9 Celebrity Moms Who Had Crazy Hard Pregnancies

welcome to my channel health for you 9 Celebrity Moms Who Had Crazy-Hard Pregnancies
Pregnancy can be a physical and emotional roller coaster—and the complications that
can come along with it don’t spare celebrities just because they’re rich and famous. Find out what these celeb moms said about
facing everything from extreme morning sickness to preeclampsia. Kim Kardashian West
The reality star’s less-than-idyllic pregnancy with daughter North was documented on Keeping
Up With the Kardashians. Besides preeclampsia, which caused swelling
in her body and face, the reality star had placenta accreta—a condition in which “the
placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall,” she wrote on her website. After giving birth to her little girl, Kim’s
placenta had to be surgically removed—yikes! “It was the most painful experience of my
life!” she said. “I still had a piece of placenta attached
inside of me and I had to have surgery to remove it. Then I had another surgery to remove the scar
tissue. This was all preventing me from getting pregnant
the second time around.” Luckily, she was ultimately successful and
delivered son Saint in December. Kate Middleton
Just because you’re a royal doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to have a charmed pregnancy. While pregnant both times with Prince George
and Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from a rare and severe form of morning
sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum, which led to a stay in the hospital. Kate hasn’t publicly discussed what she went
through (severe dehydration and nausea are hallmarks of the condition) but we can only
imagine the relief she felt afterwards with her two beautiful babies—and no more morning
sickness. Mariah Carey
Pop diva Mariah Carey had a dual challenge while pregnant with twins Moroccan and Monroe:
She developed gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. “It was a huge strain. I would sit and then someone would have to
help me up. I couldn’t even go to the [bathroom] by myself,”
she told Barbara Walters on 20/20 in 2011. The high blood pressure from the preeclampsia
led her to have a C-section delivery at 35 weeks. But becoming a mom at 40 was worth it. “It’s been a journey for me,” she told Steve
Harvey. Tori Spelling
While 20 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, Tori Spelling was diagnosed with placenta
previa, a condition in which the placenta covers the cervix and can cause severe bleeding. The actress spent 10 weeks in the hospital
and four months on bed rest. “When they put him in my arms I was like,
‘We made it.'” she told US Weekly about delivering son Finn
via C-section. “We have an insane bond. We’ve been through hell and back.” Kelly Clarkson
Forget morning sickness. “I’m familiar with all-day sickness,” Kelly
Clarkson told Gayle King on CBS This Morning. “I have to get IVs and fluids because I get
so dehydrated. It’s really bad.” Still, the singer—who’s expecting a son—says
getting to “pop out magical unicorns” like her daughter River makes every heaving moment
worth it. Mira Sorvino
Mom of four Mira Sorvino has called her third child, son Holden, a “miracle baby” after
battling placenta previa during her pregnancy with him, which led to a nine-week hospitalization
stay and complete bed rest. “I developed a blood clot (DVT) due to all
the inactivity and had to be anti-coagulated for months to prevent a pulmonary embolism,”
Sorvino told People. “With everything that threatened this pregnancy
and both of our lives, he came out of it completely unscathed: perfectly healthy, beautiful and
wonderful!” Adriana Lima
The supermodel suffered from preeclampsia during her pregnancy with daughter Valentina
in 2010. After two weeks of bed rest, Lima delivered
her daughter at only 34 weeks old. Born weighing 4.4 pounds, Valentina was the
“smallest [baby] in the whole hospital,” Lima told People. “I wish I had her at home but it wasn’t possible
in my case. As a parent you really want to give your best
and you don’t want [anything] to happen with the baby, so it was stressful.” But Valentina was as strong as her mom and
is now a happy big sister to little sib Sienna. Angie Harmon
Pregnancy #3 with daughter Emery wasn’t picture-perfect for the actress. “This third one has been horrible! First of all, I’ve had morning sickness. Hellooo! And then I got anemia, which was also new
and horrible. And then I tore a disc in my back,” the Rizzoli
& Isles star told Pregnancy magazine. “So with this pregnancy I have not had two
good days in a row; talk about frustration.” Salma Hayek
The movie star felt lucky to be pregnant at 40. “I thought I wasn’t going to be able to and
it was such an important thing to me,” Salma told People. But getting through her pregnancy had many
hurdles. “I gained a lot of weight. I had gestational diabetes. The pregnancy was really difficult for me,”
the Mexican actress explained to Oprah Winfrey. In fact, Hayek’s husband Franí§ois-Henri
Pinault revealed that they were told Salma was told she was carrying a baby with Down
syndrome. But when Valentina was born in 2008, she was
healthy and is now her mama’s favorite world-travel companion.

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