A Natural Hospital Birth Story – From 2cm to 10cm in 6.5Hrs! How?… with Hypnobabies!!

hi everyone this is the angela brown abdullah loves creation thank you for watching this video i want to share with you just another wonderful birth story it's been a while since I've done a video so here I am alright so had a lot of births this year and just been really busy so this is the birth that happened around May and so mom I get to mom around I guess 7:30 almost 8:00 in the morning and she's in her birthing time and I guess her waves are coming maybe about I don't know five seven minutes apart something like that lasting a minute 50 seconds to a minute so I said to her you know we have some time we were still waiting for bloody she so bloody show so she says well I think I want to go so I guess we head out to the hospital and I think we got there about 10 a.m. and so she was presenting like she was more active and there was some mild pink but I thought it's not time but she wanted to go and I allow every mom you know not that I allow but I honor every woman when she feels like she needs to go to the hospital so we get there and they check her and she's like I'm looking at my note 2 centimeters and I was like so two centimeters I'm like oh and so that's really too early for me to be with you during your birthing time so but I was a distance away and it might have been a Friday I can't remember and I thought well let me see what I can do with her and walk around with her so we start walking around and at this time like I said it's about 10:00 a.m. and we're walking around the hospital and and her husband and sister are falling behind us and she stops but we're walking around the lndeed floor and so moms I'm sharing this with you first-time moms and even second time moms the things that you can do when you are at the hospital you may not be quite dilated and this is why I wrote but I recommend not going until you're more and an active phase and that you have some bloody show but every woman has to trust her own intuition so she trusted herself and we found out I found out she was 2 centimeters being her husband and I don't recommend that women know their dilation because it couldn't just do something to your head and although she and she wasn't a baby's mom and she did agree she said you know I don't need to know my dilation my intention is natural birth and I'm gonna stick with that so she did so we walk around for like an hour so as she's moaning now but as we're walking she stopped and she tells her husband she's and our sister she's a baby she said I want you guys to go sit in the waiting room and we're walking around the L&D unit and so they went to go be in the room in the waiting room is she and I she said I just want to be with Angela right now and when you're doing that your birth and if they're individuals talking around you you're not it's not conducive if birth really is a point where you have to hold space sacred space and you want to honor where the mom is and so I find that moms who have enough to birth all that talking it just does not work well for them so she and I walk around she's moaning some more and I thought okay she's starting to sound in the hallways so I find the nurse they go particularly triage again they check her and it's about an hour hour and a half later and she's three centimeters I look at the nurse I said you know we need to give her a room I said I know this is early but I believe that she will open right up because she was 2 centimeters and 90% of faced so I was confident that she would really open up she was using her hypnosis tracks as we were walking around and she didn't know how loud she was moaning and I wasn't going to tell her how loud she was moaning so the nurse agreed after checking with the Midwife we got her in a room I said I get her in a room we will be I'll be able to help her zone in better so when we get there they're doing the IV doing her blood not giving an IV but gonna set her up with a saline lock which is what I recommend if your healthy baby looks good mom's good there's no need to be connected to an IV you know but you have to be healthy in this regard so she was helping she said to me Angela I'm starting to hear that voice and I was like oh and I said woof ways and she said the little girl the one you told me could start talking and telling me how I can't do stuff and I can hear her in my head and she's starting to say things to me I said all right so I tell women doing birthing times sometimes the little girl in us will want to come forward and panzram and so as a woman you have to know what to say to her if she tries to rear her head and start telling you the grown-ass woman that you are who is now birthing this little girl is gonna try to run you during your birthing time and you have to put her in her place and let her know look you are safe I've got this and I need you to go take a nap so she told me that the little girl in her was getting ready to show up so I said all right so I love that she communicated that to me because then I could help guide her back into herself so I read her birth intention to her and I have all my clients right of birth intention and I'll have to do another video about what that is you guys but she I read the birth intention to her I turned off her hypnosis trucks for a moment I played the background music of hypno hypno babies and read her birth intention that Sinnott resented her and then from there they already put plucker with the IV and got through the blood and then taped it down she went into I said we're going to be run into bathwater for you so she got in the tub at the hospital this hospital has one that you can get in and um I don't know how long she was there I guess cuz we got to the room around 11:30 in the morning so got to toss her around ten got to the room around 11:30 12:00 and so she was in that tub for maybe about an hour hour and a half and then I started hearing this hmm and so I jumped up with Alba sitting she was in the bathroom and I was sitting in her room and I set beside her she's starting to feel pushy Mikey and Matt mama struck me feel pushy let me tell you there's nothing more exciting then a birth worker hearing a mom starting to grunt we loved it so much so the nurse decided to check her so we got to the room like I said around 11:30 and once we 11:30 12:00 something like this and then she was in the tub for maybe two up yeah about two hours and so I know I'm losing my thought I'll bear with me you guys um so the nurse checks her and she's seven centimeters so always recommend and have to tell the nurses my client does not want to know you to her dilation please don't tell her so the nurse kind of says it but my client has her earphones in and I'm like thank God but she said she told me later that she heard it so from their client got off the out of the tub and set on the toilet in the hospital backwards so I haven't put pillows up against you know the back of the toilet and then she leans on that and that's what she said for another maybe 40 minutes or so and she was pushy pushing pushing you know just feeling pushing while she's sitting on the toilet and we were rubbing her back and then so what is that now about 233 and gonna push you all that time and just kind of letting the baby come down but she's not really pushing hard she's just uh the body's doing it and she's just breathing the baby down well baby was out by 4:15 a.m. I mean at 4:15 p.m. so we got so let me give you the timeline on this got to the hospital round ten o'clock and baby was born at 4:00 first time on 4:15 first time mom that's a six and a half hour birth something like that and now her birthing time started in a middle of night it was mild but to check into the hospital and then be done within seven hours six and a half hours that's a great birth so one thing I love and the fact that she was 2 centimeters when we got there and she opened up so beautifully so this is what I'm I want to let first-time moms know it's possible first-time mom in her 30s you know and they do this advanced maternal age when you're beyond you know 35 if you know your body if you're healthy you can do it you can have a wonderful bird ladies so trust yourselves know that you can do it please feel free to go to my website doula loves creation.com and read some stories and watch some videos alright everyone thanks for watching bye

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