A woman divorced while pregnant

How did problems start in your marriage until you ended up in court? How are you mummy? Fine and how are you? Fine He just walked out on me What was the problem which resulted in him going away? He used to spend nights away from our matrimonial home and he would leave us without any food for three days with my child. When you went to court what was the resolution? He is the one who sued for divorce that he does not want me anymore because he wants to marry another woman. How many children do you have with him? With him,this is the fourth pregnancy with our fouth child Two of the children died So he left you pregnant when he walked out on you? I have a four year old son who lives in Mtendere township. He left me when i was three months pregnant So there is no other child who is surviving? I have a four year old son whom he got Who got the child? The father got him and he now lives with his step mother the woman his father married. was that the court”s decision? It is the court which gave that ruling Is there anything that he has prepared for the child you are expecting? There is nothing he has prepared for the child not even a pair of socks.He refuses to give support. No they did not ask him to be paying anything because i was told that since he had not paid anything to my family as bride price Nothing. The court said that because he did not pay any bride price i cant pay for me anything Did the court ask him to pay maintanance for the child? Nothing. The court said because he did not pay anything like bride price to my family. So what are you doing to prepare for the birth of the child? There is nothing am doing Who do you stay with now? I live alone for now. And the money he had given me last month for child mentainance is what i used to pay house rentals but now i have not paid for the house i live in Does he come to see you? He doesn’t he says he can not do that because even calling him he says i shouldn’t because it can affect his marriage. What other challenges do you have? My complaint is that the court’s ruing was not fair because the child can not go and stay with someone else How old is the child? The child attained fours years of age last week. What else do you want? I want him to prepare things for the child am expecting. And what else? My request is for the courts to be fair in their ruling. They should not just side with men but also look into our plight as women.

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