A day in the life – gestational diabetes/moving

okay good morning you guys so I'm gonna start this whole thing because hey I like to look back at things be a lot of you guys on Instagram keep asking me too and see I do have kind of a big life change happening and I kind of want to document and keep myself accountable kind of I don't know how I know um if you're new or whatever or don't know yet I do I'm pregnant with twins we are 15 weeks they are boys I'm 16 weeks two boys and I have gestational diabetes how long with a couple other things making this a pretty high-risk pregnancy so as of right now I only have to watch what I eat high carb low carb high protein and I have to check my what are you checking your insulin your glucose whatever like you know I have to check my numbers four to six times a day so I have to kind of make a pretty big shift in the way I'm eating and I kind of want to share that journey with you because I didn't see a whole lot of that already for people that are going through it like on YouTube because for me I don't know really anything about gestational diabetes diabetes at all what I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing I'm probably gonna fumble a lot because I don't really know what I'm doing I'm just kind of trying but every time I go to a doctor's appointment I am like they schedule them more and more frequently because I'm consistently being higher and higher risk so I didn't I know but I need to like do like really really do this they officially diagnosed me a week ago and I've been like yeah yeah II better I had Domino's I had just had a bunch of mashed potatoes chicken-fried steak for dinner last night like I'm not really doing it today today we start really doing so just start it off right and Starbucks this morning but what I got was just an iced latte with three pumps of sugar-free cinnamon Dolce and almond milk so that's low carb so far the only numbers that I've had that are too high and it was really only during my three-hour glucose test was my fasting number so the way that they explained it to me and if I'm wrong I'm sorry but this is how I understood it that number specifically as of right now is hormone related which makes I mean I have two placentas which is kind of upping everything which is why I didn't have gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy or my whole life so they said it is just because there's two placentas it's nothing that I did specifically but the only number that is high as of right now is hormone related not necessarily food related that could very easily change though as time goes on so I just have to really watch the way I eat and if I don't watch the way I eat or if it does get worse anyways I'll have to get insulin shots and then that puts the babies at more and more high risk and they keep saying stillbirth and I get irritated every time they say the word stillbirth but I guess that's the possibility so I can't be too bad but anyways I was thinking I kind of go along talk to you about what I am eating sorry my arms really tired um when I am eating what I'm doing again I don't really know if I'm doing it necessarily right all I've been told so far is did you kind of just stay around anything that has 15 carbs per serving not really necessarily paying attention to sugar just don't eat a lot of like don't eat sugar I haven't been told not to eat sugar like I couldn't still have fruits and stuff I don't have to necessarily like only eat so many sugar per whatever but um not eat crap food and 15 carbs per serving I mean I can have a couple servings of something but nothing that has more than 15 carbs and stay around 45 carbs per meal so I had that for breakfast and then well with my breakfast and for breakfast I had eggs mostly egg whites with bell peppers and bacon and avocado so that was my breakfast and afterwards my numbers revived my numbers were fine this morning I haven't I haven't myself taken a high number yet it was just on my three-hour glucose test so that's good hopefully it stays low and as long as I eat right everything's fine okay aside from the gestational diabetes thing we are moving in three days so I just put my little man to bed and I'm gonna pack up my house I have all of those are empty I have to fill all of them up today I think I'm gonna packed up the kitchen and start going through our clothes which is a lot like literally right now I just have all of our clothes in a big pile and I'm gonna go through and roll them all into laundry baskets and I think that's gonna be our best plan of action for moving them I think we'll see but that is my plan today is a lot of packing and moving or packing and then today's Wednesday we move Saturday morning yeah so I doesn't matter that's our day so far okay it's almost 2:00 I have packed our bathroom about half the kitchen and now I am going to start on the clothes as soon as onyx lays back down for a nap um for lunch I just had carrots and hummus and then I made this little thin crust healthy pizza crust with just cheese and sauce on it for the kids and I had a slice of it for a third of the pizza it was like 25 carbs and I ate maybe half of that so not too bad not too bad and then I'm gonna check my what you McCall it's in a little bit I am over packing already and I've I feel like I did a while like it took me a while but it doesn't look like I did very much which is kind of annoying um I need to water my plants today and I keep putting that off that's pretty much it there's not much going on I just now have to literally I've dumped the clothes and I have that basket and then I have I think about one more load to wash because I want it you know obviously when we move so I'm just gonna go through organize them by person roll them up stick them in stick them in binge and then yeah my house is kind of a complete disaster right now I don't really know where to put the packed boxes I don't really have like a spot wasn't full of being use thank you baby ignore our mess well hello see if I can cover it with myself onyx you know when you can hear them peeing in their diaper hey thank you but yeah he's not wet that's weird I probably need to change there anyway so anyways mom life he's just slinging down chillin watching doc mcstuffins I am 100% sitting on these clothes right now I need you you need to do stuff and I have no I am running low on energy I think I'll go through and show you my plants clues the majority of them now we're just on one table cuz they took all my shelves down I didn't even go through and take all my shelves down you need to pack up AJ's shoes which is literally I don't know if you can kind of see our closet back there the whole things just posed shelves which would I think be like towels or maybe maybe a pantry like that's what it's supposed to be its shoes just he's up when we first got together he was like the kind of guy that would wait up all night long to buy a certain pay or whatever or wake up at 3:00 a.m. to go wait somewhere and buy a really cool pair of shoes and then flip it for twice as much he said that a lot but now we have kids and bills I take all this money so he doesn't have the funds for that at the moment we're travel like save and stuff which is so annoying when you like want something and you can afford it but like it's with money that you're saving I don't think you so dumb hi Bobo's are you a happy baby can you do crappy loves to pop happy and if you're happy and you're know is if you're happy and you know it favorite yay if you happy and you know it yeah yeah enjoy my mom voice yay clapping so damn cute anyways I'm literally just um rambling so that I don't have to clean right now I don't want to do anything also like packing stuff hard in the sense that like I packed up most of our bathroom stuff but then I'm like okay am I really committing to not wearing makeup for the next three days which I mean realistically yeah we're like what I don't know exactly what all he uses in the in the getting ready routine every day so I didn't really want to pack up his so I didn't really pack it and I know that he probably won't pack it so I was like stop his routine in the morning to see what he uses we're like the kitchen is kind of hard because we use stuff I'm like I I don't know that we're 100% not gonna cook for the next two nights where we don't have that much stuff Bub's his room but I mean his rooms literally just his crib a rocking chair and a little thing with his clothes on it like he literally only sleeps in there and it's pretty bare so that one will be easy cuz I just have to get his clothes in his crib I wonder if right now just take the crib apart take it out of the door cuz I put it together in the house we did get another crib for the boys now I know there we found out yesterday so it's weird saying the boys or we have one name picked out for them for one of them and we've decided which one will be that baby so now I'm like who what's his name I don't know if I want to tell everybody yet but what's his name he's kicking and that's new and exciting he's so down I really hope he's good I think you'll be a good big brother is anybody else obviously I don't have another kid so I haven't experienced this before but I am having a little bit of guilt I guess you could say or guilt puffs hormones I just feel bad because obviously like 100% of our life right now is me and onyx hanging out all day and I feel bad that it's not going to be the same anymore and he's not gonna have mom 100% of the time or whenever he needs me I'm just kind of there and now he won't have that so I kind of feel guilty but then also I know I'm gonna love these kids too so they can all share me and I know that he'll love having brothers I'm just kind of I'm kind of worried about twin babies one baby was kind of like okay yeah like we'll figure it out like we'll just have one more baby and onyx can you know get used to one more brother or sister was kind of the hope but now that it's two I'm like will I even have time for you anymore I'm not sure are you gonna take a nap he doesn't actually sleeps in there but I wonder if he would he was tired enough anyways baby number two coming mom guilt I'm sure that's normal I hope it is people love their kids I'm sure it is um because I can do to not have to pack clothes I hate those it's probably my least favorite thing in our new place me and AJ I will have separate closets which is really nice because I I'm not dirty and I'm not really messy except for clothes I hate folding clothes or hanging them up every time I get dressed I have to try on like six different outfits unless like I'm just wearing around the house clothes like right now I have a super tight maternity tank top and some stretch pants and when I stay home obviously that's what I wear all day but like to go anywhere I have to try on a bajillion things especially when I'm pregnant and nothing really fits nothing fits so it might be a bajillion and ten and I don't put them back so it's like maybe I'll have a clean closet for a day a couple days but then as soon as I have to get dressed it's it's over with so it's nice that we'll have separate closets so that he won't have to really put up with my mess high bugger I think I need to go buy him down for a nap too anyways this is me rambling this is what I do procrastinate ramble talking about nothing I'm gonna put him down for a nap and that I think I'm gonna water my plants so that I can get that out of the way and maybe then I'll start with the clothes we'll see I've been putting this off for like three weeks yeah I've had clothes chilling it was in that basket but still like I've I've had clothes just sitting for like three weeks because well hello it is um it's about five o'clock I did not very much more but enough I got all my clothes organized now we've got AJ's clothes my clothes towels jackets but everything else is off the floors so that's good and then bubs is closed it's on the floor making dinner right now for all the kids um spaghetti I didn't have any healthy pasta so I mean I can have a little bit of this or I can find something else to eat I'll probably just find something else to eat I'm on my then this is my third one have water which is good I'm currently begging my mother to bring me some sugar-free Powerade on her way to pick up her kids cuz I've got a sweet tooth and I'm thirsty but I don't have any with me cuz I bought a 6 an 8 pack a couple days ago and I finished them all already um I didn't water my plants yeah I'll probably wait till tomorrow now that it's getting kinda dark I need to UM fertilize them which is why I'm just kind of being lazy about it I literally just have to scoop stuff into water mix it up and then 4 and then water them but it's just kind of a lot but here I guess I can show you I mean if you want to see what my plants look like when they're thirsty so if you see it ignoring but this is honestly you don't know what this is it's called a ruby red they're very interesting least so I like it this is one of my very many pothos that I have I think I have like 11 or 12 it's thirsty so it's kind of wilting this is I think a Dracaena plant it will eventually get turn into a tree this is a jar if you know where from what's up this is the dried lavender that I have right now I just went to my see if it'll focus at all maybe not okay I just went to my brother's girlfriend's house and she has white lavender I don't know if that's actually a thing or if it's a different plant but it's white and it smells like lavender just a little bit sweeter so I have that in there with some real lavender from my outdoor little area over here I have this is where I'm throwing all my plants because I got rid of my shelves so I have my Zizi plant right here that I really need to UM dust this is one of my mini pothos I have this just growing in water right now it's doing pretty good this is another one this is my five finger or something you're not supposed to check him I guess this is uh I think that's a waffle plant but it is not doing very good it's very thirsty and I wouldn't I've let it get too dry too many times another pathos a couple more pathos I don't know what that little thing is but those are really pretty Leafs and I stole them it was my mom's plant and I stole a couple pieces of it back here I have one one big and one new leaf of a CF writer with are called cuz I have one of those little pelea peperomia I think is what those are called I'm not sure this plant again I don't know what that is that's another one of the other ones I just said I really suck at this so my snake plant it's kind of light out there he's got a baby coming up soon this those are starts to trees that aren't growing so I think I killed them this is another plant that I've let get dried too many times both of these are and they're not doing too well so I honestly don't even think they're gonna make the move this is a lemon lime fill it under and I have a couple of these this is a new little guy just got the other day he was let me say a little more he's a little little thirsty but still doing pretty good and then I have another eggplant there's Stephanie small and I have this one this is a one of these called it's thirsty that's very thirsty these are called I have two of it oh it's a prayer plant done I got this today I found out I was pregnant with the twins and then it turned into two plants and then my one pregnancy test turn into two babies so that works another Z Z plant and then I have some wandering jew in this little head thing and then those are just more pothos so it's literally like a big plant mess oh please I bought a mess what are you doing I'm making dinner so he's chilling he only hangs out in here when I'm like using the bathroom showering or making dinner this is my spider plant it's got a few babies we've got about three or four over here hang on but that one and then this is also one of them out there that's new and then over here I have that's a cactus this usually stands up straight but it's just really thirsty these plants it's a polka dot something they're very particular and dramatic they'll stand right back up as soon as they get water but they look like they're dead until they get that a little bit of water I have another spider plant it hangs out in water all the time it doesn't it's not as dirty as it looks maybe it is oh I have a piece of bamboo in there this is another papas I have this little hanging thing I made and I have my Christina it's just a baby this plant I don't know what it is we've been through some hard times together but I think it's coming up it's got like three new leaves coming in this is my big tree one of my trees this is so this plant will be one of these eventually and then over here on the wall I have these these Justin philodendron and some pathos and then this is my Oya um and these are all that I have out here I have a couple in the other room but the kids are in there being loud so I'll show you what another day this is it for now and then I also have some outside but yeah it's kind of it do you have anything to say butts are you happy and you know it do you clap your hands I asked him to be like there you go our names I think we've picked for the babies it's only been a couple hours and I'm pretty sure we said yes I could do now and he said he did Oh what is that thank you a wall crumb thank you you wanna eat it that sucks can of it these are this is our mess so far these are mostly packed boxes those are all in my husband's know a half of my husband shoes and then more packed boxes and shelves my um vacuum are not vacuum perfectly here those are always clothes from when I organized boredom these are all empty boxes and then random shelves and a little bit of food I emptied out the majority of all of our cupboards um I just need to wash those pans and his tray we could Silva used that Tupperware pretty much daily our fruits and stuff still out I need to clean off the fridge and then I still use the coffee pot every day so what's gonna have to wait I am just some pasta right now the kids making some spaghetti because that's easy and you know get all that kind of stuff taken care of I have to take so many in my mind so many pills a day right to keep these little twins alive I need to add more stool softeners to these and then my pre needles I just ran out of so need to get some of those let's see that's just kind of where I'm at right now I'm like just living it up packing it up I packed up most of our bathroom I think I told you that already and then the closet with his shoes is done so now we just have like the back end of the house which is honestly a lot more of our clothes and then our living room I have the play room normally people would put like you know we have our missus awkward so here's the kitchen this is our dining room it's full of stuff and then this would be the living room but we moved our bed in here because this was the living room but onyx kept like trying to jump off the back of the couch and I didn't have it a way that was like would at all be safe for him to do that oh no what are you sad are you are you happy and annoying excuse me so our bedroom was huge and we just moved the couch in there and a bunch of his toys and that's like the playroom and it's nice because we can close the door like obviously in there with him are you hungry you hungry I'll make you some food I'm making dinner so I've taught him to like hungry anyway so that's our like living room here we go but that's what gonna be really easy to pack I'm cooking as fast as I can anyways this is my life I have those other kids those other kids my brother and sister for two more hours and then wait for Adria to get home I think he wants pizza tonight so I have to run to the store I got pizza tomorrow so I think this is probably be it for today this is this is my life this is it I stay home and clean and watch kids happy yeah happy Wednesday

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