38 Replies to “ABORTED – Dead Wreckoning (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”

  1. kinda dumb how the video loops, if i want it to loop i'd right click the play button and set it to loop, other than that, this is a awesome song.

  2. I know it's over 10 years late for this comment, but skip to 4:05 for the uncensored version of the song with the video

  3. How many actual copies of this music actually get sold? This is definitely not "my style" but I just cannot imagine who would buy it or how the band gets by.

  4. Great band but he's cupping the mic. I wish no one ever pointed that out to me because now it bothers me. Lol.

  5. Wow! Que gran diferencia, svencho se veía mejor con cabello largo
    Pero excelente vídeo sobretodo la canción

  6. Love this song. Quality is the only problem. wish they could somehow release the 720p version atleast. and isn't the name of the song Dead Wreckoning (with W).

  7. Old school grindcore introduced breakdowns long before deathcore was around, and those bands came from Europe.

  8. You can't into joke and into joking about in english lolll You finnish are traitors of your own nation, you speak must good in english than finnish !

  9. maybe learn english before trying to bitch about belgium who aren't a bunch of commi pussies like france is

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