A Freaky Fetus with tbandz and papi

[Applause] I think it ended a while ago to be honest no my girlfriend detection move that it done oh I like this being here yeah two men with Poppy everybody China Robbie I'm Attila with my I see everybody trying to rob me but I rolled it near my party because you know I'm going with Hari flying like a bumblebee mean you know they trying to stop me everywhere I go I keep that 30y on my bill every time I step outside they got that Sun hitting my belt Bobby no The Hobbit swimming with ttv yeah said I should see but don't get at me cuz I'm a messy world yeah I know my feet I don't really care get off the fucker off of me [Applause] are you trying to go start back out if you don't want see I'm sue the next videos alright my goal is to sleep somebody oh I can use that sledge is one of my own stairs I like the beat we're here have a club those you don't want to do that I have an Eightball got almost heirs I think that was a warden but I'm not sure I'm gonna draw it out real quick Oh somewhere oh you ready right watch this ready pistol all right dang it yo myself I swear Oh whoo I want like a almost like hollow all right I got you well yeah I playing this game is mozzie everybody trying to rock me I'm a hitter like John Gotti no I'm not stalking John da because if I'm talking John Gotti then I hit you with my rari i'ma hit you with that golly I may hit you with my body yeah hey hey no yeah hey academia is gone pack a little meal is gone Pecola was gone take it Amelia's gone got 40 on my clock no I'm not talking Bobby yeah now I'm just rhyming words that's all rhyming is as a rap with rhyming words I might hit you wit my truck hits you with my duck hit you with my car yeah okay tell them in the room design in wasn't expecting that shining on my light the time would be white no I'm not blackouts I was I'm really white there's a one in window there's one in window are you dead okay there's a cove air starting through window still um pink still in pink still in pain okay watch me hostage I'm watching bro I'm watching yes yes all right now you guys they also has the auto sales on official sales on fire oh oh wait they're inside there's hot there in time which he probably just go hungry Hey and you're gonna talk huh how's the trigger one of my things okay alright now you gotta oh okay that was none of this sexy flick Benza joined the game met my mind is ain't everything you'll say man I really can't clean can't get the words of my mouth and time but I'm just gonna sit here and I'm gonna hit the random button Exxon controlled or everybody ride with me reeling in my Rover so don't get my head every time they back in the same spot yeah singing tidy then you know I be it everybody tryna comment with me with a recap everybody know and I be trappin down the street everybody tryna come at me with a on me bands on the mic want to yeah alright I'm pausing this cuz I really want to owe me bitch I'm so sorry I am so sorry dude I have to go apologize hold up hold up if I go on gaint it's gonna premiere yeah hold up I'm so sorry for killing me I thought that there was another fault rap on D and I tried to shoot it out of pure anxiousness and fear actually kill gee I'm so sorry what if we got a uh we got it what nothing nothing I've figured it out by sledge that's a good shield Oh what I had shot at him I definitely had shot him yeah this game has a trophy we registering headshots definitely had shot him is okay ah poor eliminated awhile love that was actually a really bad game I mean I did good no why would be playing wine my toes so bands I'm thinking that we should do a proper introduction of the squad right so we wouldn't have to edit like a video of having a different clips of us and that's gonna be our like oh wait I have one clip from you me this is not even rank jet you realize that am I not yo me just you want me to stop the streamer now I didn't know if y'all are cool I'm keeping the trim or one didn't do good for him my friends though and that's why you don't completely dumb them there dude I did bro so my friends ate a whole illegal burrito in one joke I'm the one sitting and like apparently his stomach is like turning inside out taco will be hidden on the high I'm not gonna lie we'll be drawers but I can't we just thought was innate or located like in the natural place stone pecan you may be the best thing she is y know hey when y'all go get up here when they all look good up here and because I'm a blow oh okay okay owning shit come out on me and kill me learn me bro is me bro this yourself or am I getting better Oh would you use me excuse me I was I'm dying container one I want to question it see it won't any question how he died advancing how fast the trigger but I've had my daughter like she knows not bad and random oh no I don't want that no I can do with me Secours imagine when you pick R and also the my son yeah that'd be amazing oh my gosh here at all God are you scared me nice yes I don't know why one was going last oh here come on bitch I want you to oh where where our doors they're mine overtime right okay which watch some grow a little bit video yeah which was a big oh I'm out died oh he's in the bar I didn't see the cab into my gmail I feel like I broke one of my feelings do you think you just broke your feelings Wow Oh gonna be able to kill – then let's again ok-ran don't know who's boss alright let's see what I got okay ash but he bans youth class bro I don't want to go to work tomorrow I need the money like a nice day on Sunday no it's not too bad yeah just got you and then I don't know what my schedule is for next week are they downstairs where are they upstairs yeah finally what are you gonna be starting oh really no shame right now I make my money uh not illegal fair enough where are they I do bro that's unlike picking with the next Thursday but I gotta go school shopping versus like dude my Wi-Fi is tripping ballsacks it's probably because you're a thing is my wife I don't like really good or eliminated that's a good fair enough even though I'm just banning too but still hey when you get yours man you get your husband's I respect that I respect that completely you say it's hard gotta get up and go to work for ten your boy getting tired Oh broke bands bands you hit me with Uli's and scared a mess out of me garage I I got one of them I get the second I think I think that's led yeah or Thatcher and he's all the way back to the left of a garage okay I want to kill this oh I was thinking about it I was like hold up hold up watch this watch this point cautious flank hold up ready and I just want to make sure oh my god that scared the crap like there's girl got mad earlier I was all right what should I flank out from right here run out straight and then to your right probably on the beat right now or he's inside I told this girl's like knowing my anger issues I don't want to thank you because I know I'm gonna hurt you well like now like physically hurt you but I would say something I'm like you just understand that into a lady so I get my anger oh that's so dumb bro that was such a cold oh my god oh I'm so mad I'm so mad [Laughter] just because I destroyed the recovering II didn't get the chance to do it to get it be Eddie someone murder him do it for me hold up I'm waiting to see if somebody's gonna pop in right here dance murder murder music we're we're know if he gets away with the steamship I'm gonna be sad oh never mind he got I'm glad reserved for that you got ash as we see here freaky feet is taking the angles trying to find the enemy and he pushes in back to obj but now takes a right instead and he realizes that someone had so he might go upstairs to defeat thermite and maybe Thurmond has just been killed but we don't know yet oh oh I didn't see him I didn't see him did you see but when you try to be a cast no I didn't see him behind the Greeks okay making sure that I just wasn't completely blind I mean my glasses are broken but still I'm just gonna want you to okay yeah me too probably I think I just screwed us in that round by trying to get that alright I just want the tin piece I wanted the Tim piece so bad what a great hey where's the above you what stand there yes I don't like it I'm just worried there from the ones that oh they're OK then they do their Haney's wrong yeah and then they have weird aftertaste no no no no no I insist I insist all right guys well thank you so much for being a part of this stream in supporting us we will see you next time next time on team idiots

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