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  1. I think if a woman wants an abortion she should have the right but some states are ass holes an tell them they can't have one because it's not right wake people an stay out of other people's lives an stop telling them that they can't have an abortion.We have millions of kids in the world that needs someone to take care of them but we have dumb ass people trying to pass laws saying people can't have an abortion like the state of Ohio governor needs to shut up and stay out of other people's lives. Hell it is the USA we don't have rights the government is taking are rights away and that's not right.I hope other people read this

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  4. I have sex in my periods then after one week again i have sex then i use p2 …is that will be save ?? Please advice me my people coz am scared of getting pregnant… Any on want to advice me please? So that I can get this medicine as early as usual😥😥😥

  5. hi kabayan, kung may same problem k like me before, si mam angelu chua ang nakalutas nung sa akin. i recommend mam angelu chua for all kabayan who's in need of access to abortion medication.

  6. Girls, women, must decide what they're going to do, if they get pregnant, and do it right away. Don't wait to decide. 9 weeks is plenty of time to decide what you're going to do. The pills should be available to women to use themselves. Women have to have the power to decide if they want to be pregnant or not.


  8. Isa aking desperada dati na masolusyunan ang problema ko..buti na lang nagbabasa ako sa mga comments dito sa youtube..mostly sa mga recommendation si mam Evelyn talaga nirrecommend nila..tinry ko magtext o mgchat sa ibang sellers pero wala silang maipakitanh maayos sakin na proofs..kay mam Evelyn Dando lang tlaga ako nagtiwala.. Nagmeet up kami nung inutusan niya in here in Rizal..biruin niyo pinahatid pa tlaga niya dhil holiday sa panahon na yun..at dun ako humanga sa pinapakita niya sa akin.. From the procedure until nakarecover ako katext ko pa din siya.. Minsan sinusungitan niya ako pero wala lang sakin yun dhil alam ko na stress siya sa dami ng nangungulit sa kanya..nagpapasalamat na din ako at sa kanya ako nagtiwala at bumili ng gamot na cytotec..iba siya sa ibang seller..siniseguro niya tlaga na ligtas ang customer niya..

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  10. Martha black
    You are ignorant as abortion is a deliberate act of murder but miscarriage is not nessarsarily ,besides it isn't as abrupt as some abortions,which can leave a woman sterile as well as increase their chances of uterine and breast cancer.god gives us free will but hates the shedding of innocent babies blood

  11. A little ray of sunshine? I always thought of children as our little rays of sunshine, and hope. and joy. If there is an issue that will always divide us progressives, it is the right to life. How we have come to believe that a progressive platform invariably includes unfettered acceptance of abortion for any reason is beyond me. How we have come to such a cold-blooded set of belief in lies, all the while we fight for the survival of the every specie under threat except for where we all, invariably, come from. All the means at our disposal to prevent pregnancy, all the ways we have to ensure a healthy mother and child, and all the ways we have celebrate our own lives, yet, a simple turn of the blade, and one is denied their life. A little ray of sunshine, to occur one in universal time, and never again, dimmed, darkened, indeed Thom.

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  13. Medication abortion consists of two pills. The first pill is called Mifepristone, which blocks progesterone, which is needed for the pregnancy to grow and develop. 24-48 hours later, Mifeprex is taken and this is the pill that will expel the pregnancy from the body.

  14. Azure ice
    You are a liar as the bible says it's acceptable for righteous judgement ,so stop trying to fill his head with your filthy pro abortion rhetoric and lies

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