One of the things I do is spend a lot of my time developing products to help people be more successful gardening and today I wanna share two with you I think we knocked out of the park. My wife has the kitchen garden or vegetable garden right outside Her kitchen now this consists of raised beds and there one, two, three Four, five, six, seven raised beds that she can grow herbs in she can grow some of the vegetables In a few tomato plants, pepper plants, lettuce maybe some sugar snaps and things like that something that’s easy to Access and easy for her to work because she can go out there and spend just a few minutes And to be honest with you, she can grow a lot of a certain things in these raised beds. Now this is her garden. Not mine. Mine’s up there at the barn. Mine’s about a quarter of an acre mine’s a big garden. I like to grow a lot of things like corn and okra and I get kind of serious with my gardening, okay I get that. But for a lot of people that want to grow a raised bed garden system They struggle And I have come up with a couple of products that I think is gonna make gardening a lot easier. She’s constantly asking me what I need to fertilize how do I need to fertilize, what I need to do with my raised beds. So I got to thinking this could be a problem cuz Don’t everybody love soil science or the nitty-gritty of gardening like I do. So I developed these two products here for people that want to grow a garden But they don’t want to get knee-deep in soil science and all that kind of stuff They just want to know what to do when to be successful growing a garden. So what we have here is this product right here. This is ideal for raised beds It is a 5-4-3 and that’s the analysis of it organic fertilizer. So I go to the big-box stores and I start looking around for products and I find a lot of these small packages and some of them are organic some of them are not and I start looking at the analysis in them. There are such things in there such as rock phosphate Such as bone meal such as feather meal. All those products are fine, if you’re growing perennials, or you’re growing something that’s got a long life But I can tell you bone meal, rock phosphate, and feather meal are not going to break down quick enough to be able to grow vegetables. We know vegetables are a short term crop. So we need something that’s going to hit it boom quick get those nutrients to it So those plants can take it up. Thes- these Fertilizers that they sell in the big-box stores for growing vegetables at organic Simply do not work because they take too long to break down. Now if you’re growing daylilies bone meal is an excellent source of phosphorus but it takes a long time for it to breakdown. So we developed this product that’s going to be ideal for growing vegetables this right here is composted hen manure, not chicken manure. But hen manure. When I say chicken manure it’s not broiler. Hen manure is a lot higher in calcium than your regular chicken manure broiler manure is and this is Composted. So this is an ideal product for growing vegetables because we know vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers Love calcium, calcium’s what keeps them from getting that blossom end rot. So I’m going to show you a system today that’s easy and it’s easy to understand because you may not want to know a lot about Different fertilizers you may not care and I get that, that’s okay. So I’m going to show you a simple solution to be able to grow your vegetable garden. So we’ve got a 4 by 8 raised bed that we want to plant sugar snaps in and for a 4 by 8 raised bed we want to put two cups Rounded slap-up and what I got here is solo cups So we want to round these solo cups all the way up and we want to put two solo cups sprinkled All over this raised bed Just kind of sprinkle it out get it even. Now after we sprinkle the the fertilizer out we want to work it in just a little bit. We got some help today with little Ty Ty. Just kind of work it in, to the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil. Today we’re going to plant sugar snaps. Oregon sugar pod pea, we got a nice trellis in this raised bed and it’s ideal to plant these sugar snaps. Will run us a little trench right next to our trellis there. We’re going to open up our pea pack and plant it Just kind of shake them out And these sugar snaps will grow up and that trellis will support them and we can have some good sugar snap peas to eat in our salad. Cover them up, probably somewhere around an inch. Now here’s where it gets easy there’s two parts to this and this completes all your fertilizer requirements. So we’re going to come back in about three weeks and we’re gonna take the same amount of two Rounded up solo cups of this organic fertilizer, and we’re going to spread out again on Close to the root system where those peas are at. In addition to that every ten days We take micro boost Micro boost and we put it in a watering can about four ounces to a gallon and simply just pour it on there. Now the second part to it is mix you up about four ounces of micro boost in a watering can And you ain’t really got to water a whole lot cause your not gonna burn this stuff and this is your core miners package This is everything that’s not in your chicken manure that you could supplement your garden with. Mix this up in the watering can and what you’re going to do here is you’re gonna pour this on your vegetables about every 10 days. Make them nice and green and grow Well there you have a simple fertility Recipe for your raised bed gardens. A 4 by 8 raised bed 2 rounded-up Solo cups at planting sprinkled throughout the bed worked into the soil Halfway through its lifecycle on sugar snaps were probably looking at three to four weeks. We’ll come back Two more rounded cups, solo cups sprinkled in the raised bed again every 10 days We take four ounces of micro boost Put in the watering can With about a gallon, gallon and a half of water and we give it a shot of Micro boost kind of water your plants in good and there you have it, a natural Solution to your fertility problems growing vegetables in a raised bed simple, effective, and safe. If you’re interested in vegetable gardening and you like to grow vegetables, hit that subscribe button below subscribe to our channel We give you helpful tips and ways to grow your food in a natural good way. Hope you enjoyed this episode. We’ll see you next time on Gardening with Greg.


  1. Well Craig, That's about as simple as it gets, will be getting some of this stuff for my wife to use in her raised bed. Last year she used enough Nitrogen on her tomatoes to grow out a acre of sweetcorn.

  2. Hi Greg,I'm glad I found your channel and have learned a lot from your videos! How did you come up with that analysis and make it work for everyone? Thanks for another great video!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you Greg. I live in a subdivision with a very strict HOA….so I garden in containers…this helps a lot. Just ordered both products and a hat…just because…I appreciate what you guys at Hoss do!

  4. Thanks for the tips, I'm going to be ordering some new things for my garden this year I watch all your videos and I also watch the Stivers videos and I know they love your products, I'm also thinks of ordering your starting trays for my seeds..

  5. Hey, Greg! "Mrs. Hoss" is a beauty, and that's the cutest, little garden helper ever! I'm sharing this video to my Facebook page – I've got many friends who do raised bed gardening.

  6. My friends I missed it did you say about the size of that bed? I would love to try this out. I do not have the room to grow in the ground as my solar takes up the space. I grow in 100% compost I make here from the goats and equines on the farm. Thanks for sharing. Love all the videos. God Bless..

  7. Perfect video for me!! Exactly what I needed to know. I love your videos.

    Now if you can show us all how to set up raised beds on automated drip that would be great shape!

    Thank you Hoss Tools for creating amazing content. 😊

  8. That grand baby is precious! I do a lot of raised bed gardening and this is just what I need. Thanks for sharing❤️

  9. This will be a popular product, Greg. Good to see Mrs. Hoss out there! Enjoyed the tour of her "Potager Garden!" I'm about to go hit my lima beans with a shot of Micro Boost in about an hour, when this flaming ball in the sky goes down!

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