27 Replies to “a homemade pregnancy test with salt”

  1. Totoo po, Effective po madami npo na help si Miss Lee Gladys, at isa po ako don. Legit po tlga sya, meron kc syang Clinic at Meet Up, don ma proof na legit sya my group chat din, may Viber din sya at WhatsApp contakin nyo nlng po sya 09428209215 nag iisa lng po tlga contact nya. Salamat.

  2. I think I've impregnated my girlfriend today morning. It was a serious pleasurable romantic moment. She's the prettiest in the world. I died thousand times for her beauty. What a sweetheart! 😍😍😍 gonna be a father soon 🔜

  3. first time watching /I had sex like 2 weeks ago I was so freaking crazy on YouTube I thought I was pregnant I can't eat cause have been thinking how I'm gonna tell my mom that this is my 15th videos of pregnancy test🤗 and I try this again I'm not pregnant🙈 🤣🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂

  4. Your experiment is biased and classified as invalid and unreliable. A reliable experiment must have an accurate measurement of the constituents used. The amount of time the urine from the later was shaken was much more than the first, and the salt concentration for the first was higher the second. To convince people standardized procedures should be repeated.

  5. I have never been pregnant before. I have been trying to conceive but is not working i had sex this month then i was expecting to get pregnant then i did this test it shows pregnant an on 22 that is yesterday my preiod stay again an it was sorpose to come on 27 but this time it comes early an so confused because i did the test two times what i want to know if am still pregnant or there is problem please help me

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