936 Abolish The Death Penalty, Fetus On Road

hello everyone – packing news I actually slept very well although spinor yard here there that's to be expected I just woke up yeah I need to trim my beard – it's like getting along I'm gonna probably get the trimmers today yeah in the news today we have the death penalty in the u.s. they are looking at it again and they're going to probably execute people for the first time since 2003 full of time 16 years not long enough I very much opposed the death penalty I think I laid out my reasons in another video but maybe not the US has a love affair some parts the US have a love affair with a death penalty the 11 revenge they love the fact that you know they can legally kill a human being and the human being is killed though there's one life obviously takes priority over another then again I'm I'm pro-abortion so there are different reasons for I don't I don't see fetuses as as people so there's still the Dominion and domain of the mother and so I don't think that they also should be considered murder victims in the cases of murders of pregnant women so that's just me you though I also don't believe that people should be executed for the crimes even if they're you know Savage it's just life in prison without parole he's definitely but it's also cheaper to surprisingly but I will go into more detail maybe in another video I don't have a lot of videos left so um and in the subject of fetuses a fetus was actually found on the sidewalk in Ottawa outside of a barber shop excuse me I don't know what the hell was doing there it was like some person yarded it out for an abortion clinic I don't know why how did they get fetus there I don't I don't know why it was there a know how it got there but it obviously made the news because it's not worthy you don't just walk around you know and see if he just lying around you know it's so that's awesome that happens what would I do I guess you have to I don't know if you call the police or you know if you call I don't know the process for if you find one if you just leave it if you pick it up toss away call the authorities could be linked to a crime I don't know so it's hard to say and I've never encountered I've never seen the fetus in real life I seen them in like the people like in the documentary films and stuff about abortion pictures of them and all that so but having a good day I guess just woke up late because I think I just forgot to set my alarm so I'm still trying to like mmm be on my way through life gonna go to Tim Hortons as they usually do every morning and just start doing things you know see you guys later

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