48 Replies to “‘Abby, Please Don’t Kill Our Baby!’ Dad Begs for Baby’s Life as Mom Goes in for Abortion”

  1. Men must stop sleeping with these women. Women who believe in murder. Women who didn't have positive male leadership. Women are inherently evil. It's beyond disturbing. I pray for this guy. I mostly pray that he never has anything to do with this woman ever again and he runs away. If she ain't your wife, and you don't know who she is to her core you shouldn't be putting anything in her because she can't be trusted. I also pray this woman never gets pregnant again and her children run from her when they are old enough and realize what she really is. Any woman that gets even one abortion should be fixed.

  2. oh and apparently shes 12 weeks pregnant!!!!! thats a whole human life. You wanted 12 weeks to get an abortion? No after a women gets to a certain point in her pregnancy. clinics shouldnt be allow to do an abortion. IT should be made illegal to abort a baby after x amount of weeks pregnant. Me i say 2 weeks tops

  3. This is the kinda shit that pisses me off. women sit here and cry and whine about being oppressed and they dont have rights and all this. Thats bullshit. They can do so much and we men cant do shit about it. Were the ones who should be up in arms fighting for things. When it comes to children. fathers have little to absolutely NO power. If you make the mother of your kid angry she can take your kid away from you and nothing you can do about it. Women are a fucking joke and something needs to be done

  4. A woman- “I’m not ready to be a mother” gets abortion and nothing happens. Life goes on father can’t do nothing even if he wants to keep it.

    A man- “I’m not ready to be a father” gets call deadbeat, told to be a man, man up! Gets put on child support, can go to jail if unable to pay child support! SMH

  5. Abortion will always be dancing in the line of “good” and “bad”. I use quotes because it really isn’t either. It’s a medical procedure that is proven quite necessary and helpful for EVERYONE. Good and bad are an insult to the complexity

  6. as christians we need to stop being apathetic and burn these places to the ground. Absolutely disgraceful that we keep appeasing this B.S

  7. This is exactly why God has said over and over to get married first with a righteous woman and then have kids. I feel so bad for this man, his heart is in the right place. Women these days are disgusting whores who only care about themselves. Watch out men, please.

  8. My like on this video is strictly for recognition, I am restraining myself from vulgar aggressive language at least in Someone else's post. I will say this. THIS. IS. BULLSHIT.

  9. Bible is very clear! "LIFE BEGINS AT FIRST BREATH."
    Until that baby takes its first breath outside of the womb, it is not alive, according to our Lord and Savior himself. #ChristiansForAbortionRights

  10. if you are doing such an act the least you can do is listen to the father. to think about how hard this man was wailing breaks my heart he just wanted to be a good dad no man should have to beg a woman like this this is awful i hope he gets a little boy or girl soon that he can love on ❤️

  11. This is very sad. I fell bad for this man, I truly do. Now saying that, crying never helps anything. Be a man of action. This would be the day to be covered in someone else's blood and hauled away in cuffs.

  12. It's crazy that destroying an eagle's egg is illegal but getting an abortion is not. It makes no sense. It's inhumane.

  13. Please father heal him I pray that this video wakes everyone one up abortion is murder. I pray that you save Tyler and Abby father In Jesus name I pray amen.

  14. Everybody's always praying for and feeling sorry for the women who knowingly go in there and kill their own kids. Maybe it's about time to stop coddling them and call them what they are: murderers.

  15. NO man should ever be with her again. If you keep killing your babies no one is going to love you but your cats.

  16. I hope that murderess and her co-conspirators will receive their just punishment, the death penalty. Murdering the most innocent and defenseless of all human beings is the most despicable and hainous systemic organized crime imaginable. More than 2 billion completely innocent human beings have been brutally murdered over the course of the last 5 decades. It is time all those responsible in committing, partaking and inciting against these most helpless of our brothers and sisters are put to death so that the innocent can finally receive justice and so that a proper deterrent is created to end this monstrosity once and for all.

  17. This just makes my blood boil with rage. I know God tells me to forgive, but I can't honestly say I can feel that way for the murderer. And there were people that mocked the guy's child getting killed. It's so easy to advocate for murder of an innocent child, but if the roles were switched where they were instead the unborn child, I'm sure there would be hesitance. I hope the people who support murder of children never have children themselves.

  18. what an amazing parade of people upset that they can't keep a woman from doing something she has a legal right to do.  Pray real hard, maybe God will stop her 😉  I'm bored with you, go ahead and post how you're gonna pray for me and whatever.  Abortion is legal until it isn't.  Trump put Justice Rapey Fratboy, weeping snot confirmation hearing and rage and all, on SCOTUS, just for people like you.  You might get your wish and Roe is overturned, and as a result, women will suffer.  Truly what Jesus would do.

  19. When the baby is growing inside of YOUR body, then you can decide to keep the baby. Besides she already had three kids…. get over it kid.

  20. Why? I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would kill a innocent baby? This is so cruel. Poor Dad. If she didn't won't a baby then don't have sex.

  21. maybe if you morons on the right would stop promoting celibacy and start promoting birth control and safe sex, shit like this wouldn't happen

    women own their bodies, they have every right to decide to stop housing a fetus inside it

    fuck that whiney ass dude, if he wants a child that badly he can go adopt.. isn't that what you morons are always saying? adopt adopt adopt?

  22. Be careful. Call me insane but the devil is winning and we are turning to right being wrong and good being bad. Say what you want God said everyone is guilty because the conscious has already convicted the flesh.

    The reason you have to think about abortion is because God wrote his law in our hearts. But it has a detected heart beat at 18 days. God said. I knew you before I formed you in the womb. I love you brother.

  23. If you have to bring religion into your argument on here or say you'll pray as a response for this video ur insta invalid. Not everyone's Christian, karen.

  24. It's absolutely disgusting seeing people on Twitter calling this man manipulative and controlling. He takes care of the women's 7 year old child already and he just wants to have his own child with her and she just kills it because "it's inconvenient".

  25. that witch & “everyone” involved in butchering & bludgeoning that innocent baby without a voice will pay the full price while the Father will grieve for his baby on earth but will reap his eternal reward in Heaven.

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