so I haven't really been logging pretty much I've been working all week I've literally worked pretty much seven days a week today and Saturday so I'm tired and I think today right now I'm actually at Target I'm gonna buy Kody a Father's Day gift it's just gonna be sunglasses they have sunglasses here that he's been kind of looking for and then they go buy food I'm starving and then the rest of the day I think I'm gonna train it edit some stuff relax hang out with champ and Cody and go from there but yeah I'm sorry I've really been blogging I kind of got some good news about my anatomy scan yesterday because it did have that yesterday and my son is looking good he did good on his anatomy scan his Wayne I feel like a little bit bigger I don't know if he's accurate because he said he couldn't get a profile shot but he said he was weighing about 12 ounces and I think the normal average rate supposed to be like the loving or 10 at 20 weeks but he's waiting 12 right now and other than I he did really good at everything let's go with his heart and pretty much his head this brain and my cervix was 13 hit they checked my cervix I actually didn't use – I love it my diabetes is I found out yesterday they took my a1c one so I took my first a1c one back in April and I took it and it was a nine which is really high he's not – mom though my mom had it at 13 but mine was pretty high at night and then I took it yesterday and it's at six point two so I did good my gestational diabetes I know I didn't seem like that my last video are the videos I'm taking as far as what I'm eating but right now and then pretty good with my numbers and pretty good with my UNC ones so this gestational diabetes thing that's going good oh yeah I'm going to show you guys when I got CLE for Father's Day oh my god this little one see it says my first word will be Papa so it's kind of more of my gift but it kind of wanted to go to him you get this for him for Father's Day and then he's been asking for sunglasses so I got home sunglasses and then I got him hey Rick and Morty shirt she loves Rick and Morty so I got him that got him a card it's really champ because he's very been daddy like for him and it says hey Dad hey dad happy Father's Day he also manages so I thought it was funny oh yeah that's what I got Cody for Father's Day so I wanted to show you guys what you will get in your free gift basket and for you are Richard target so this is everything that you guys will good but comes with a lot of stuff you do get two free bottle circles which one is a Aven bubble and the other one is dr. Brown's and then you get some diapers which dis ones like the honest brand and then you get the Target brand and then you do get wipes or at least one wipe which just one if it gets the Target brand but it's from water wipes and then you have an hand sanitizing wipe you also get a free sample of like a fresh milk bag but you can use and then you do get a binky and a few moisturizing stuff so you have a free it's called Eastern and then Aveeno and Johnson and then you get like a big book deal that comes with a bunch of coupons and then all the samples really good pregnancy and stuff so it's pretty cool so if you haven't registered to target or you are register at Target you can get this you just have to go to your target and just let them know that you are registered with them and they should give you a bag or if you are not registered you can register and then you'll get this time 20 and Sunday and I am trying to work on this vlog I wasn't gonna make this to Father's Day vlog but what I'll probably do is make it just a meal prep blog and then I'll have this Father's Day vlog another time so this will be a enough it'll be up today might be up tomorrow depends if I decide I want to finish it today and then I'll have the other one then Father's Day one probably later this week could I try to make videos as long at least uploaded every single week if I can meet twice a week I don't know we'll see how I do Cody might have to go to the store and camp me and Emma hanging out so no it is actually a very beautiful Father's Day right now so I don't know what we're doing today but so it's 7:35 in the morning I've kind of been awake since 5:00 but it pretty much stayed in bed because I worked until 10:00 today Thursdays are usually my late days so I'm working at 10:00 and I just got out of bed I'm really tired still so I think I'm gonna make a cup of coffee and probably start my breakfast sorry I haven't really been vlogging it's kind of hard when I work so I am a actual full-time worker I work as a dental assistant so it's not like I must stay at home mom or I stay at home pregnant mom that's currently not doing anything so I really every Monday through Friday I'm working and then that might change when Kasem's here but either right now I am still working so that's just my life right now this week we have quite a few events going on so I probably will blog then and probably show you guys kind of what I do ups I don't work and actually have something about mo going on with my life so that'll be actually fun to record and see how everything goes to buy new coffee yesterday because we're running out of coffee and press I was getting tired of the graham cracker games that we have up there so I bought these yesterday I actually like Starbucks coffee for like the carry I feel like it's a lot more oh I can only J start with coffee to be honest but that's just that just me I don't know if it's just like a preference or what it is but for the Keurig I really like Starbucks coffee cups other than that I don't really like any other K Cups I mean the Dunkin Donuts one wasn't bad in the ground cooked crackers one was as bad but I needed something that wasn't so sugary so I got these so I'm going to show you guys what I'm having for lunch today so usually I either have a meal property but this week I kind of forgot to meal prep or ever really meal prepped at all so yesterday I went to Walmart and I bought a solid so I have this Southwest style salad with chicken has a chicken a Southwest style like Chipotle kind of sauce cheese more chicken and it has like some croutons in there or kind of something like a like a spicy kind of chips tortilla chips that go on the salad which is really good and brought in a tree valley protein bars I'm trying to stay away from meat your bellies because my boyfriend actually told me that like I spend like controversy as far as what nature valley actually uses but I need something for a protein snack so I bought one of these for work today I got some applesauce I really enjoy the Kirkland brand I always like getting these they're organic and it's no sugar added and it's gluten free and then usually I have this for like my afternoon snack or have a mid-morning snack and it's only total carbs of 13 grams and then I do have a fruit cup I like having fruit cups with usually with my lunch just because it gets me extra carbs and also I like having fruit with my pretty much this whole time during pregnancy I was a wheat thin so this would probably be part of my afternoon snack and then I have a cheese stick I like this brand the most just cuz the other ones I tried like the Kraft ones and also the Kirkland ones I did not like at all so I got these so I usually bring two but today I'm bringing one since I have my other snacks so that will be my lunch day and then my lunch pail is actually one of the baby registry bags I got and actually started using it for my lunch which are actually really pretty so I really liked it so I'm bringing the with me very my lunch today I kind of wanted to show you guys kind of like products that I wanted to use for my makeup today right now I don't have makeup on but I have some time to put makeup on and I look like a mess when I don't have me out um so I'm gonna show you guys what I'm gonna use I haven't used some of these products for a while and I do want to try these outside but I would record what I'm using and then I also bought some stuff yesterday too not a lot but these two right here so I always use this this is a little uLTA Beauty serum drops foundation I like it because it's really lightweight and it's actually pretty good coverage but I need to buy more soon because I'm running out and then I'm actually gonna use my rails technique brush today usually using the morphe one but I haven't used this one in a while and then these are not new products but these are what I use I use this P or sculptor kind of kit and it has a highlighter I hit pan for both of them and then I have this as well and then I have this pure eyeshadow palette that I got also and I always use like the neutral colors this is what to be like Coachella themed but I like using the brown and the heading desert color music today I am also the airspun which I like to put to set my powder and then I have my heart defender elf of highlighting palette which is like glitchy now and I don't know why so like I was saying I also wanted to try this I got this as a gift – and it's blush and kind of it if I can get it it's a neutral color one I'm gonna try this out and then I bought these yesterday I bought I need a new concealer and then you have the one that I usually always have but they have this one for my mom so what I'm talking about is this one right here this one is the match perfection one have heard a lot of good things and I've always used it but I'm running out of it so I couldn't find it so I'm using that today to see how it works and then I also bought this wedding World eyeliner this is the one I always always always lose so I bought a new one because I'm running out my other one so we will go ahead and do my makeup now it is 8:50 I have to be at work by 10 so I'll leave my house at night so you guys can really see but I don't know if I'm not much of a big fan of this new concealer that I'm trying because the other one I felt like had a lot of more full coverage and this one I'm like having issues even having any kind of coverage so right now I don't know how I feel about this concealer so I just want to guys let you know kind of how this is going so far sorry I would do it the other way but I'm still getting a hang of me trying to vlog or me trying to even record and I'm sorry if I'm a mess but this is this is really Who I am I'm not really perfect when it comes to me actually trying to record and record my life nor do I think that I am perfect so this is all just for fun but this is really how it is and I hope I hope that it's not too crazy to you guys and I hope they differ either if you guys do judge me or not that I personally I'm just doing this all for fun but so far this is the coverage I don't know how I feel about it yet it's like drying on my face and yeah it's like dry spots I'm not a beauty guru I barely watch any beauty makeup tutorials at all this is like the same routine I've been doing for a while so as of right now not a big fan okay this is a final this is how I always do my makeup all the time yeah so so far I don't know I don't really have a really anything to say about my makeup this is the same makeup I always do and today for work I'm actually doing a little bit more than I usually do because I usually don't do foundation highlight or blush but today I did the full thing yeah that's my full makeup work it was a little booger he's enjoying the Sun for this little collar all right so I'm really really tired right now they worked today but I had a will work wake up at 5:00 but 5:30 to pick up my mom because she had a dentist appointment with my office so I took her to the dentist's office so now I'm home and I figured the whole workday I pretty much went to legit with my mom or little shopping mall with my mom we watched some stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond just the same way any one sale say about some hand soaps and lotion and then actually went to mother maternity Motherhood Maternity because I mean you didn't address for this wedding I'm going to want to go to Vegas in about a week and a half so buy a dress and they're having a sale and it's like buy one get one 50% off so I bought two dresses and my mom actually bought me two shirts too so I'm probably gonna show you guys that and my mom also got me some maternity jeans damn attorney bras cuz I eat them and yeah I'm home now I really want a nap so I'm probably gonna do that after I show you guys what I bought and then later on Cody's coming home for 14 he should be coming home soon someone tried taking that before he even comes to comes home cuz I know he went to the Dollar Tree because we're having that community yard sale tomorrow which I will probably videotape tomorrow so you guys can see and yeah sorry it's about like every single video I always sound like I'm out of breath and I really AM it's hard for me to breathe right now I'm 21 weeks and I'm at that stage where anything and almost everything is making me so so tired so that's what that's so this is all we're gonna do today and yeah we're gonna go from there so here the things that I buy that bag is from mother him attorney bath and Bodyworks and then the sabres bag when I went 13 gym it's being a little weird Oh what are you doing he was literally like scratching himself all across the bed a little freaking weirdo there's the first few things that my mom got from savers a majority of these are just basically maternity jeans pretty much I when I went through the motherhood maternity store it was actually really expensive for my attorney jeans they start at like $35 and then they can go up as high as like $75 and that's just from one pair of jeans so my mom gets my maternity jeans from savories here which is athirst store and the one I was wearing from work today was really nice because doesn't really tighten up on my stomach and then it has like the maternity band right here so as you can see my mom got me three pairs which is great because I like wearing them for school not for school for work and then she got me some maternity bras or bras that pretty much don't have wires on them so that I'm feel more comfortable when I wear my bras just cousin right now I'm like wearing only one one bra and my other maternity bra and that's the only one I could really wear right now and then she did buy me more scrub pants so that's nice he's black just hangs last time she bought me grey so I have black for work so these are the jeans that my mom first buy it's kind of like a blue color like a dark blue color and then she bought me another pair of like regular denim and then another kind of navy dark blue dark jeans and then if you look at these price of these these are only $6.99 is what she found me this one was about 1099 so if you guys are ever looking for like maternity jeans or like looking for more maternity coats oh but you don't want to spend a lot I like Motherhood Maternity I highly suggest like going near a thrift store like savers or a goodwill just check out to see their maternity clothes because you could really find so much or any jeans really cheap instead of going to buy like $35 and higher on them which is not bad I mean obviously I'm gonna wash these but you really never know and these next few things are from Bath & Body Works and technically we were just pretty much a need for like some hand soaps and I was a need for more lotion because I was actually running out of my pretty and peach lotion but I didn't get any pretty in peach which is actually my favorite scent but I bought some good hand soaps Sybok he covered melon I bought a georgia peach and then I bought two like fresh lemonade's just because I wanted something that was kind of more neutral compared to any of the other scents then I was also needs to pray some bath shower gels so I bought three of them I bought you the Mediterranean blue waters just because I wasn't really feeling the fruity system the fruity scents lately so I basically got pretty much these ones cuz they're a more calm and then I got did buy a cucumber melon which is actually smells really good I do like the smell a lot we read about these too I wanted lotion it's not that I didn't like the sensor I didn't like how the other lotions are I honestly really don't care but the reason why I bought these was very like natural food now lavender oil or made out of like good ingredients so if you look these are actually made of like natural lavender oil super rich shea butter soothing aloe alloy and cocoa butter I don't even know if I said that all right but pretty much that's why I got these two they have minimal ingredients kind of it's obviously different but I just bought these because this smells good and then this one does too so I bought lotion and that's all I really bought from Bath & Body just pretty much what I needed I didn't kind of go overboard like I usually do so that's what I bought from Bath and Body Works it's probably gonna be my favorite thing that I bought today because I really didn't expect me to really buy anything especially from Motherhood Maternity just because of how expensive it can be for maternity clothes but I went in and I couldn't hold myself so I definitely bought a few things here um so a lot of these actually two of these is from my mom cuz my mom actually bought these for me just as like a maternity gift and kind of just helping me out so I'm really happy and really blessed and grateful to have her for buying me for these things so these two are actually my favorite shirts right now and then here are the two dresses I'm probably gonna go ahead and bring with me to Vegas for the wedding pretty much this is the one I'm gonna wear for the wedding it's navy dress is flowy it's actually really cute it's lace and it like does show my bump but I tried on another dress kind of like this that was more form-fitting but I really didn't like the way it looked in it so I got the one I was more flowy so I just looked better and flowy dresses so it's navy blue this one looks like and then I bought this dress because it's pretty not neutral and the cool thing about this is that I can wear this pretty much after I give birth because if you lift up it's actually a nursing dress so it opens up and then it can go ahead and open up to you for breastfeeding so that's why I also bought this dress because I'm actually planning on wearing this after my pregnancy so that'll be great and then I bought this shirt myself actually Anna says see you're kicking me smalls a lot of people I've seen actually have this shirt and I really liked it and it's blue for basically a boy so I bought it and I kind of can't wait to start wearing it I'm probably to wear this like crazy more and then I did buy or no I like I said my mom bought me these too so I'm really grateful that she did this one is actually my favorite shirt that I bought throughout this whole purchase pretty much it's like this it's a kind of like a periwinkle color and the reason why I like it so much is because it has this like little cute bow in the back and it's like look really really nice with some white shorts I don't have white shorts right now and I wasn't gonna buy the white shorts from Motherhood Maternity because it was so expensive and I just was not gonna do that Cody's calling me I will call him right back so I bought that and then I bought this shirt as well and pretty much I don't know I I like this shirt but then it was kind of like weird on me so I didn't really like it as much but I needed an itch other shirt because the shirts were also buy one get one 50% off so right now if you do go to Motherhood Maternity it is buy one get one 50% which actually is a really good deal I think these two together were like 53 dollars and then these two go together were like 75 and then the shirt is still on sale for $15 so it's a lot of money but definitely worth it

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