9 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | HCG LEVELS NOT DOUBLING |We had a Blighted Ovum | anembryonic pregnancy

it has been a while I just wanted to jump on here and say I'm so sorry that I've lacked in uploading videos lately I to be honest have not really been motivated which really makes me sad because YouTube is something that generally makes me pretty happy to be honest I've been struggling a lot lately and you know if you go to my facebook page I've got like a bit of a a bit of an explanation of what's going on I can't really talk about it on here which you'll see why on Facebook so make sure you head over there and have a look and see what's been going on um but I've got a lot on my mind at the moment my heart's being pretty heavy and I've really been struggling I've been struggling with my living arrangements I've been struggling with the amount of loss that we've had especially the last couple of years like our family has been hit really hard and it's it's really taken a toll on me so I just wanted to give you a bit of an explanation what's been going on I did have to take down my last video due to personality is clashing let's just leave it at that for now but I did want to put this video out there because I feel like the information in this video could really help someone so um this video is gonna be pretty much like my last video I have made it unlisted it's not completely deleted it's just unlisted so you're more than welcome to go and look at it but yeah this is gonna be much the same so sorry if it feels like I'm repeating myself I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of an explanation as to what's been going on I do have some vlogs that I've been filming that are coming out in the next few days one of them has to be approved just so hopefully I can get that edited today and get that out for you guys but I did want to give you guys a little bit of an update with what's been going on with me I've still had people congratulating me I guess they don't know that unfortunately we did miscarry if this is your first time joining us welcome I'm Tami I make money and lifestyle videos here on YouTube we have had quite a couple of years we have been trying to conceive another baby since our son Samuel was born he is going to be turning 4 in October so for quite some time and we just can't quite get there we've had four miscarriages now two of them very early miscarriages and two of them missed miscarriages the one that we've just been going through I feel like I would have miscarried on my own quite early around the 6 to 7 week mark but because I was taking progesterone it was delayed so I'll go into that a little bit later we also gave birth to a second son on the 15th of March in 2018 so last year and he was born sleeping at 21 weeks he had a condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome or HLHS which is it's a very very horrible heart condition and there is mixed opinions about it essentially it is a terminal illness unless treated and the treatments are multiple open-heart surgeries which I'm not gonna go into that right now if you want to watch his journey I'll have a playlist linked up above in the cards and you can go back and watch all those videos but today we're here to talk about my most recent miscarriage and what happened and where we're gonna go next so I've been rambling in this introductory minute for far too long let's just jump on in and have a chat matter you I apologize for all the background noise as well we live at the moment kind of close to the city as there is just always sirens trains airplanes anything that you can think of so in my videos there is lots of background noise I do apologize I didn't want to start this video off by saying that I feel like I'm coping okay with this miscarriage maybe it hasn't really sunk in yet I'm not really sure but I feel like everything that we went through Jackson was pretty much the worst that any parents could go through and anything less than that I can handle now so I am doing okay I have my good days and my bad days but I'm okay like I will I'll be okay we have told Samuel what's happening and I just want to stress to you guys I know that there's some people that are for it and some people against it this is just something that we do in our family we want to have an open and honest relationship with our son and I think that by sharing with him the struggles that we go through hopefully that will make him a little bit more aware as he grows up and you know we want him to know about Jackson we've said that before on my channel we want him to know what we've been through and how far we've come and how blessed we are to have him he is such a miracle to us especially everything that we've been through after Sam to know that we've got him we want him to know how special he is and we also want him to have empathy and sympathy for the people that are going through similar things than what we're going through so each their own I'm probably gonna get a lot of comments on that later on but I did want to share that with you that he does know what's going on in fact he stopped kissing my belly around seven weeks and he stopped talking about the baby and then when we asked him he said that the baby had gone to heaven with Jackson so I think that he knew before we knew he also knew that I was pregnant before we knew so kids have a way of finding things that I just feel like sometimes we should just include them and yeah that's all I'm gonna say on that obviously we say it in a way that's age-appropriate to him and we talk about it to him in a way that's age-appropriate but going forward things get said and they can't be unsaid and I don't think people understand the impact that those things have on grieving parents because they've never been in that situation so the more that we can share these stories and share the pain the more awareness is raised and we can stop other families from feeling the same way that we do when comments that are sometimes well how hash it up with this well-intended comments that are actually quite hurtful I made so with that being said I am gonna take us back to about three weeks ago my eight-week update you guys knew that we were really concerned because our ultrasounds were showing one thing the HCG levels were showing something else and there was just something not quite right about it and we tried really hard to stay positive for as long as we could dr. Google was in some cases my enemy in some cases it gave me hope you know without HCG levels I'll jump into that first so I had three lots of blood work taken to check my HCG levels exactly a week apart so the first one was when I was about 7 weeks pregnant it was showing that my HCG levels were about 6,800 and then ultrasound was saying that I was only five weeks and four days pregnant at that point so to be honest my ob/gyn or fertility specialist whatever you want to call her I am seeing a fertility specialist she was very hopeful she said that it was very high she even thought maybe I was even carrying twins she was just really really happy everything was going on track I will say if this is your first video watching I was also on aspirin since the time since two months before I got pregnant I was also on megaphone late two months before I got pregnant I was taking that every day and then once I got pregnant I dropped it down to Monday Wednesday Friday so in just three days a week same with megabee I was taking that every day until I got pregnant and once I did I dropped it down to Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and then I was also taking progesterone since I got pregnant every single day so it was a 200 milligram progesterone and tablet so I was doing everything that I possibly could be my HCG HCG levels looked really good but the ultrasounds were just really not great fast forward a week we had another blood test and this is when things started to go downhill I think seven weeks maybe seven weeks exactly six weeks or mmm six days maybe I had a little bit of spotting when I was at work and it was enough to stay in my underwear but then it went away and then it came back and then it went away it was only ever really brown so to be honest I wasn't really that concerned about it I was concerned enough that I had to go and have another ultrasound but I don't know I just we blended with Jackson so I guess I didn't really I didn't want to think too much of it I was trying really really hard to be positive but I feel like that's when I would have naturally miscarried if we weren't taking a progesterone that Tuesday I had another ultrasound and the baby had or the the sack had grown a little bit the yolk sac had appeared and everything like that everything seemed to be growing but just not at the speed that it needed to be that Thursday I had another blood test and my HCG levels were only at 14,000 like in the 14,000 so it was definitely rising but not doubling the way it should do when I was on dr. Google they said that after it gets to 6,000 the level 6000 it could take longer to go up so I was really hoping that everything was going to be okay and then I am the next week I had another ultrasound and it showed that the sac and the egg yolk weight was at the yolk sac and had grown a little bit but not again the way it should have and then when I had my final HCG test done it showed that I was only at 24,000 like their level was only 24,000 so again it was rising but not doubling and there are some like discussions that doctors and things had with me saying that progesterone could definitely have assisted that and kept me feeling like I was pregnant when in fact I should have miscarried the last ultrasound I had was on the Monday that was two weeks ago two and a bit weeks ago so I had an ultrasound on the Monday morning at 11 and it actually showed the SAC had decreased in size and then I went to see the ob/gyn or the fertility specialist and everything was kind of confirmed with the blood work and the ultrasounds that in fact it wasn't a viable pregnancy that's what they called it so on Tuesday I got admitted to hospital and I underwent a medically managed miscarriage the reason why I had to go that route and do it in hospital was because they wanted to collect the tissue samples to try and do some testing to find out if there was anything that they could that would give us any answers as to why we're having so many miscarriages I do want to say that they did say that there is a great possibility that they won't get any information just because there was no fetal poles so yeah we don't know if we're gonna get any information out of it there was no genetic components that they found that caused Jackson to have HLHS so at this stage we're still kind of in the dark as to why this keeps happening like I said we got admitted to hospital on the Tuesday and they gave me the drug misoprostol I believe that's how you say I could be wrong it's the exact same drug that they gave me when I was induced with Jackson and I miscarried in the hospital I was given it every I think four hours it was a drug that was placed under my tongue so didn't inject anything into my body didn't inject anything into my womb or into any baby or anything it was just two tablets under my tongue that to be honest I feel like gives you a chemical burn I don't know if anybody has had that it's what they used to induce labor and bring on labor to bring on miscarriages to bring on a whole bunch of different things with pregnancy they also use it to help treat postpartum bleeding so it's used for a bunch of different things but in my case they used it to bring on this miscarriage and let me just say it hurts like crazy anyone that has been interesting labor like obviously it's not as bad as going through labor because there's a baby and that is painful but it is painful the cramping is really painful they gave me some oxy codeine while I was there to keep me comfortable they also gave me some one dance-a-tron because I got very sick and that's just something that's just the side effects that my body has with it so we had that every four hours probably the worst part about the whole situation was that unfortunately it was a really busy week for Matt at work and I know again some people go to comment about this but Matt had to do an interview at night for his job and obviously he's the breadwinner so I was in pain I was in hospital I was fine to be alone to be honest I kind of wanted to be alone I was in and out of sleep for the whole day and if I wasn't asleep I was watching movies but we had arranged with the nurses for Sam to come in and sit with me after childcare while Matt was doing the interview and then he was gonna come back and get him and let me just say never do that again he was jumping off the walls like literally he jumped off the bed about three times he was climbing on the chairs to look out the window he spilled a cup of water I was running around chasing after him all the way in the most excruciating pain and at that point is when I kind of miscarried most of the tissue so it was it was the most painful part of the whole process and Sam was there for that but I in some ways wouldn't change it for the world because it was comforting having him there so that came and took him home I stayed in hospital overnight I had a lot of bleeding and then the next day they gave me another dose so on the Wednesday they gave me another dose in the morning I had the doctors come around with the ultrasound machine and I still had quite a large blood clot that hadn't made its way out yet so they wanted me to stay in for the morning and see if we could get it out by taking more medic it didn't come out but yeah I still got to go home I got to go home at about 3 o'clock after I came home I bled for about two weeks to be honest I still had a bit of stain to discharge the last few days but it's not enough to cause any issues the hospital seems to think it's fine they called and did a check on me and I am going back on the 15th of next month to see the ob/gyn to see what we can do next time I have been given the clearance to start taking the aspirin again which should help regulate my periods which i believe is what helped me get pregnant this time so I am gonna start taking that I wanted to give my body plenty of time after I stopped bleeding to stop taking that again and I'm also going to start I should never have stopped but I am gay I did stop because I just needed some time off from taking all the medication I am gonna start as of next week taking the aspirin and the mega folate and the mega B vitamins and then yeah we will find out on the 15th if there's any news from those tests and what we can do next time I did want to address a couple more things before I finished this video I had some people comment and send me messages saying that they're very disappointed in my channel because they feel I'm very closed-minded in regards to trying to have a baby and they wanted to see me consider different options I guess in regards to IVF and adoption surrogacy and fostering in regards to IVF that is definitely something that we're considering is something that we have recently talked about and it's something that I will be talking to my fertility doctor about when I see her on the 15th I I don't think that I'm close-minded when it comes to having another baby like we have been seeing a doctor to be tested we have been tested I'm trying really hard to be open-minded but IVF is definitely something that we have talked about in the way considering I did mention to map the other day that if we have one more miscarriage I think that will be it and then I want to try IVF in terms of surrogacy here in Australia we have very tough laws about that kind of thing it's it's very difficult to adopt an extremely expensive and I guess there is that financial burden across the whole board with all of the options here we have a very good public health care system and that's what I'm going through at the moment so we haven't paid any money to see these fertility doctors that I've been seeing and having all the tests that I've had so at this stage financially this is a route that is accessible to us I'm not going to not consider IVF I know that it'll be a financial burden on us but I feel like if we can't get pregnant by ourselves and have another baby in the next twelve months then that is definitely a route that I am very strongly considering but I really I really believe in my doctor and I really but I really feel she's got my back and I feel like she can get to the bottom of this and I don't know I guess I feel like when the time is right we will be blessed with another baby and you know it has taken a lot longer than we thought but I never give up I will always fight for this it's something that I really want and yeah we're just gonna keep trying until we they can't try anymore or until we have a baby in her arms so anyway I'm gonna leave the video here I hope you guys enjoyed it again I'm sorry for the double up in videos head over to my facebook page it explains everything over there but I will see you guys in our next video thanks for watching bye guys hey guys thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to watch some of ours if you want to see more from us make sure you click here to subscribe if you want to keep up to date with everything going on with that new house field click here and to watch all of our latest videos click here

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  1. I dont think you are closed minded at all, who doesn’t know all those medically assisted Methods would cost a fortune and may not guaranteed success

    You obviously have no problem getting pregnant, but seeking some alternative ways to prep your body or do some genetic testing( heard of natural killer cells) would be the way to find out exactly what are the possible causes to your miscarriages

    The only thing that I am reli concern is how your miscarriages are taking toil to your body( in herbal medicine we treat each miscarriage as a birth) so reli take some good care of yourself while TTC

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss hun. My first miscarriage was a blighted ovum. I didn't find out till I was 9 weeks and was told it was all ok to not ok and back and forth for 3 weeks. I didn't have my d&c till I was 11 weeks.it was so hard being placed in the middle of a maternity ward with fresh new babies as I was miscarrying. My body just didn't want to give up on the pregnancy and it was so hard for me. I went into a very dark depression following that miscarriage. You are so strong and such a beautiful woman. Sending all the best for the future. Also my friend always knew she was pregnant because of her cat. He would stick to her like glue and bam she was pregnant.

  3. Hang in there girl it’s in God’s hands n he definitely has a plan for u!! Stay positive u got this 🙏🙏

  4. I have a heavy heart for you. I wish you nothing but the best. Just know that you’re helping so many of us by sharing your life. Keep your head up and hold your sons hand tight, he truly is precious.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss, miscarriages are so heart wrenching I’ve had many. We resorted to ivf Australia in the end but its a financial cost, we got about a 50% rebate on Medicare. Each cycle if that helps. I used Dr Doctor google way too much which led to false hope a couple of times. I’m a lot older than you though and if had been younger I would probably have gone through more miscarriages as I figured I could get pregnant, it just wouldn’t stick. Good luck with what ever you do.

  6. You are not alone…. I've had four miscarriages myself, (one of which was triplets!) having to go through a full delivery with one of them without medication because I was bleeding so bad… The feeling of going through all of that without any joy in the end is undescribable! One really doesn't understand all of the feelings and emotions unless you've been through it! Right after that particular miscarriage (delivery), I was sitting on the hospital bed looking at all of the support papers and outfits the hospital staff put on my baby for pictures if I wanted to have developed and I got a phone call from a member of my family who I thought I wanted to talk to for support…. What she said to me was so hurtful and mind blowing! She said, "i guess it's time to turn the baby maker off"! She was thinking that would be a statement of comfort to me?! This was 18yrs ago and I STILL think of how bad that hurt me! I remember the feeling of brokenness…. The feeling that something is wrong with me that my body can't do what it was meant to do….. I now have a 16yr old son… He is high functioning Autistic…. I love him beyond words! He is my heart and soul! I don't know if going through all of those miscarriages was to teach me patience or to prepare me for what was to come with the needs of my son…. But I do know there was a reason somehow…. I DO know my babies are waiting for me and I will see them and hold them one day…..i pray for your strength in what you are going through… I just wanted to share my story to hopefully give you strength knowing you are not alone….. Lisa……from the State of NY, USA 💜

  7. Omg Tammie I'm only a few mins into your video and I really want to reach out and give you a big hug. I feel your pain. I have been through 5 miscarriages and it's so emotionally draining. It messes with your head and heart so much. People who haven't been through it just dont realise what you go through. You are a wonderful mum. Lots of love and support from Allison in the UK ❤

  8. I'm so sorry you have gone through another loss 🙁 I hope you get a healthy pregnancy and baby soon <3 Totally get you with after having a stillbirth so many other things don't seem as bad even though its still so hard! x

  9. I think your Son maybe saw the spirit of the baby and that's why he knew. Young children have been known to see spirits due to their innocence. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss 😢😢

  10. These people sending you negatives comments are sick, why can’t these people just watch your journey without negativity. These people don’t know how much you have helped some of us with your videos, you go out of your own way to reply to comments DMs with support even with your own loss. Thank you for sharing your story I appreciate you and your story. Your boys are very lucky to have you xxx

  11. Sam is indeed very special blessing to you. He is old enough to introduce Sam to life situations on their level. You are so strong and you have been dealt a lot of sadness. Please know that you have a lot of people who support you no matter what you do. You are indeed blessed with an amazing husband and sons.

  12. Best wishes and I hope your comments are filled with more supportive comments! You know what’s best for you and respecting your decisions is something I hope you’ll get on your videos! Gods blessings to you n yours n little sam!❤️👌😃😘🙏

  13. How embarrassing for those telling you that you are close minded for not considering other options. It really is none of their business. Please ignore those people. You are an amazing mother and have the right to do whatever you want in regards to your family. Sending lots of love ❤️

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