A Troubled Daughter & The pregnant and booted!

(upbeat music) Katie Reyes. Hello. Okay, hey on one of these we have good news for you. You wanna say something? Yes. What happened is, this here, the car, my daughter, and he never gave me back the plates and he give me the ticket. And I don’t know. I cancellation already the plates. Alright, she canceled the plates. Who drives the vehicle? Your honor, On October eighth, I went to Soul Pump Plaza, AAA, Michelle, I think, and we canceled the insurance, we gave her the car– Wait, wait, wait. And she was supposed to give us the plates. Who, who are we talking?
Her daughter. Her daughter? And she never brought us the plates. And like three days ago we received that in the mail, so we went yesterday and canceled the plates. We thought she had registered the car and we didn’t know anything about this, and I understand it’s our responsibility but, that’s what happened, with a truthful heart, I tell you. With a truthful heart? Yes, it is what happened. Have you talked to her about paying these tickets? Totally. And what does she say to you? I don’t know, maybe she has problem. I don’t know what happened my daughter. Does she live with you? Too many tickets and– Does she live with you? No. Too many tickets in few days. It’s terrible. Right now she’s not talking to us, your honor. She’s not. She stopped talking to her mother? Yeah, she’s not– No, she’s mad at me because I told her, and give me my plates and he no listen to me. Alright, so you canceled– You got to cancel. So you canceled the registration– But I went cancel already. You went to the registry? Inspector Carrigan? Yes, your honor, on 12-11 she did cancel these plates. Inspector Carrigan, how do you feel about this? Your honor– You’re a parent now. Yes, your honor. I can tell you this right now, just interesting that just before court I asked Inspector Carrigan if he had any daughters, and he said– No, your honor. He has two sons. I have two boys. Okay, so I’m not sure he understands about daughters, yet, okay, yet. So how do you feel about this? Not yet. Your honor, as being a parent as you know, it’s how can we hold her responsible. She already went above and beyond, canceled the plates, I don’t even know if I would do that to my son without tryin’ to talk to him. I think the bigger issue is trying to have her daughter speak to her on terms. I think these are a secondary matter. Miss Reyes, I’m gonna dismiss the tickets. I’m not gonna hold you responsible. Wow. But just promise me, you will not register that car again in your own name. Exactly. Do I have that promise? I promise. Yeah. It’s not helping no more.
And you, you’re gonna make sure she don’t, right? And she– I insure (laughs). You too, huh? I’m gonna have to put a guardian over these two. Alright, good luck to both of you. Thank you.
Thank you very much. Thank you. Good luck to you. Okay, your motor vehicle has been booted. You have one, two, three, four red light violations, a speeding ticket, and two parking tickets. Is there anything you wish to tell me about these? I just receive it yesterday, I don’t know if I have those, I didn’t know if I take those ticket ’cause there’s not very, send me letter, they never do like. Alright let me ask you a question. Do you drive the vehicle? Me and my husband drive it. Alright, so your husband drives the vehicle, too. So are you telling me that maybe these are violations that he received? He drive the car more than I do. Oh what– But the only thing that I knew that I took is just the uh, that one I take near to the school. I saw the flash but they never send me the, like the letter.
Yeah. To pay that. Yeah. Where is your husband this morning? He’s at school. He’s at school? Mm-hmm. What does he do at school? He’s study criminal justice. So he don’t work? He’s not working. Oh he’s a student. Yeah, just a full-time student. And do you work? Yeah I work part-time. Ah, so you support your husband? Yeah I support him. Oh, do you have any children? I have one children and one on the way. You have, you have $580 worth of tickets and you got a boot on your car. Yeah, I saw this. The boot is a hundred dollars to remove, that’s like $680. What do you want to tell me about this? I just want you to help me with lose it ’cause I didn’t have that much money. To pay all that. ‘Cause I just know that yesterday, about that. How much can you afford to pay today? Like 400. I can have only (mumbles) 400. You have $400? Yeah. And that’s gonna leave you broke, right? Yeah, that’s the only thing I have. That leaves you no money for food, no money for anything. Well I’m not gonna do that to you. I’m gonna release the boot. Thank you. I’m gonna charge you $200 for the offenses. Thank you so much. And a $100 boot fee. Which is $300. Thank you, I appreciate it. Now, if you can’t afford to pay the entire 300 today, I’ll release the boot for a lesser amount. Can you afford to pay the 300 today? Yeah I only have 200, I was gonna make a payment plan but, but I’m gonna pay the 300 today. I’m gonna release the boot on $200. Thank you. I’m not gonna leave you broke, okay? I mean, these are parking tickets. You didn’t do anything serious in life, and I understand your situation. Yeah.
I understand you’re havin’ a baby. We don’t want to upset you, we want the baby to be happy. Thank you so much.
Okay. Are you havin’ a boy or a girl? I didn’t know yet. Oh. I’m only three month. If it’s a boy, maybe you can name him Francesco. What is (laughs)? Francesco, you like that name, Francesco? Francesco, that’s a good name. You like that name?
Yeah I like that. Maybe if you name him Francesco you pay nothing, I mean, you know. (laughing) I’ve been trying for years to get somebody to name their baby Francesco, ’cause that’s my name, Francesco. Okay (laughs). Of course they Americanize it, they call me Frank, like Frank ’cause I, But Francesco is like a song, Francesco, right, Francesco.
Francesco, okay. Not bad, right? Yeah that’s good. (laughs) Alright, I’m not gonna leave you broke so it’s gonna be $200 to release the boot, and, the whole total was 680, with the 580 and the 100 it’s 680. So I cut that in less than half. Then how much can you pay a week after that? I can pay the 300 today. If you can’t afford to pay it, don’t pay it. You do what you want. If you don’t want you can pay $10 a week after that. Okay, I’m gonna pay 200. There you go. Save the money, you may need it for the baby. Thank you. Good luck. Thank you so much. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh wow, your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to CaughtInProvidence.com, click under local listings, scroll down ’til you find your hometown, then start doin’ your happy dance. That’s it. Move it, move it. Nice. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

35 Replies to “A Troubled Daughter & The pregnant and booted!”

  1. May. Is good to good love โ˜๐Ÿป๐Ÿšถโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ๐ŸŽค

  2. I dont know if God exist or not but I know judge Caprio has a mind of God. Love & respect from India.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  3. God bless you judge ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ love your court always watching from the uk๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  4. The first couple if are reading this, should talk with their daughter. It is more important an united family than a good presentation before the judge.
    It is better paying tickets having a daughter than be free of tickets charges without a daughter.
    Stay at side of your family members even in difficult times.
    I think this what Judge Caprio would say at the end if he had had more time.

    Love to ya!!
    Frank Caprio๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  6. that bit at the end is getting so irritating '' cmon how cool was that'' i get it ok, i love it and i get it, but pleaseeeee record a few more haha love yallllll from ireland here

  7. Our day gets substantially better watching this benevalent Judge and Inspector Quinn's round up at the end……Love from India…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  8. We do not wants to upset you..we understand your situation..Most understanding Judge I have ever seen. God bless you Sir Caprio abundently. Love from India.

  9. Wow ! I really admire the compassionate nature of Judge Frank Caprio. Few months back, my hubby had shown one of his video and I just loved the way he gave judgements. He gives us invaluable lessons of life which I always look forward to ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  10. Judge Frank Caprio WHY AREN'T YOU RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT??? You would DEFINITELY make the world a better place in every way possible!!! Love from Athens, Greece!!!

  11. Judge Caprio and the detectives are compassionate people. But I am so sick of people pleading for mercy on the court when they clearly committed traffic violations. The pregnant woman had speeding violations. She could have killed someone or her unborn child. Why was she given a break? If she lived in New York or Florida her license would have been taken away with possible jail time pregnant or not. I repeat she was speeding and could have hurt someone or her self. There's compassion and going soft.

  12. Judge Caprio and Inspector Quinn, WE need people like You In Nigeria to review our Judicial System…. I LOVE WATCHING YOU EVERY TIME……..

  13. I wonder if I missed something, but the second lady first says she has 400 on her, then says she only has 200 and then says she can totally pay the 300? Why did the judge not question that? I'm confused.

  14. ื—๏ญ‹๏ฌซึตึฃืšึฐ ๏ฌชึญึดื‘ึฐื˜๏ญ‹ ๏ฌซ๏ญ‹ื ึตึฃื ื‘ึฐื ึ‘๏ญ‹ ื•ึึฐืึนื”ึฒื‘ึ—๏ญ‹ ๏ฌชึดื—ึฒืจึฅ๏ญ‹ ืž๏ฌตืกึธึฝืจ
    "Book of Proverbs" 13:24
    ืžืฉืœื™, ื™ื’', 24

  15. 1:58 – WOW, this moment was a blast!!! UEXPECTED!

    Always seeing mr. Carrigan anteriorly turned into serious view of a man Carrygun)) Despite all the previous image of a gentle rough and tough SWAT boss, he now is the Terminator SWAT. Cool!

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