33 Replies to “A Guppy Having Babies”

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing! Life is amazing! And the photography is so clear showing so much detail! ♡

  2. A very informative, high-quality and sweet video. You are very loving toward little Bobby. <3

  3. Help! My guppy has just given birth and I’m not sure what to feed the fry’s. does anyone have any ideas?

  4. One of my guppies had a small batch of fry, at one point, from what I know there were 6, babies in total, but a few weeks later I checked on them, and there were 3, I let them live in the open for a while, but then I got a Betta and put him in the tank with them (Btw I know you’re not normally supposed to put Bettas in with other fish, but the pet store I bought him from had at least one Betta in every tank, and they were fine), anyways, I thought I had lost them, like I couldn’t find them, they were just gone, like it was a very good game of hide and seek for over 2 weeks, but then eventually I saw 2 babies just swimming around minding their own business, so I grabbed my fish net and scooped them up, I put a large vase in their tank and put them in it with water because I thought they’d be eaten, again, especially because 2 gold fish had just recently moved in. They’re fairly large now and having the time of their lives (The vase is temporary until the babies are large enough to be swimming around without being eaten) Thank you to whoever took the time out of their day to read this~

  5. We just bought three Fancy Guppy's from the store and the females are pregnant. (We also have two out of three Dalmatian Mollys that are pregnant)

    This video helped out a lot ^~^ I cannot wait to see it in real life.

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