Did you know that we menstruate for an average of 38 years? Chemical-laden pads and tampons leave you feeling dry, irritated, smelly and cost you thousands of dollars. These outdated products are as damaging to your intimate health as they are to the environment. Each year, 20 billion pads and tampons end up in American landfills and oceans. But there is a better way. The LENA Menstrual Cup is a healthy and conscious alternative to pads and tampons. Inserted like a tampon, LENA sits comfortably in your vagina and offers a sensation- and leak-free period. You can wear your LENA Cup for up to 12 hours and reuse it for many happy years. It maintains a healthy pH level so you can stay naturally moist and comfortable throughout your period. LENA was designed for an active, modern woman and can be worn overnight, and during any physical activity except during sex. LENA is made in California and registered with the FDA, so you can trust its premium quality. So why not choose a better period? (soft music)

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