9 Week Pregnancy Update! Bump & Symptoms

hi guys and welcome back to my channel and welcome today to my 9 week pregnancy update so arm I as you can probably tell by my energy right now maybe not I don't know but I'm actually feeling pretty good today and when I woke up I had already been planning on making this video but Dan was like you have to film the video and update everyone cuz you're gonna come out of this sickness and you're gonna forget so like wow I have a lot to fill you guys in a lots been happening I'm gonna show my belly shot where do I begin I'm gonna back up actually I am gonna start with a last week because last week was the week that specifically Dan was requesting that I film because he's like you're gonna want to remember this and like other people are gonna be able to relate to it but I was way too sick last week um keep in mind also not only was I way too sick but my family was in town and anybody that knows me knows that like when my family comes to town I just everything fall down the window I can't get back to people's texts I can't really edit I can't do anything except just like be with my family I am very distracted which is a good thing I guess but it's like a little extreme anyways my family was in town I was not only super sick but then I got really worried because about midway through last week my exhaustion reached a whole nother level and then my nausea reached a whole nother level and then I started throwing up which I have only thrown up a couple times most of my nausea has just been nausea with like gagging and then I'll like maybe throw up some spit but not like actual throw up so I started actually throwing up and I was about to say TMI but whatever I feel like if you're watching a pregnancy video you know that these videos just are TMI um and I had diarrhea and I was like oh god and I'm like googling like can your morning sickness get worse at 9 weeks what you totally can and I was like this is my life now because literally guys I've been doing nothing like nothing I just like will sleep so long I have the beautiful luxury of being able I've told you guys this to form des kind of however I wanted I do my work whenever I want and so I'm able to just sleep which is amazing but it's really hard when you don't have to do something because you feel I felt like crap I didn't want to do anything so I just had been doing that thing all of this escalated and then the following day all the sudden my mom starts throwing up and then my dad and then my brother starts feeling sick and that my brother-in-law starts feeling sick yeah turns out we got the flu um so that really sucked for them and for me but I was so relieved that it was the flu and not my morning sickness getting worse I told my mom when I was in the middle of it I was like mom this is like the worst I felt by far she's like really I'm like it's so bad and then when everyone got sick I was like so it's kind of like horrible but I was dealing with pregnancy and the flu not fun but a relief that it was that and not only did that put my other nausea in direct perspective like oh yeah this is just like low-grade nausea and queasiness which still sucks but I'm not like puking all the time so it put it in perspective but also since my flu has pretty much lifted um I'm noticing I'm like I don't think I'm making this up I'm definitely starting to feel waves of feeling better so hopefully this continues because I know that that is traditionally what's supposed to happen with women after their first trimester a lot of women say that their second trimester is easier than their first and that the FIR I've heard women say that like their first trimester was their least favorite part of the whole thing like birth every other trimester all of it they're like I would take all of it over the first trimester so I'm hoping that's the direction I'm going and I'm having more hope now because it's like waves of feeling better like oh man I don't actively want to puke right now like wow I actually want to get up and do stuff because with the exhaustion has come this feeling of like I don't want to do anything like I want to because I feel so bad about myself like uh what a life but I don't want to because I'm like um dying like I don't want to do anything and I just like I just like lost my drive and I would just walk around being like this is the worst I want my old life back and the thing about me too is that like when I don't feel good when I feel unmotivated when I feel sick I'm a very like caught in the moment kind of person um I'm a very like caught in the moment kind of person we're like however I'm feeling then I'm like that's it this is how I'm gonna feel my whole life so like all of those feelings I'm like am I ever gonna have an appetite again our vegetables ever gonna sound good again like are those days behind me am I ever gonna be motivated to like create and talk to people or like see people like I didn't want to see anyone I didn't really want to go anywhere I forced myself a couple times to do things with people but it's very small like a friend came over and we went on a walk like hey can I go to church with you Dan so like when to church that kind of stuff so yeah I'm still tired I'm still nauseous I still feel icky but like right at this moment during this hour nothing like last week so even if it all comes rushing back to me by the afternoon or whatever I'm feeling courage just to have like just waves of feeling better it's like I told Dan I'm like it's like I can see the light like how all of a sudden wanted to text back friends I wanted to hang out with and like just people I wanted to see what it is is the same thing ascribes I wanted to hang out with I just like suddenly have felt I was like doing my to-do list I was up like picking stuff up I made my avocado toast this morning and I wasn't like gagging the whole time because that's kind of side note one of the things that I've been doing to treat my nausea except for when I had the flu it okay so it sucks because it's like my appetite I keep wanting to say you're and explained like this is what happens when you're pregnant but I don't know if it's like this for everyone I know these are common things but obviously everyone's different so like my appetite would go and be gone and everything would sound disgusting but part of the way to keep the nausea a little more at bay for me has been to continue to like keep my belly full I have been doing the whole snacking all day on crackers and everybody says that that did not help me I did that in the beginning it was difficult to even get the crackers down I found that I did a better job I'm just like forcing myself to eat fuller meals and then when my stomach would fill up I'm not only a am i taking a vitamin b6 anywhere from to close the windows because the dogs were freaking out so I think where I left off was that I will get food in my belly and then I'll take a vitamin b6 anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day that's kind of you know vitamin use is kind of debated on how much you can take but I believe that because vitamin B is soluble and I think each body has different needs and people react differently I've been noticing that when I take vitamin C consistently throughout the day on my stomach reacts better I feel a little bit less nauseous it's so weird though with the nausea because the way that it's been working for me is like I'll be nauseous nothing won't sound good everything will sound disgusting all my favorite foods I mean dude I have not even drinking tea anymore which I know a lot of people would say goes you're not but that's good because you're not supposed to drink caffeine when you're pregnant I think you can drink small amounts especially in something like tea but everybody's got you know that what's comfortable for them but I haven't even wanted it I can't even drink it because it just like tastes so disgusting to me right now which is like crazy if you've been following my channel for the last eight years but everything will sound disgusting and then all of a sudden my brain will think of one thing and I'm like that that's what I could eat I could actually eat that so I mentioned this and when one of my day of my life videos Dan has been great in like helping me get whatever it is that I'm like okay I can stomach that and they've been the most random foods hot dogs dude I hadn't had a Costco hot dog in literally 10 years and I had three over the course of like a week and a half now that sounds disgusting even talking about it's a little nauseating nauseating but that's what I wanted then on random like tuna salads um yesterday I wanted well I wanted bar taco and it really wasn't satisfying when I got it I was like kind of gagging in between bites but that's all I could think of like everything sounded cussing something I get something down so I eat that and then afterwards I was like I want a McFlurry so bad we ended up going to Sonic to get because Dan was like it's the same thing and apparently there's jokes about McDonald's ice cream machines being broken a lot I don't know so he took me there and I got my little sonic fries thing with the Correa's and M&Ms and I was eating it I was like this is so good like no naja the taste was amazing it's just weird man being pregnant has been very weird so another exciting thing happened last week I'm not sure if this video is already up yeah if it's not it will be going up soon but I don't know it might it should be up already we'll see but we got our ultrasound our very first ultrasound that was crazy um I couldn't even like I couldn't even believe it our baby's like an inch tall or something like that and it was so weird I we kept joking because the yolk sac was above the baby's head so we kept joking it looked like a halo and the baby had its arms and its legs just like come out to the side so we keep looking at that picture giggling and that was pretty cool and seeing the heartbeat it was going 169 beats per minute which I know the old wives tale is that the faster the heart because it's more likely to be a girl but I found a lot of cases that disprove that too so I was about to tell you what gender I think we're having but maybe I'll save that for another video or another time so a couple other things I want to mention about this point in the pregnancy things that I've experienced I'm still peeing a lot last night actually had a horrible night's sleep I could never really like fall asleep I have been taking by the way speed and nausea and sleep half of a unisom tablet at night and then I'm doing my b6 during the day oh and obviously the I'm doing my anti nausea bands as well and then I'm using oils and sniffing peppermint sometimes I'll do a little bit of peppermint on the tongue so yeah but I slept pretty badly last night because I had to pee every freakin 15 minutes it was crazy and for some reason last night the unisom never like kicked me into dream mode it was or sleep mode it was really weird but speaking of sleep when I am sleeping I will tell you something I've experienced a lot very vivid dreams and bizarre vivid dreams they're not like all normal some of them are really like I remember I had a dream one night and I swear it was like hours of me like online shopping okay and it wasn't even exciting online shopping weird and I'm like clicking through things and I would look at something they go yeah I think I'm probably a medium I click on the next thing oh I like that probably a medium ooh that's cute I should probably go for a medium like that was the dream for so long it was really weird I remember another dream that I had was that I was considering moving back to California and he specifically was wanting to move back to our old neighborhood the house that we lived in before this that was on the lake it was like a fake lake and don't get me wrong I loved that neighborhood loved that house but it was like a fake mini Disneyland lake this isn't like a real like but in my dream I was like why did I ever move from here and it was like this long drawn-out dream of me like walking around the neighborhood but the home and the neighborhood was on this like expansive lake that was so big it was basically an ocean and it kind of looked like Palm Springs mixed with like I don't know Connecticut like Bridgeport it was so bizarre and I'm just like walking around and I'm like looking at our old place we lived and like trying to find out if anyone's gonna be moving any time soon and that was like the whole dream just walking around this area so weird so yeah another obviously famous side effect is being emotional when you're pregnant I predict that I'm going to become more emotional the more pregnant that I get because I think it's going to be intense having a belly that's just gonna grow and get bigger and I don't know that's actually the scariest part of pregnancy for me is the carrying around and the separating of my body like I'm at this point my mom says it's probably because it's nowhere in front of me but I don't know we'll see at this point I'm not so scared about delivery but what I am scared about and what I was scared about that's the thing I was always scared about this is as my belly and my hips stretch because you know a lot of my aches and pains are in my joints and ligaments and like shoulders and neck and I'm just like oh my gosh my structures not that great right now as is and so I'm scared for that to kind of change so I feel like I'm maybe I won't become more emotional I don't know but I haven't been that emotional right now like I I'm sometimes randomly on edge but I wouldn't say like my mom claims when she was pregnant she's like I was like a different angry person the whole time and I'm like yeah I don't really feel that way I've had a little like swings of like oh I'm so annoyed but nothing crazy and same thing with the crying I've had a couple of crying bouts but nothing like not really I think I've cried like three times since I got pregnant maybe four times maybe that's a lot if you're not that emotional um it's like maybe once a week I'm having a good cry maybe twice but I don't know I feel like some people when they talk about being emotional and pregnant it's like everything makes them cry so maybe as I get farther maybe the emotions pump maybe as I'm dealing with a big belly I don't know right now I don't feel like it's anything over board that being said my emotionalism was actually the first real like indication I had that I might be pregnant I had you know stuff before that like on my birthday I remember I was telling my friend an esthetician Heather happy yesterday that on my birthday which was a few days before I tested positive I remember feeling weird but it was like an abnormally good weird like I was just Zend out like on cloud nine on my birthday I was like all I want to do is just eat food I'm just so happy and blessed lucky like just so happy and then I just got like tired or as the days went on and then Friday is when I had my meltdown like complete woke up in the morning had a meltdown crying I actually think I still have tears stains on the wall that have to wipe off like I'm a failure my husband what am I doing with my life and then Saturdays when they tested positive so it wasn't early indication but like I said I'm not like crying and everything so something else that I never mentioned in my like first early signs of pregnancy video um that I am glad have gotten better and I complain someone commented and I never mentioned this when I was first pregnant one of the early things I noticed I forgot to mention was I was very gassy like super bloated super gassy and I can say that now I'm currently not really very bloated or gassy like I feel like I'm kind of back to normal in that sense so that's subsided sorry if you can hear her like pattering around she's climbing all over this desk then um that kind of that's subsided a few weeks ago to be honest but I remember I saw comments and I wanted to like address that so the last few things I'm going to talk about and show you are in regards to my baby babe of um so here's the thing I am getting a baby bump but not really like I'm not really showing at all I've heard that's very common for your first child some might be like no there's your baby bump I see it but I'm telling you I've always had a baby bump because of the rotation and tilt of my pelvis like even when my abs have been super firm and I'm really thin I always have this little pooch at the bottom so I don't really see see any difference yet but I feel a difference like I was telling Dan I'm like dude I feel pregnant I can feel that my lower belly is firmer like I'm expanding and yeah I mean I guess that's just the best way to describe it feels like I'm expanding and I don't think I'm imagining this this is kind of crazy I told Dan like last night my whole belly like if I stretched up I don't I vielen actually a little bit this morning it's like it's like the stretchy terry feeling like now keep in mind I did take an ABS class last week but I'm telling you I've worked out my whole life I know what sore ABS feel like these aren't they're not sore tabs it's totally different it's like this stretchy tarry feeling in my belly and I'm convinced that that's just because my uterus is expanding and things are starting to grow and prepare to expand so yeah guys that is it for this video please give this video a thumbs up if you did like it it helps to support my channel and now my growing family and don't forget to check out the info box because not only have I been doing I call them semi-secret because they're not secretly telling me about them but I'm not like advertising them everywhere um but I've been doing giveaways in my videos to say thank you to you guys pretty much every single video now and I wanted to let you know if you made it this far this is really like a semi secret cuz this is at the very end I am officially launching a patreon account this week so patreon is basically a platform where you can distribute extra content if you want or people can just support you I am gonna distribute extra content up there and you can like pledge an amount of money to support that creator my family is growing obviously this is my job and I love doing it yeah and I felt like when I was kind of weighing it out I was like I think this could be a cool way to also kind of um you know tighten the community a little bit I don't know if that's the right wording I feel like anyone that's gonna come over to my patreon is gonna like understand my heart and get me and the reason I say that is because I think a lot of the videos over on patreon are gonna just be casual chatty videos um I don't know I'm kind of open and they talked about that in my intro video so I have two videos up on patreon right now I have a video talking you guys just about the whole platform in life and what I want to do and just evolution all of that and then also if you saw on my channel I got a lot of about this I uploaded a video last week called how I got pregnant so fast um don't love the title in retrospect because I'm realizing how that might be a little insensitive and that's not what I meant by the title I actually called it that because the only reason I made the video was because I got so many questions about fertility and what I was doing to try to set my body up to get pregnant as fast as possible on because we took we took specific steps we were just like let's just start trying so um I worded it that way because pretty much every single person that emailed me deemed me commented whatever said how did you get pregnant so fast so I was like I'll follow that how I got pregnant so fast anyways so I uploaded the video and I ended up taking it down off after a couple of hours cuz it was a weird feeling I still stand by everything I say like the people that were hurt in the comments it's this weird combination of like had got what they were saying I was like I can see what you mean but I still didn't agree with them and I still stood by everything that I said because I gave a very clear disclaimer at the beginning we do not have control over our bodies and our lives I really believe that um but at the same time I don't think that's a reason to not try I don't think that's a reason to just be like oh whatever it's like some people can eat whatever they want and never get acne some people have to watch what they eat a little bit and it helps their acne that way and I think that that same type of mentality can apply to a lot of things why do some people I know some dancers they never had injuries they never had to do physical therapy and they were fine if I don't do that stuff I just like decline and get worse every body is different and so I tried to make that message clear my heart was not heard and I felt like it was almost combative I don't know if that's the word so I wanted it up because I got a lot of messages from people that were like dude that video was really good and really helpful which was surprising in some ways because it's kind of a SiC but in other ways I was like also not that surprised because like I said in the video I had stumbled upon people that had been trying for years and then they would say ok now we're gonna try this one thing and I was like oh dang like they were trying that before like I was trying that from the beginning so I just thought I'll just share with everyone what we were doing so that was a long field to say I took the video off down after a couple hours I was like not work that I'm not I did not do this to try to upset people I was trying to help and so I felt really bad and really confused I don't even know if that was the right step but I've decided to put that up on my patreon because I think that the people that really get me are gonna be the ones that subscribe to my patreon you can do it for as low as a dollar a month and every dollar is like I'm just so grateful that anyone would spend any money to like see any content that I put up and I talk about everything I have planned for over there so I will hopefully see a chunk of you over on patreon I'm super excited for that and that's it guys I will hopefully barring me feeling better although growing my baby is obviously my first priority but if I feel better I will hopefully see you guys back here soon with another new video all right bye guys [Laughter] you

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  1. Love this girl! I support you no matter what, and I am soo excited for this new chapter of your life!! <3

  2. You are so good at explaining feelings, I am so excited to see your belly grow even more 😍😊 love you and you are such a positive inspiration to me 😘

  3. I love the nausea bands on BOTH wrists…lol. I hope they're helping. I'm glad you're not throwing up. I started puking around 9 to 10 weeks thanks to the hormone jumps. And every other minute of the day I FELT like I was going to puke. It suuuuucks. But it will go away I promise! And OMG we are so the same when we are sick. I'm immediately "well this is my life now 😭😭😭".

  4. Try the B6 with and small amount of antihistamine! That’s what a lot of doctors are using to help with nausea.

  5. Ooo just wait for weeks 33-40 and the wonderful 'fourth trimester' that most first time moms are never warned about… At least I wasn't. Going through that makes the first trimester seem like a breeze. But having the baby is obviously all worth it. You will probably not feel like yourself for quite a while so try to manage those kinds of thoughts now, it's good practice

  6. I am so happy that you guys are pregnant! I’ve know. You since the beginning and you and Dan have such pure hearts. Please let us know when you register somewhere!

  7. If you start feeling pain, find a chiropractor that helps pregnant women. I'm 30 weeks with baby #2 and I have pubic diastasis (separation of my pelvic/pubic bone ) and the pain was so bad. But since going to chiropractor I feel much better 🙂 it's a miracle! pregnancy is really hard, I swore I would never do this again but here we are… Good luck! I hope you feel better 🙂

  8. 28 weeks pregnant with my first … The stretching uterus feeling is an odd one eh. It can get quite painful.

  9. Just jumping ahead…think about cloth diapers, put you baby in onesies, read There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather and Last Child in the Woods. Get a clothesline and dry baby clothes in the sun. 😍😍😍

  10. Hearing all about your pregnancy. Wanting a child for so long,I want to share in the journey of this pregnancy. I already love this baby and pray for all of you.

  11. Have you noticed since taking B6 that your dreams are super vivid? I’m at the end of week 17 and still on the B6 train but it makes me have super strange dreams.

  12. It brings back so many memories of my pregnancies! It will get better though! You'll look back on these videos and really enjoy them! I'm so excited and happy for you! Thank you for taking us on your journey with you! 💜

  13. I’ve been following you for awhile because I use young living and love how positive you are even when you feeling awful!! And your fur babies are the cutest!!❤️❤️

  14. Oh that thing with food! You want only one thing that so true! One day I wanted one sandwich from a restorant and when I was thinking about it I could feel the taste of it so vividly! That’s crazy! And so interesting to watch all that staff that is happening with your body!

  15. I'm usually not that interested in pregnancy videos, but yours are so sweet and nice ! Plus, I've been watching you for a while now, so I want to know how it's been going for you.

  16. I love that you’re so open and honest about your pregnancy. It’s nice that someone is being so real about their body/pregnancy

  17. I’m glad your feeling better. Hope it gets better everyday. When I was pregnant I literally threw up before I knew I was pregnant and would do so more then 1 an hour my ENTIRE pregnancy, everyday all day, puking while asleep is fun! 😩
    You look beautiful!

  18. Hi Nikki, just want to let you know that you have followers from Italy! I don't know how many italian people follow you, but I am one! What I like of this video is that you tell us things about your pregancy without any fear of what others can tell you, you seem comfortable telling us your thoughts and if this is fine for you, that's fine for me! Lots of women been pregnant, but I think that it is an incredible feeling and unique thing. Bye!

  19. I am pregnant with twins and I’m still so sick😴 I’m just turning 10 weeks

    Lol I feel you with the food thing! I’m a food addict and I looove everything food related but now I can’t even go to the grocery store without feeling nauseous 😆🙏🏼 Hang in there we will get through this 🙂

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