A Fetus Is A Parasite

not only do is there men out there that are against abortions there is also men out there who wants women to get abortions and these men think they should have rights and say that the woman should abort their child because they don't want to take care of that child I think that is wrong and I think a woman has a choice on that because of the simple fact is he should be paying for the child on the child because they're not thinking of that when they get older when they go to work now they're providing for themselves for making this money and then at the end of the year they do their taxes and they get this big-ass check at the end of the year basically getting it back okay and they don't see that who's going to take care of them when they're Owen's they keep saying well I'll take care of myself well do you do not realize you need children we need people need to give birth to their children so they can work but most grocery stores they can work on the farm so they can supply all the things you need when you retired and also give you your medication when you're sick take care of you in the hospital do you not look at any of that shit no these men don't they think they should pay and run and the woman gets pregnant she's on her own she has to provide for that child and he doesn't have to do nothing he guess he says my money my wallet that all that money belongs to him then he should be working all the way up to they he dies then that's how I see it because if he doesn't want to dish out for the young now but once a retired when he's old and expects these children to take care of him and he did not provide for them when they were young then he should they should not be taking care of him when he's old he should not be allowed to go to his grocery stores he should not be allowed to get any medication and clothing any of that shit when he has a certain age that's how I see it because that's what their don't they want to do that to the young they want to do that so the mothers they give birth to the future then that we should be doing that to these type of men

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