A Word: Abortion, Self-Defense, and Baby Lynching

hey what's up welcome to the world with David Oh grab your host David a gray Hey look people over the years have been in my comm box you know y'all are my comm box I'm some of y'all have been asking me like hey David man you make the best videos some of the best videos I'm like all at YouTube and your content is just like so smart you know you're brilliant guy I mean I learned so much watching your videos how come you're gonna have like many subscribers how come you're late and your videos don't have a hundred thousands of watches like listen look answer I've been listen YouTube since like 2010 making the same types of videos and ever since then I've been in that Google algorithm sucking space I mean Google is that me that sucking space like you know what is it I still make videos you know Google can't stop me yeah the algorithm you know it suppresses me you know that's cool Blissett I'm still here I'm still making videos and I'm bout to drop another word video right now when you it's gonna be another word that Google it's gonna suppress but if its algorithm it's gonna keep me in that sunken space the word is abortion we're about to apply some reason and some logic to this issue and I'm gonna tell you like what's really going on here what are we really saying by killing babies in a womb stay tuned it's a word with David Earl Grey hey Kiki there's an old saying in Tennessee shame on shame on you fool me can't get fooled again yeah so abortion is like really a strange thing if you think about it in every civilized society and even some uncivilized society the only time that you can kill someone legally is in self-defense I mean legally that's really been the only time that you can kill another person is when you thought they were causing harm to you self-defense now that also extends to capital punishment which just about every country now except for Iran North Korea China you know countries like that that everyone's starting to realize that you know that's kind of inhumane and barbaric you know we we wouldn't we make some pretty safe prisons now the key bad people way for society but you know nonetheless you know now the countries like this you know we just kill people who commit the worst crimes but again it's a form of self-defense it's a form of self-defense because we're saying that your crime is so grave that we don't feel safe around you that we may think you may do that you know you lost your privileges to be in society altogether because of what you did so there we have to take you out we have to kill you again self-defense also stain that's a war lead the legal killing of people in other countries because you don't feel safe in your country because they're there right so war has been legally like a punishment like self-defense illegal forms legal reasons that you can kill someone because you believe you perceive that they are a threat to you or they have become a threat to you so therefore if self-defense is has really been the only legal reason by which you can kill someone what does that say about the legalization of killing babies in the womb essentially what we are saying is that the child in the womb is a threat it's a threat and we need to defend ourselves against this so that's why we can kill it I mean what's on what time threat is this and what type of threat because the innocent shout at a wound post well to some for some women it poses a threat to her freedom her her finances her relationships and whatever but whatever this perceived threat is she she's legally allowed to kill the child in her womb because bringing it to tongue would cause some sort of threat so therefore she has to defend herself against it this is why Democrats so he's trying to make abortion a health care issue remember after they call it it's a health care issue that's health care of um and that has to do it a woman's health don't mess with a woman's health that's health care because for Democrats the child in the womb is just a parasite it's a disease it's a cancer that should be allowed to have a legal cure to remedy murder that's how much we think of innocent babies in the womb that their cancer that their threat that abortion is a cure think about that I mean that does that's how sick we'd begun during the innocent child in a womb is a cure for the vast majority of cases the conception of that innocent child in the womb was a free of voluntary acts oftentimes and pleasure I mean the child itself did nothing wrong but we're saying become because it is because we don't like the consequences of our actions because we don't like the consequences of our actions let's just go ahead and kill out the consequence consequences are threats to my freedom so I for because of self-defense I have to take out that threats right so so is a cancer I can't love cancer it's a parasite I can't love a parasite is disease I can't let the Z's we can't love consequences I mean that that's how sick that we've become as a society a child is a consequence of just biological actions right that we the vast majority of cases were voluntary and pleasurable but now the child is here and now it's a threat and because there's a threat to my free to my finances my relationships I should leave him to be allowed to kill it speaking of capital punishment back to that another form of capital punishment this society in particular this country United States was lynching black people who were perceived threats to society lynching was a form of self-defense in a society a form of capital punishment whether it was mob rule where I was legal whatever lynching people hanging them by a noose from a tree was capital punishment and it was done in self-defense perceived self-defense I really see no difference between lynching and abortion abortion is just a form of legal lynching in a womb we lynched children in the womb they're defenseless children a wing that we Lynch we kill we snuff out in that way and I say this because if you look at the language of of pro-abortion as' and pro-slavery people they're really identical listen to them for a moment for abortion it's not a baby it's just a compass also slavery niggas not a human being did the slaves not a human being he is really no different than animal he's like a mule that I used the word the pro board abortion is just a medical procedure it's healthcare that's why it should be universal the pro slavery slavery ISM is an American institution it's it's great to all free white people to own it it's important if you don't want an abortion don't have one the pro-slavery if you don't want a slave don't have one pro board it's my body it's my choice the pro-slavery it's my slave I can do what I want to with him I can I can lynch him I can burn him if I want to I can I and working from sunup to sundown I can even rape it if I want to this is my slave is my choice for port you can't take away my right to do with my body what I want to the pro-slavery you can't take away two white man's right to own slaves to work his land how he was to the pro board you Republicans are waging a war against women pro-slavery the north is is waging a war gives us seven us and all right you understand now this has been a word with devil gray make sure you guys follow me on the YouTube channel here subscribe so you'd be updated new videos make sure you follow me on all social media platforms visit me at David L gray that info but until then until next time blessings and Salone to you answer yours you know my dad had another saying I've been saying this for 20 years you're gonna put y'all back in Chains you're gonna put y'all back in Chains you're gonna put y'all back in

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  2. Love the way you presented the argument against abortion, Mr Grey. It makes me think about how these same pro abortionist will argue that capital punishment in our league system is cruel and unusual punishment to the condemned.

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