A DAY IN A LIFE WITH A NEWBORN | *** ( cuteness overload) ***

everyone today so while I wait for my coffee to brew I usually make myself drink a whole bottle of water just because caffeine dehydrates you and like I mentioned previously I'm a camel and I can go like days without drinking so I'm trying to be a good person and take care of myself yeah so I recently got these it's basically vitamins and you take a little quiz online and they kind of tell you what kind of vitamins you need for whatever health concerns you have so complexion thing where it's for hair skin and nails and usek tub by this morning I have been breaking out like crazy it's like postpartum acne I'm pretty sure it's like hormonal because I haven't changed my skincare routine or anything so I just put CC cream on right now and just like I look presentable for you but yeah it's usually like my forehead and then like this side of my face it used to be like that when before I got pregnant like sometimes it would flare up but usually have pretty good skin so I decided to take care of that as well and drink my vitamins it only had this for a couple of days so I can't really tell if it's doing anything but again and it's not sponsored or anything it's actually a pretty good way to get your hands on vitamins that you've never really heard of like we've all heard about like reitman C vitamin D but I'll put a link down below if you want to take a look okay I'm gonna drink these it's 7:30 on the freakin dot and he's fake yes I'm so excited I always get some say when he's awake like morning stretches our favorite so you take here look at you he is he is six weeks today it's only gonna be a newborn for one more week yeah shut you oh sorry mommy's hair is like everywhere I will not cut my hair I hope not yeah so he's probably gonna lay around in too far 20 minutes we're gonna play don't you eat and then he'll play for another like 20 minutes and I'll put him down for his nuts yeah hey you started smiling and laughing recently it's so cute yes it's you yeah you please mine yeah yeah oh this crazy she's crazy mommy he's crazy he's crazy this is the formula we use it's best one ever ever ever ever ever I do heat up his bottles he eats about 5 ounces so I heat up his water this formula when you get imported from organic start calm but my odds from Russia came yesterday and like tons of it because there it's like fifteen dollars per top and here when I have to import it this little guy is like four dollars so super blessed so usually for his first now but around nine I haven't fell asleep in his bassinet for his stroller so then I could take it down to the gym and I workout for about 30-40 minutes but I forgot the stroller in my car so we're not gonna do that because we live in downtown so my car is like six blocks away so I don't want to go get it especially if I'm sleeping so he's just gonna take a nap inside his room he is down right now it's hernán o'clock so I'm just gonna go work out when thought gets home he's getting off work a little bit early today so while he's sitting up some woman I'll be able to go do that anyway so Solomon is down and how I put him down for a nap is I swaddle him and then I give him his binky he and then I put him into his crib or his bassinet and then I just leave him and then I go on to the adjacent room and I just do my thing he usually takes about 15 minutes to fall asleep he doesn't cry he just coos makes grunts and then occasionally spits his binky oh and then I go in and I put it back in and then he basically falls asleep he's pretty chill and then he sleeps for about an hour hour and a half or until his next feeding so his first feeding was at 7:30 39:30 10:30 so about 10:30 11 o'clock he'll wake up so yeah but an hour and a half you just ate now he's wide awake yeah you guys check this out yeah you wrote a so Q yeah well they said oh my yeah soon he's naughty hypnotism or this guy's good boy this is what newborn life is like honestly they just sleep eat in the new cut oh yeah it's like eleven forty ish Phillip just texted me and he said he's gonna be home at 12:30 yeah Papa's clean he'd be home soon she's nice he's getting out fourth way early so I'm gonna put this little dude down in his little swing so he can play I'm gonna get dressed I'm still in my room yeah I did kind of have a lunch I meet myself a matcha latte and then I had a few pieces chicken I just don't get very hungry I don't know why like when I'm tired or like don't get enough sleep or I don't know I just don't get us hungry which I know I should I should study better yeah but he's so cute oh good news it's 2:30 and the boys are still sleeping this literally happens all the time they can fall asleep wherever whenever during day but I can't I can't just nap so I've been sitting here for like two hours I made lunch for Philip so I did something but I'm looking at houses we've been looking at houses since when oh I thought you said yourself in the reflection was in the winter we started looking at like before Christmas or after three years we're just waiting for something to wake up and then we're gonna go out [Laughter] okay so we got home and it's now 7:30 so Solomon is gone for the night his night routine is become home we give him a bath we spot all him give him clothes to bed he usually takes about 15 years to fast me up in this crap so fellas why Pam and I'm going to the gym so thank you so much for watching I hope this give you a little bit of a glimpse of what and you born this like honestly they just eat and sleep and cuddle it's pretty fun bam thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time

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