest in drinking coffee and I had stopped wanting it totally around like week seven but I used to be totally obsessed with making this iced coffee and every single morning and great at nine weeks I just still wanted nothing to do with it so ten weeks I actually had my third OB appointment and they did an ultrasound and the baby was moving around so much it was kicking you could see its arms and its legs it was a morning appointment so I don't know I forget if I eaten right thing or drink anything I heard that if you drink orange juice before you go and get an ultrasound like the baby could be doing flips and stuff I didn't turn orange juice but I forget if I it had like something but anyway during that appointment I will insert a clip of the live ultrasound stronger oh he's shown enough oh really oh yeah you see my cousin Arthur look at those legs oh my gosh oh my gosh oh yeah they move like 90 percent of attorney it's so crazy how is so that's probably why I feel sick in the morning I'm moving around and like okay because the baby's like this let's see when you measure the baby from head to butt the baby's like this big unless you have a little leg zone so baby's like this one of my orders you know but look at all that good fluid around your baby the heart it was just oh my god it was it's been my favorite appointment so far they checked the heart rate and the heart rate was 162 which she said was perfect and I also got my blood drawn that visit to test for the gender and any abnormalities like Down syndrome or anything like that so because this is my 9 to 12 week update I do know the gender but I won't sing him right now I'll leave that so week 10 symptoms I definitely had less nausea it completely subsided which was so amazing I still felt kind of tired especially in the morning and at the end of the day just I was always really really exhausted and especially if I didn't take a nap or anything during the day it was like I just wanted to go to bed at live 9 p.m. I finally got my appetite back I started getting really really hungry throughout the day and things started to taste good again in terms of my weight my scale still said that I was like 117 118 so I haven't really gained any weight I think I started between like 116 117 so that's good but I definitely haven't been working out as much so I feel like the muscle that I had has just kind of turned to fat because I haven't been eating great but my weight has kind of stayed the same which is fine I think you're only supposed to gain like up to 5 or 7 pounds or something early on in your pregnancy I still have certain food aversions like chicken and seafood just sound disgusting and even vegetables like and through just have no desire to eat them and that's really mine because I know you should be healthy but I don't know my body feels like it's been taking over I have had some cravings mainly for sweet stuff like ice cream and oh my gosh I have been dying for fluffer nutters and so I don't know if you guys have ever had a fluffernutter or fluff but it's like that marshmallowy stuff and you like put peanut butter on toast or bread with the fluff oh my god it's so good so I had to get that and I've been eating that like for breakfast every morning which is kind of bad but whatever hopefully that goes some way soon I have no desire to have anything that sour and I know that I had been craving like lemons and lemon flavored stuff early on and I still drink lemon water at first thing every single morning but like I don't feel like having anything else that's sour or spicy and it was weird during week 10 I didn't have any nausea and then randomly on a Thursday it came back and I don't know why I think maybe because I hadn't eaten enough the night before and what's been happening is like if I especially previously in the 4 weeks before if I don't eat carbs right before I go to bed then I feel even more nauseous in the morning so I don't know if this is just a fluke or whatever but I had some nausea that day I also tried to start working out again two days that week I did a quick 30-minute Pilates video so it's something I mean I'm trying it's really hard and exercise have been such a huge part of my life prior to getting pregnant so I hope it you know revives itself in the next few weeks okay I'm moving on to week 11 so for whatever reason I had extreme fatigue in the beginning of this week when I first turned 11 weeks and I don't I had my parents in town the end of week ten and we did a ton of stuff we were just go go go showing them around Houston and Katie it was the first time that they had come to visit us from Jersey since we had moved so it was just like really really insane weekend it was amazing they got like Mexican food and we invited our friends over for them to me it was really great but I was so exhausted after they left from that weekend so I had been napping and not that exhaustion they left on a Sunday that exhaustion was like Monday through I think Thursday I was taking a two-hour nap every day and my symptoms were pretty similar to week ten the nausea was completely gone I cravings wise still want sweet foods and like carbs still not interested in solids or any healthy green stuff and I also I don't know if it was the exhaustion but I just felt very unmotivated and like I didn't want to do anything and I really think that it was because I had a huge weekend and there was just like a lot going on and it didn't get any like downtime but I just didn't feel like working out I didn't feel like going anywhere I didn't feel like talking to anybody I was kind of Moody and irritable so sorry P that that's not always great for him but he's such a kind husband and he's so sweet and like accommodating everything but yeah so I actually got up to 119 pounds during week 11 so slowly starting to gain some weight I could be because I ate a lot of my parents here but I don't know my clothes are still fitting though and like certain jeans are a little bit snug but not to the point where I'd like to like buy maternity clothes or anything like that one other symptom was I was getting like these dull headaches a little bit a few times a week and I don't I don't believe I took anything I know you can take tylenol but I did it and I don't think I did it at all but that was really it for week 11 week 12 is when we found out the gender and we are so so excited I will insert a picture of how we did the gender reveal but we were having a baby boy and it's so crazy because I was really really convinced that we're having a girls but we're super excited and overjoyed that we're having a baby boy and my sister-in-law who is like two and a half weeks ahead of me and her pregnancy they're also having a baby boy too so week twelve I was feeling really really great I was on a high because we knew the gender and for a bunch of days I think like three days in a row I did a 30 minute hit workout and so I was feeling really great really energized I'm still the same weight at this point in time 119 pounds I'm 5-1 just for reference so I'm pretty short and this week I was really craving diet coke and I know that that's completely awful for you to be drinking but I don't really drink hangover stuff except for like water and lemon water and iced teas occasionally I would have diet coke maybe like once a week or twice a week I'm still craving sugar and I'm some crazy food that I would have when I was like a little kid Skippy peanut butter I went to the store I was like obsessed with cereal this week for some reason and I got Cocoa Krispies and lucky charms and oh my god lifesaver gummies if you guys haven't tried them they're so good and like typically I'm a chocolate person like I really love chocolate over like this sweet sugary like skittles and starbursts and stuff but these lifesaver gummies they have them in like sour and a bunch of different flavors it's berry and whatever oh they're so good I eat them like every single night which is really bad but anyways also pretty orange juice which I always try to think about like what my body needs so because I'm probably not having much fruit and like getting a lot of vitamin C through fruits and vegetables and stuff I've been craving orange juice and drinking it every single day interesting thing just going back to the working out stuff so every time I work out the day after I am extremely exhausted and I guess it's because of maybe like pushing my body a little too much or it hadn't been used to it but it sometimes causes me to have a slight nausea in the morning the morning after I work out so I don't know what that's from if you guys have had anything similar this could be just like a typical symptom but not not really sure still not into coffee at this point so I basically have tea if I want something like that I haven't been having like any constipation I know that a lot of women experienced that during pregnancy and maybe I roll sometime in the future but as of now no issues there my boobs have gotten so big like I I'm loving it because I'm like uh I was looking a cup and I don't know what I am now but my bras don't really fit anymore so I'm kind of like wearing sports bras that are like stretchy or and looser but I'm sure I might need to buy some new ones pretty soon I've also started to moisturize like belly even though I haven't grown that much in preparation to reduce stretch marks I know they say it's hereditary like you can't really prevent them with anything but I've just been using I've been using the Nivea cocoa butter lotion and just putting on my stomach's and that like my boobs and my hips and my butt after I shower and aside from that um there are days when I'm more underdress than others I still get tired sometimes and they're sleeping okay I still get up multiple times during the night to go to the bathroom usually I'm so exhausted by the end of the day I haven't an apt that I just go right to sleep so that is really it for this pregnancy update and I will see you in the next one if you guys are having similar symptoms or if you're around the same weeks as me and you know the gender or whatever I know it's a really exciting time and I wish all of you guys good luck if you're trying to conceive still and sending lots of baby dust thank you so so much for watching subscribe to my channel if you want to follow me and husband along on this journey and love you guys I will see you the next one I

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  1. So my son just turned 5, but your symptoms were sooo similar to mine! I also was CONVINCED I was having a girl, but he is alllll boy β˜ΊοΈπŸ’™

  2. I'm aware I'm watching this a month late, but isn't vitamin C not good for pregnancy? At least a lot of it? I have a friend who's boyfriend tried to get her to take a lot of vitamin C to cause miscarriage

  3. My girls are 28yrs old & 23yrs old and I would give any thing to have my pregnancies on video like this to share with them..esp.when they start having babies..β€πŸ€—πŸ€”πŸ‘..you will be so so happy to have this πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ˜€

  4. My first pregnancy I craved sweets all the time. Grape artificial flavor anything was good too. I did eat fresh fruit and yogurt together and that was probably the healthiest thing I ate lol. I craved ding dongs and milk! Anyhow I had a boy! You will love having a son! They are the sweetest!!!!!πŸ˜€ πŸ’š

  5. Dont feel guilty for having (unhealthy) things. I live in Norway and i am 25 i have a boy and he is 4 years old and i am expecting my second now. 2 mnd along. My doctor Said to mee that when u are pregnant it's youre time to enjoy. Not bash youreself for the little things. If u dont eat just junkfood it's ok ^^ good luck with ur first one πŸ™‚

  6. Congrats on ur baby boyπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ™Œ I'm currently 8wks pregnant with my 4th child I have 3girls maybe a boy this time but it doesn't matterπŸ˜‰ maybe I am having a boy cuz like u I've had headaches ,nausea and craving orange juiceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Awww a baby boy!! I thought it was a girl… Loved that little man how he moved it was unbelievable 😍😍 sending all my love!

  8. I am shocked with all the symptoms you had it leans towards a girl but I guess those wives tales are never accurate πŸ˜‚ Congrats on having a boy! I have a 17 month old boy and he us the sweetest! Boys love their mamas. I am pregnant with my second I am almost 7 weeks but been nauseous non stop this time around. I still think I am having another boy πŸ˜‚πŸ’™

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