A Noelle Birth

Music Alright Noelle , are you ready to do this? I’m ready Ok, Let’s wait for this contraction to build up and then I’m going to have you push for three count of ten here it comes (groaning ) here it comes here it comes . here it comes, oh a lot of pressure Take a deep breath , and put your chin to your chest, and push. It hurt’s {Groaning} ohhhhhhh i’m pushing Great job, Great Job, oh God it really hurts {Groaning} Hold your air in, Hold your air in that’s it. push sweetie you’ve got this, you got this {Counting} great keep going, keep going, keep going . You Got it , you Got it And Blow out take a deep breath and let’s do it again ready and Push. push push , {groaning} ok i’m pushing , i’m pushing, ok that’s all , alright that’s okay. relax , relax. {excited} Awwww That was good oh the baby is starting to Crown! the baby is starting to crown. alright! yeah! Kasey Can you see it’s hair? yep, yep, she’s got dark hair just like her dad. oh it’s a girl? it’s not a girl we don’t even know yet let me suction the baby real quick. okay almost done {groaning} alright give me another big push. oh it’s happening, it’s happening one more push one more one more, one more alright ! {excitment} yah! Great job you have a boy ! {tearful} it’s a boy , Kasey We have a boy! {baby cries} i’m so proud of you, you did great! {baby crying } {Sighs of relief} i’m so glad that’s over Kasey do you want to cut the cord ? yes! I’ll tell you when. okay . alright doll baby. 1, 2,3 right in between those clamps Kasey right here? okay. alright Noelle, joy will go ahead and put the baby on skin to skin because that’s the to best way to regulate that babies temperature. {baby crying} and we’re just going to deliver this placenta . {Baby Crying } Can you give me a nice big push ? {groaning} {moaning } that a girl! it’s coming you got this it’s coming you’ll feel so much better in a minute. here it comes {sighs of relief} There we go okay Noelle now i am going to rub on your belly and check for any tears. Great job Noelle you don’t have any tears! so let’s get you cleaned up. so you can enjoy that baby {sighs of relief} oh that’s wonderful I’m ready to eat. great Job sweetie, you did absolutely wonderful oh I just so glad it’s over He’s here he is what do you think we should name him? well you know we talked about Brice. do you think that’ll be good I couldn’t think of a more perfect name! okay Brice Williams it is. music

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