A day in the life of a newborn

hello friends it's Tuesday and it's 11:15 Atlas is out in the living room with Lawrence sleeping in his swing and I was like hey I'm gonna go take a nap I haven't fallen asleep yet because I'm playing on Facebook and re watching my friends video I cry every time I watch it that was tough man that was tough that was that was so hard oh well yeah it's so gonna pretend to take it up until my baby wakes up and he is hungry oh he's sweaty Wow how did that happen oh no I'm good that's why you woke up cuz you are sweaty Hey Hey and you're hungry too it's all right one basketball better now yeah hungry yeah yeah that's fine I said yeah that's fine are you ready he tastes good turn on that fan yeah it's warm yeah once you're laying on the cap how's that the leather feel I feel a little better probably a little too cold what this is I mean its diapers went to record your breastfeeding I'm not gonna show my nipple kind of mom perfect timing mom's thank you get so hot usually Trillian here Gross said gross look it's a baby no look at my little frog he's got a little where is it there it is got a little swirl in this hair mmm my double chin is kicking oh this is what we do all day okay so me and a little man took a tiny little nap and then he got mad and was hungry again Lawrence has been doing quite a bit of cleaning today and he's got Atlas outside walking him and I'm going to do a quick little spot mop of the house it's not bad oh and also like you guys know how horrible it is to spill milk well I had my haka last night because I used it during one of my feedings last night and thank God it was not like full full or else I would have been heartbroken but oh there's a man walking in the backyard anyways I was reaching over to get him last night whenever he started crying and I elbowed my haka half full of milk and spilled it all over my curtains and I said a bad word so now I have to wash my curtains because there's milk on them and then I'm gonna spot mop I'm gonna eat something I've been eating oatmeal every day because that's good for boob juice oh yeah boob juice oh yeah I was too I was too tired to do with that mess last night it sounds like alright deal with it tomorrow we see his hairs I was trying to take a picture of his here earlier better something funny flowers oh my god they're so pretty what's the card thing but you need to burped before you can eat some more oh it's so pitiful so these are from the church they just sent these and then these were brought to me at the hospital they're from atlas really from my mother-in-law's boyfriend but it's so weird to call him her boyfriend because I mean he's been here as long as I've been here so but that's really sweet and I did just pumped so there's like nothing in my boobies right now and he is still hungry so I'm going to warm him up to some milk I just keep a few in the fridge so whenever I need to give him a bottle to warm this up daddy is taking him outside to get some more fun and also to calm him down you know I I don't I don't know what I did to get him and he is so good he's such a good teddy and like anytime I talk about it I just want to cry because like he has far surpassed my expectations far so I just looked out in the yard and Gammy's here gave me an puffier here hi kami I found you a baby did you tell her about the one that mom was saying about yeah I told her I found their baby getting a suntan yeah this baby was it in a suntan and him with so put oh he heard his mom I look at him sorry sorry I find him – oh there she is he looked towards booger okay love you thanks mama maybe we can get a tent here mama hi so gaming and puppy just left and atlas has the hiccups again he does Hanuman and oh my god my hair hello eyes dude thank you for watching my car you are the best I know right yeah I don't know where I was going with that besides my hair looks crazy I just can't kill real cute here okay well hey there's a man he is eating again and I'm about to eat and then I think we're gonna watch a movie so I'm gonna call it quits for this evening because lord knows I'm not actually gonna sleep again tonight so I will see you guys tomorrow you'll be a week old tomorrow why why why have you been here for a week already that's so weird I love you okay all right I will see you guys tomorrow goodbye

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  1. i said in othe videos comments i love watching them feed, i didnt produce milk only a few drops first 2 days after my daughter as born, my mother the same, your baby is so sweet

  2. thank you for showing the truth. im expecting my second baby and got a bit upset because of all "perfect" vlog moms of newborns… you gave me hope and love :*

  3. Enjoy these moments, your journey was so beautiful.. My son turns a year on the 24th, I still remember him being this little but boy do I miss it. He is so beautiful❤

  4. Quick tip your boobs are never actually empty n it's best to pump about 20mins after a feed….great job being his mama I'm so excited for you. Your birth made me wish I recorded mine if my little man it was so emotional I teared up. Good luck with everything and congratulations hes perfect

  5. Try the freezer bags by lansinoh. I used those for my milk they were awesome. Your milk will stay good in the freezer I'm pretty sure it says for 6 months. I just rewatched this cause my daughter last nite distracted me lol

  6. Your video is real life and I think its great! Some make videos that seem to be so edited that it films only the best or worst moments. Yours is very natural. Btw…. You're a great mommy! Well done! Oh and I watched your birth video. Omg…. I cried!!! You sure had a hard time. Again, well done in being so real with sharing your life.

  7. He is adorable! I am in awe of you! I was a walking zombie for at least 3 months!! I could barely function between nursing marathons and lack of sleep. My husband helped but not with the baby so much. He was terrified of him so it was basically me doing it alone for quite a while.

  8. Freeze your milk. It will ruin really fast in the fridge. Also put it in the back part of freezer. Not in the door. It looks like he's a champion nurser. Yea, Atlas! Lawrence is enthralled, how sweet. What did Magnus say about him? I hated it when my infant wanted to nurse 40 of every 60 minutes. You're doing super. Lawrence has really stepped up. GO LAWRENCE! Oh yes, Atlas is so pretty! Good job.

  9. Kelsey you have had me bawling for almost a week LOL! To see how you laboured through and brought your baby here is so beautiful, a moment you have allowed us to share with you. Watching you and Lawrence ttc and then seeing this beautiful and amazing end result is priceless. You are a wonderful Mother, as you have been from the moment Atlas was conceived. You are giving encouragement to women all over. Oh Lord, I'm tearing up again. Much love 💙 xoxo

  10. Ditto about the pumped milk!! Keep it as far back in the fridge as you can!!! Congratulations!! Atlas is just adorable!!!

  11. Lawrence is so sweet!!! You're so Blessed Kelsey! P.S. So far you're one of the few moms who make MORE videos after giving birth! Thank you for keeping us updated on you and little man.

  12. Try oatmeal, but also eat lots of protein, as well as drink lots of water I'm Soo proud of u and u have the most beautiful family!!! I miss my boys being little!!! I breast fed for 19 months love u girl!!!

  13. He is just so cute you are what we call family goals your doing amazing I have two kids and a baby on the way due in December. And your hubby is so caring it’s amazing your doing a great job kels congratulations and best of luck for in the future you are an amazing mama x

  14. Those newborn cries! Oh my heart, they always sound so horrified hahaha. "Look at my little frog" lol he is such a little fwoggy for sure! Glad you are nursing, you are a good mum.

  15. I am so happy to be seeing these kinds of videos from you, Kelsey. You look truly happy and content, and your husband is such an awesome Daddy. You loo beautiful. Motherhood agrees with you!! Thank you for sharing these precious early days with us. I hope you get some sleep tonight, it’s almost 2am California time!! 💕😘

  16. Lawrence “are you going to film your breast feeding?” Kelsey “I’m not gonna show my nipple.” Lol. I giggled. Y’all are all too cute. ❤️

  17. Just a little FYI, but you may find it easier taking the onesie off by working it down to his feet rather than over the head. The reason the folds are on the onesie shoulders is to do so, just in case of a diaper blow out. It also is easier on the little one.

  18. He is just too adorable!! Love when he opens his eyes 💞 18 more weeks and I can hold my baby boy too!

  19. Your husband is such a caring daddy and husband! It so made me tear up when he said, “can I give him a quick kiss”, because that is so how my hubby is going to be. 😍Kelsey, you are doing sooo amazing. You were meant to be a momma. He is beautiful and makes my heart swell. ❤️❤️ much love!

  20. Will you be doing a labor and delivery video? You have given me to much insight into being a new mom! Thank you!!

  21. Trolls still patrolling. If you don't like something then why click to watch it??!! Just stupid, stop hating!!

  22. Hey Kelsey ,
    Do you use a bassinet or something beside your bed or co sleep ?
    If you use a bassinet or something by your bed for him does it hurt to get in and out or up and down the nights with him

  23. Congrats u two! What a beautiful little miracle u brought into the world. He's the spitting image of his daddy, its unreal! Wish u all the best and enjoy that little fella. ❤

  24. He's gorgeous and you look like a natural! Wish I could have my daughter back as a baby for a little while.

  25. Hmm, I think your mini me of your hubby is going to have blonde hair. Such a beautiful little baby you both have created! 😍

  26. Im so happy for you Kelsey, watched you since your TTC days and let me tell you, it's all worth it isn't it. 😪😘😍 your face just glows of a mother totally in love with life. Wishing you all the best. Thank you for the upload. ❤

  27. Oh my goodness you made a cute baby! And your hubs is such a sweetheart with new little man. What is the thing you said you knocked her in the middle of the night?

  28. He is seriously the cutest! 😍😍 .. & don't worry about "not having milk left in your boobs"- boobs are like rivers, not ponds 🙂 especially when babies clusterfeed to boost your supply- you'll always have some in there for your little man! You guys are doing amazing! I'm seriously loving all these raw life videos ❤

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