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IYANLA VANZANT: That’s your mother. And you need to find this tendency in you. ‘Cause the fruit don’t fall too far from the tree. BREANA: Right. -And the same way she’s unaware, I was you to be conscious so that if you see little things creepin’ up, you get to correct it. -Mm. -So that you don’t get to be 44 and have all manner a breakdown in your relationships, ’cause you’re not clear about who you are. You say that your, your mom wasn’t there. NIKKI: Yeah. -Okay. -My mom says I was taken from her. -Have you ever asked your aunt? -I’ve asked my aunts, my uncles. [LAUGHS] -What did she say? And what do they say? -They said, you was not taken. She wanted to not raise a child at that age. -Inappropriate. -She wanted to party. -Inappropriate. -She wanted to hang out. -Inappropriate. -What’s inappropriate? -Nobody, it’s inappropriate for somebody to tell a child their mother’s story. Your mother gets to tell you her story – right, wrong or indifferent! It’s her story, and nobody has a right to tell you your mother’s story. Except your mother. NIKKI: Okay, Miss Iyanla, whatever. [MUSIC]

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  1. This so hit home with so much pain bc my daughter's father's family did same EXACT thing…told my story…and now our relationship is totally broken… 😢

  2. Iyanla is NOT A THERAPIST shes causing more harm then good one day shes gonna come face to face with someome she wont be able to just raise eyebrows too

  3. She growls at the young lady for something she was told by her Auntee. She ain't do that to the aunt cuz she would told off. I wish I could go on just to check her and Rhonda to chill out you are not GOD.

  4. This is exactly what my dad tried to do with my mom… I lived with my mom but the few times I was with my dad he would tell me about how bad of job my mom is doing with me and I believed it growing up… but looking back… I could slap myself for believing all the negativity he was talking about her because all she did was do the best she can!!

  5. Why is Iyanla saying inappropriate she asked the lady what happened and the lady told her. Ik this is on a clip so clearly I miss something? I like the show but Iyanla seems more like the angry black woman to me. Idk if it’s drama for tv rating or what. I get more from the people who’s healing than her aggressive attitude.I understand she ask the necessary questions for them to pull the answer from within. But I was emotionally exhausted last night watching I think she barked thru the whole show.This is my opinion so don’t come for me.

  6. Umm I don’t know why Iyanla got mad at her because they gave her the info on her mother’s story . She didn’t give herself the info , she can’t help that they told her .

  7. I disagree with Iyanla. My sister had children young and didn't stick around for them. When my sister was finished partying, she came back for them. The problem is, by this time they were preteens,smoking weed, drinking and all kinds of crap. She won't talk about any of it. Those kids were so confused about their mother and their upbringing. After her 17 year old son killed someone, he had questions. He was trying to work things out and he had no understanding of why things are the way they are. If she didn't want people to tell her story, she should have raised her own kids in her own house. I told him everything I knew. My sister had a child that she put up for adoption and nobody knew about it,not even my mom. I'm not keeping anybody's secrets. That's for her to do. I kept my sisters children like they were my own. I talk to my kids and I talked to her too.

  8. Iyanla was being too sensitive………………like people don't you at a certain point in your life. If her mama didn't wanna raise her she just didn't, aint nothin wrong with someone telling you the truth. Her mama lied to her, so what now she should accept the lie?

  9. I've seen mothers lie to save face in front of their children. Truth of the matter is If you wanted to be there as a mother you would have been. Simple. No story can take place of the true actions. I don't care who story it is. Put it in a book if you want to. It still want take the place of you being a parent.

  10. Iyanla needs to learn how to meet people where they are. I would never recommend anyone to her. I’ve been in counseling and I thank God my counselor had Compassion and understanding because she met me where I was which was me believing i had no faults but she gracefully got me where I needed to be taking responsibility for my actions. I could have never worked with iyanla.

  11. I don’t understand Iyanla sometimes. If her mother wasn’t there to answer the questions people around that child have every right to answer that child’s questions. You don’t get to leave and be mad at an outcome you weren’t there to mend.

  12. I disagree. A child has every right to know a story that involves them. She didn’t ask about her moms boyfriend history or drug history, she was asking if SHE was taken away. She has every right to get that story from others as well as her mother. With all that Iyanla has claimed to gone through, you would think she would have more realistic expectations and goals for people.

  13. How can someone take your child from you, you know where your child is and not get them back if you wanted too? That doesn't make sense. Her mother abandoned her.

  14. WHHHHEEEEEERRRRREEEE is the rest of this here episode? I just want to know what Ms. Iyanla said to that daughter after she said" whatever."

  15. we raised our eyebrows all at the same time, you come for help and then get mad when you get it and hear the truth

  16. She was 100% correct that’s why I told my sons my story before anybody could twist it bc ITS MY STORY no one has the right to do it other than me but family and friends will try it. Iyanla is right. This young woman was disrespectful just like most females her age.

  17. SMH she has a right to feel how ever because she needs to get her hurt out and mother has to be mature enough to comfort her daughter period .

  18. Well Iyandla you asked her and she said. I don’t get why you were upset at the girl. That shud of been said to the Aunty not the girl who was young at the time. I would of expected a more understanding response from you as it wasn’t her fault. Why do you yell at the girl?

  19. I think whether a mother tells her story or someone else does is subjective. If the mother was not willing to tell the story, she left the aunts and the family members to tell the story. If the family were compassionate enough to raise the child they should have the responsibility as well as the privilege to tell the story. They took care of the mother's child.

  20. Shes angry and Im not surprised that she reacted that way. As far as she is concerned her mother left. She doesnt want to believe otherwise cause then it means acknowledging a truth she probably doesnt want to face

  21. She is so full of rage and unforgiveness..yet looking for sympathy. 8 miscarriages… bitterness does more to the body than some want to own up to.

  22. The odds took her and raised to win the Mother wasn't you have no idea what led the also tell her what they did but one thing we know for a fact is that they were there for her and her mother was not so she has All rights to feel a way

  23. Idk . I dont agree with iyanla here . Because the story involves the family or whoever took care of the child. Oftentimes people dont admit the wrongs that they did that led up to that child being taken away from them . They would rather just play the victim and blame everyone else for their problems instead of admitting and owning up to their mistakes. By the mother having children at such a young age and not being emotionally and mentally and financially responsible and wanting to run the streets and hangout with her friends and boyfriend like young people do this became the family's or aunt's or whoever she was living with problem as well. So i disagree with iyanla here.

  24. Some of these comments are so naive. Ilyana isn't right about everything just because she supposedly a 'life coach'. If that girl's mother wanted her daughter to know her story, she should've been there to tell it herself. If other people were making the sacrifice to raise that girl, then they had a right to tell her what they felt it was important for her to know. Ilyana likes the sound of her own voice and is not always right. Wake up, people.

  25. Lil girl…..lord jesus smdh….thats the result of not having a mother to pop u in ur damn mouth….sassy behind….she was being ignorant & inappropriate

  26. I’m not sure I entirely agree with this. Sometimes the parent who left are completely out of the picture. So if a child asks are people supposed to ignore or not answer. That often leads to the child coming to conclusions like they did something wrong so the parents didn’t want them.

  27. A lot of people are disagreeing with Ms. V but I agree her aunts are sharing their experience of her sister it’s her mothers job to say why she wasn’t there.

  28. I honestly couldn't tell who was the mother and who was the daughter. I had to listen for a few minutes to figure out who was who.

  29. i aspire to be as unbothered as Iyanla lmfao, she always lets the disrespect just roll off her back and keeps it pushing.

  30. y’all i cant read i definitely read the title as “A guest disrespects Iynala’s eyebrows” i was like 🧐 hollup


  32. Ummmm…what? What in the world was her aunts and uncles supposed to tell her??? How is that inappropriate? She wants to know where her mom is at and why she doesn’t live with her. What are they supposed to say?

  33. Did your mother tell you?
    No she didn't.
    Did you ask your aunt?
    Yes I did.
    What did they tell you?

    Inappropriate. Inappropriate. INAPPROPRIATE!

  34. That was a bit over the top making this the main issue with what she said, which is why I think it brought that response. I mean-she's sayin' that her mother dropped her off because she did not want the responsibility of raising a child and Iyanla forcefully raises the fact that she shouldn't have been told that. Well, that's kind of after the fact, isn't it, Iyala? The first think you should have said was "How did that make you feel?" Then, after that, maybe bring up that, for crying out loud.

  35. First of all it was not clear who is the mother and who is the daughter. Guessing Nikki, doing the talking, is the 28yr old daughter and across from her is her 44yr old mother who was 15yrs old when she got pregnant = a "mother" at the age of 16. So, YEAH, it's not surprising that she didn't have the maturity to commit to MOTHERHOOD.

  36. What I don't understand this, why ask for the help or accept the help, if you're not willing to give into the process, nobody said the process would be easy for any of these families, the people that are on her show those of us who watch her. And most, I would think those who write in would have a pretty good concept of how this works, and it's never been easy as we watch it. So if you're on the show, I would think you would just have to give in to the process or not, right in not go eliminate yourself instead of looking ignorant and nasty on TV.

  37. People lie all the time including the mother so nobody gets to tell their side of the story except the mother? What if the mother is a liar?

  38. There was nothing inappropriate about her family telling her the truth. It was her story as well as the mother’s.

  39. Which one is the mother? I don’t agree with Iyanla on this one. My sister walked away and left her three children with my mom , now that they’re older shes been convincing other family members that my mom took them from her. My mom makes it clear that she walked away and abandoned them. Why let someone lie on you for their mistakes. It’s inappropriate for a mom to walk away from children and later try to build with them based off of lies.

  40. Don't agree with this one, you give your child up you no longer have the rights of a mother. That trust is given to the ones who cared for and raised her. Coming fron the perspective of a child who always wanted answers, sometimes you need to talk to all the elders to find the truth. Neglectful parents always make themselves look like victims

  41. Iyanla is right. The light skinned woman was pissed because she felt as if Iyanla was sticking up for her mother, but she really wasn't. She is there to help her understand the situation better, and have closure.

  42. Couldn't even tell who the daughter was and who the mother was at first. Black don't crack periodt. Lol

  43. I 100 percent agree nobody has a right to tell a mothers story except that mother.. You dont know what lies will crawl in there. And for her to get ignorant about it. Was completely unnecessary.

  44. U just asked her and then you dont like the response? Secondly, if she was there to tell the story THEN OTHR PEOPLE WOULDN'T.

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