A Survivor of Sex Trafficking Shares Her Story | Sex Trafficking in America | FRONTLINE

>>I was out there for, um, almost four years. I hated every second of it. I hated every call. I remember putting my phone on airplane mode sometimes, like, and I would, I would take the beating that came for that. But I just couldn’t, I couldn’t do it for, like, another… I couldn’t… I couldn’t do it again. But for me, like, like, when I started, it’s, like, all these, like, big promises, and, like, “Oh, you know, you can have whatever you want, and you can travel and you can take care of your family and not have to worry about anything, and I’ll keep you safe and make sure nothing happens to you.” And they mentally trap you more, way more than physically. Physically, I, I could have gotten away if, if I wanted to. You know, like, ’cause I was out on the track or in the room by myself sometimes. So, I mean, I could have, but it’s, like, emotionally and, and mentally, like, they have you, like, in handcuffs. It’s, like, they pick the most insecure, like, or sad or, like, damaged in some kind of emotional way, like, female, and then they take them, and they just, like, build up their head with what… If you don’t know what love is, what you might perceive as love. Then once they get you that way, then they flip the script, and they tell you, like, “You’re mine,” and, or, “This is always what you’re going to be,” and, you know, “You can’t do anything else and you can’t ever leave, you can’t ever get away.” Like, “I’ll find you,” and just crazy stuff, you know? And, like, you believe it. Like, you believe what they say. In that moment, like, it sounds believable, like, “Nobody will love you past this, nobody will see past this,” sounds believable. So you just, you just believe it, and then you just go, and you think and you hope that things will get better, and then they never do. And then… you’re just there. And then one day you wake up, and it’s years later, and you’re not even the same person. ♪ ♪

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