Aberdeen Fertility Centre – Your Journey Through IVF Treatment

the Aberdeen Fertility Center has been helping people realize their dreams it's about people healthy mums and healthy babies Aberdeen Fertility Centre provides IVF treatment for people in the northeast of Scotland we provide treatment for both self-funded patients and also for any chase funding patients we're actually very aware that couples are quite anxious when they come through our doors and our staff are tuned to help support patients you're all there done it's really important to give a holistic sense of care for any individual or couple going through infertility treatment our experience at the centre is great from start to finish every member of staff is friendly and helpful we have state-of-the-art lab with latest equipment and we are able to provide the latest techniques in order to improve your success rates there's a lot of support that you can give to help them manage the process of treatment and manage that expectations if you've been trying for a baby without success for over say about 12 months we'd then we'd advise you to get in touch with us understood my fierce support and guide me throughout the process and now we have Carla save effective and evidence-based care I'm here to support you through your journey we care about the journey they're on we only make really bonny babies you

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