43 Replies to “A Newborn Hippo Takes His First Breath”

  1. Hippos remind me of my dog Nellie. Sounds mean I know but she was so daggum cute like this baby hippo, and she was a fat tub of lard. And she was so smart too! She would try and act disinterested in Mattie's bowl, and then when the time was right she would go straight for it.

  2. There is nothing cute about Hippos. Baby or no Baby! Of course the Mother can't help it's too big to do anything…LMAO She can only watch it climb🤣I would feel helpless knowing that I couldn't help my calf get to safety🤨😖

  3. Thank GOD JESUS CHRIST And LOVING HOLY SPIRIT for this beautiful mom hippo caring her cute little fluffy baby

  4. so it is written of small elephants, if they take steps, if they are born, if they walk to a pile, those who go to the orphanage, give them a very large bottle, the population of elephants is exaggerated, before more than 200 years ago the balance of elephants and predators, they lived together, now the Black guardians kill the predators, by order of their white chiefs they have all kinds of vehicles, and Helicopter there is no filming without them clogging them.

  5. I just posted comment on the other video saying.. I hope hippo gets extinct.. but changed my mind right after watching this..


  7. Hey, she loses between 50 and 100 pounds when she gives birth. She can eat what she wants and still looks good to other hippos.

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